Spy Photos by Bruce "Cousin" Weagle 1971-1972

Dawg Flight at McCauley Beach - 1971

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McCauley Beach Pig-Roast March 1971 and Summer 1971 Beach Party shots of Dawgs by Bruce "Cuz'in" Weagle, Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo, Paul "Pope" Paull Schultz, and Johnny Parker. Captions by "Cuz'in" Bruce and "Sugar Bear". 35mm slides converted to digital images

Bruce "Cuz'in" Weagle (1970-72): "The two things that come to mind is seeing our pig strapped down to the motor scooter that brought it to the roast..and of course it was hot as it always was...I guess we had enough alcohol in us to protect us from any problems...the other thing I remember was the sign posted on the path on the way to the beach "Beware of Cobras"...thank God I never saw any...." [2008]

McCauley Beach Pig-Roast - March 1971

1971 photos by Bruce Weagle (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1. ) A view of McCauley Beach park. Shulinkou Air Station was located in the general area of the mountains in the background.
2.) Want a reason why an assignment to Taiwan was the best in assignment in Asia...take a look at this beach shot, and see if you don't agree. The women were beautiful.
3.) It takes a BIG pig to feed Dawg Flight. Here is the pig being hauled to the roast at McCaulley Beach on a cart.
4.) Gathered around and intently watching the pig roast while drinking a few pejyous are SSgt. Johnny Jackson (hat), Phil "Vogeletti" Vogel (IL-foreground- beer can) and U/ID (glasses-left).

1971 photos by Bruce Weagle (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1.) Dawg Joe Morrell (MO) and guest at the McCaulley Beach pig roast.   2.) Sherry and Phil "Vogeletti" Vogel (IL).   3.) Guest   4.) Roman "Oak" Okrei (IL) on the bus heading back to Linkou. This was following the day spent at McCaulley Beach with the pig roast and plenty of refreshments.

McCauley Beach Parties - Summer 1971

1971 photos by Paul Schultz   (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1.) The "officer's side" of the beach...(from left) Bill Marcinkus (partially visible-far left), U/ID (open shirt), Mrs. Marinkus, U/ID (blue shirt-on chair), "LT" Jim (hat) and wife, Cy Ulman (right-shades & brown shirt-TTY Maintenance).
2.) (From left) Jim "LT" Hansen and children, Mrs. Marcinkus's, U/ID (blue shirt), Charles "Mac" McAtee (yellow shirt), U/ID (orange shirt), Brian "Baloney" Brady (blue stripes), Joe Morrell (blue shirt-beer), Doug Hodge (blue trunks- trash can), Bill "Young'un" Meyer (green shirt), Phil "Vogaletti" Vogel (hat), Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield (far right).
3.) (From left) Glenn "Jimus" Shanks, Joe Morrell, and Brian "Baloney" Brady.
4.) An unidentified Dawg and saujay.

1971 photos by Johnny Parker and Ray Riccitello (#4.)   (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1.) (From left) Unidentified (far left), Mike Perhach, Roman Okrei, Bill Meyers, Jim "LT" Hansen (print shorts), the three dependents on the right are unidentified.
2.) (From left) Harold Cooksey (shades), Brian Brady (stripes), Glenn "Jimus" Shanks (mustache), Joe Morrell (blue shirt)and Max Wagner (grey shirt-behind Morrell).
3.) (From left around table) Tim Kerekes, Mike Romines, Bill Meyer, Ken Larson (purple towel-background), Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield (orange towel), Doug Hodge (blue print shorts), Scott Hiester (white towel around neck).
4.) Greg "HT" Todd and Tina.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 photos by Chuck Castillo

1.) McCauley Beach summer 1971. (From left) Steve Rivera, Johnny Parker, Bob Gravenstuk, unidentified saujay, Bill Meyer, Ken Bushee, Ken Larson.
2.) McCauley Beach summer 1971. (From left) Mike (Indian) Romines (KS), Larry Reuben (NJ), Johnny "Johnny P." Parker (TX), Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (WA), Billy "Young'un" Meyer (MN), Roman "OK" Okrei (IL), Ken Bushee (MA), and Bob Gravenstuk (CO).
3.) McCauley Beach summer 1971. Six Dawgs trying to replicate the famous "Moon over the Emperors Club" pyramid made famous by six other Dawgs a few months earlier.
Top to Bottom: Johnny "P" Parker, Steve Rivera, Larry "Jeep" Reuben, Ken "Cool Hand" Larson, Roman "OK" Okrei, and Mike "Indian" Romines. Standing (behind pyramid) Billy "Young'un" Meyer, Bob "Stuk" Gravenstuk, and Ken "Bush" Bushee.

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