Dawg Flight Rosters

Shulinkou Air Station

Taipei, Taiwan

Updated 07 June 2018

The "All Years" rosters below are for anyone* stationed at Shulinkou Air Station 1955 thru 1977
including all AF Flights*/Day Shop, AF Base Support Units, WAF, Army (ASA), and Navy (NSG)**.

    * All 1970 and 1971 DAWG FLIGHT core members are listed on an "exclusive" separate DAWG FLIGHT Roster (click here).

    ** 1968 to 1977 Navy (NSG) personnel are also listed on a separate roster located at Linkou Navy (click here).

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ARRIVING 1955 thru 1957

Adcox, Jim DF Section 55-57 Hampton, VA
Allen, Bill Day Shop/JOC 56-58, 68-70 San Angelo, TX
Allen, Gene 327th CRC, ASA 55 Bellaire, MI
Anderson, Bernie AF Trick 2/55-8/55 Lutherville, MD
Anderson, Wayne "Andy" "D" Trick 57-61 Stromsburg, NE
Astor, Wally AF Flight 57-59, 62-64 Colorado Springs, CO
Barrera. John AF Trick 57-58 Collinsville, IL
Beckman, Anthony "Tony" 6987th RSM Det #1/Joint Ops Ctr 57-61 Conroe, TX
Bednarski, Charles Charlie Flight 57-58 & 68-70 Rio Rancho, NM
Biddle, Bob AF Trick 57-58 Old Hickory, TN
~Black, Ed (Blackie)~ Deceased 2007 1st Lt. USAF/Communications 57-59 Media, PA
Bridges, Edward "Ned" AF Trick 58-59 Raleigh, NC
Brown, Bob AF Trick 56-57 Salem, OR
Brown, Fred AF Trick 57-60 Conway, SC
~Cadenas, Pedro (Pete)~ Deceased 2008 327th CRC/176th ASA 55-61 Manassas, VA
Cain, David Trick 2 57-58 Boca Raton, FL
Cannon, Roger 176th US ASA 57-59 Minnetonka, MN
Clark, Bill AF Trick 57-58 Trumbull, CT
Clifton, Robert "Bob" 327th CRC/Motor Pool 55 Pataskala, OH
Clyde, Jim Trick 2 & Day Shop 56-57 Chatham, NJ
Cruz, Frank Support/Air Police 57-61 Laguna Niguel, CA
Davis, Harry Trick 3/Crypto Op 57-59 Seneca, Missouri
Dietz, Don AF Trick/203 56-58, 60-64 Lauderhill, FL
Eastman, John AF Trick 56-57 North Kingstown, RI
Elmore, John ASA, 253rd Det. 55-56 Irving, TX
Fredo, Frank "Baginza" 10th ASA Detach 56-58 Hartford, CT
Garstka, Ron AF Trick/203 56-58 Comstock Park, MI
Gerry, Frank Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) AF Capt/Ops Officer 57-59 Houston, TX
Gibbons, Bill AF Trick 55-56 South Florida
Hall, Allen "Windy" 176th US ASA 57-59 Ogden, UT
Hamilton, Leroy "Les" 327th CRC, ASA 3/55-12/55 Silver Spring, MD
High, Al AF Trick 55-56 Pinehurst, NC
Hixon, James "Jim" AF, Crypto Analysis 55 Port Deposit, MD
Jacobs, Clarence "Jake" ASA/Trick 2 late 54-56 Jupiter, FL
Jackson, Charles "Raunchy" 176th ASA - RFP 57-58 St Louis, MO
Kepner, Dave 176th ASA 57-58 PA
Ketchum, James "Sam" 176th ASA/Trick 2 57-59 San Dimas, CA
Koppelman, Clifford Cliff Dawg Trick/292X1 57-58 Brooklyn, NY
Korn, John Navy 55 Northford, CT
Lake, Bill AF Trick 57-58 Johnson City, NY
Lehman, Robert AF Trick Early 55 St. Augustine, FL
Leineke, Claude "Chief Soggy" 327th CRC ASA Trick 3 55-56 Franklin, IN
Lynch, Don Translation Shop 55-57, 60-63, Merrill, MI
McDonald, Ben "Benny" 10th AF Trick 55-56 Ellenwood, GA
MacDonald, William "Mac" Translation Unit 56-58 Champaign, IL
Manno, Peter (Pete) "Pedro" AF Trick 56-58 Dolgeville, NY
Mielak, Larry Trick 3 56-57 Columbus, NE
Miles, Ronald "Ron" 327th CRC, ASA 55-57 McAllen, TX
Morris, Stan "Red" Dawg Trick 57 Bedford, TX
Munson, Howard AF Trick 56-60 Redondo Beach, CA
~Murphey, George ("Murph")~ Deceased 2014 Trick 3 56-58 Mansfield, TX
Myers, Lawrence "Buck" AF Support 55-56 Monessen, PA
Olinger, Douglas "Ole" AF Trick 57-58 Hinesville, Ga
Peterson, John AF Trick 57-58 Ann Arbor, MI
Perazzella, Frank Trick 4 56-57 Waterbury, CT
Perry, Phil AF Trick 56-58 Leland, NC
Rathbun, Allan "Al" AF Radio & Teletype/Crypto Repair 55-56 Palm Bay, FL
Rossi, Norman "Ross" AF Trick 56-57 North Attleboro, MA
Salazar, Manuel AF Trick 57-59 Denver, CO
Scarponi, Richard "Dick" AF, 6925 RGM/Radio Repair 56-57 Barrington, NH
Schwenk, Jan AF Trick 55-57 Beckley, WV
Scorby, Gary "Wong" Trick 4/Dawg Trick 57-58 Bandon, OR
Semich, Chuck Translation Unit 56-57 Ellicott, MD
Skinner, Robert "Bob" 327th CRC, ASA 2/55-8/55 Amarillo, TX
Slavens, Mike AF Trick/DF 57-60 SF Bay Area, CA
Smith, Harmon AF Trick 55 Somewhere, SC
Sopiak, Donald Trick 3 56-57 Phoenix, AZ
~Stark, Robert F.~
  Colonel USAF Ret.
  02 Nov 2009
Cmdr Det.1 6925RGM
/6987th RSM (Major)
57-59 San Antonio, TX
Swanson, Carl AF Trick 55-56 Albuquerque, NM
Swift, Roger Trick 4/Dawg Trick 57-58 Odessa, TX
Sylvester, Delano (Del) Major USAF Ret AF Trick/A3C 55-56 Lake Saint Louis, MO
Taylor, Gil AF Trick/203 57-58 Kailua Kona, HI
Thibert, Donald 327th CRC, ASA 55-56 Zephyrhills, FL
Tormey, Larry ASA/Watch Officer 56-57 Wall Township, NJ
Tress, Jack Lt Colonel USAF Ret Intel Officer/Lt. 55-56 Albany, OR
Walker, James AF Trick 57-58 Raleigh, NC
White, Don AF Flight/202 57-58 Gilbert, AZ
Wood, William "Bill" Trick 2/292X1 57-58 Hephzibah, GA
Woods, Gary ASA 56-58 Hickory, NC
Young, Verlin AF Trick 57-58 Lakenheath, England

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ARRIVING 1958 thru 1959

Adams, John ASA 58-59 Sussex, WI
Allen, Dale "Cookie" Dawg Flight 58-61 Chanute, KS
Andres, Chuck AF Flight 59-60 Brooklyn, MI
Babin, Gabriel Poitras AF Flight/292X1 58-60 Saginaw, TX
~Barton, George~ Deceased Dawg Flight 59-60 Bonne Terre, MO
Beckman, Anthony "Tony" AF Trick/203 58-61 Conroe, TX
Behrens, Tom Trick 3 58-59 Houston, TX
Blackmer, David AF Trick 59-61 St. Petersburg, FL
Boylan, Roy AF Trick 58-59 Vancouver, WA
Bradley, Bill AF Trick 59-60 Meadville, PA
Bratina, George 76/176th ASA 59-62 Spokane, WA
Bridges, Edward "Ned" AF Trick 58-59 Raleigh, NC
Brunskill, William "Bill" 176th ASA 59-60 Amherst, NY
Cambridge, David B Trick, Advisory Support 58-61 San Antonio, TX,
Carter, John "Crazy Kao Chung" Able Flight 59-60, 63-64 Spiro, OK
Carey, Donald Charlie Flight/203 58-60 New Albany, OH
Conklin, Dennis AF Flight 59-61 Stockton, NJ
Cornelison, John 76th ASA 58-59 Raleigh, NC
Coulson, Robert "Bob" AF Flight/X1 58-59 Kennewick, WA
Crowley, Ron "Wu Ya" NSG/TTU 59-60 Elkridge, MD
Crump, Lee AFSCC 58 San Antonio, TX
Curtis, Don "Junior" Trick 3 59-60 Indianapolis, IN
Daniels, Albert Trick 4 (E.J. Ledet OIC) 58-59 Citrus Heights, CA
~Day, Melvin~
  MSgt USAF Ret.
Deceased 1975 AF/Mess Hall 59-61 Maxwell AFB, AL
Dean, Freddie AF Trick/X1 58-59 Greenville, OH
~Deconing, Al~ Deceased Sep 2005 AF Trick 59-60 Framingham, MA
Dedrick, Paul AF Trick 59-60 New Castle, ME
Durelli, Frank AF Flight 59-60 FL
Fagin, Frederick "Fearless Fred" ASA/Crypto Shop 59-62 Augusta, ME
Francis, Ray Support/Maintenance Control 59-61 San Angelo, TX
Franklin, William "Bill" Radio Maintenance 59-62 Jonesboro, AR
Gallert, Dick AF Flight/203 59-61 Sacramento, CA
Gammelgard, David "The Great Dane" Crypto Op/Crypto Maint. 58-60, 64-66 Vancouver, WA
Gierasch, Paul AF Trick 58-59 Ames, IA
Glenrock, Al Support/Engineering 58-60 Seal Beach, CA
Graham, Ralph "A" Trick/Cmdr 58-61 San Angelo, TX
~Hess, Leonard~ Deceased Cmdr 6987th RSM 1959
USAF Captain
58-59 Minneapolis, MN
Hicks, Bill AF Support/Radio Repair 58-59 Chester, VA
Hitchery, Joe "Hitch" 176th ASA 59-61 Niantic, CT
Hooks, Robert AF Flight 58-59 Opelousas, LA
Hopkins, Jean "JD" ASA 58-59 Upland, CA
Huggins, John "Jack" Dawg Trick/203 58-59 Bay Shore, NY
Kudla, Fred Charlie Trick/203 59-63 Rohnert Park, CA
~Ledet, Elwood (E. J.)~
  Major USAF Ret.
Deceased 10 Apr 2014 Trick 4/Cmdr 58-60 Denton, TX
Lindsey, Robert Support/Air Police 59-60 Dayton, OH
McCullough, Carl AF/Comm Ctr 59-63 Kansas City, MO
McKoon, Jerry "Mac" AF Trick 59-60 Mt Airy, MD
Martin, E. Gene AF/Voice Shop 58-60 Champaign, IL
Meyer, Mel "Mel" "D" Trick, Day Shop 59-61, 69-71 San Antonio, TX
Michels, Lawrence "Larry" AF Trick/Linguist 59-60 Marietta, GA
Milano, Donald "Don" "B" Trick/Crypto 58-59 Frederick, MD
Montague, George "George" AF Trick 58-59 Sydney, Australia
Mueller, Glenn AF/Day Shop 59-60 Lebanon, PA
Newman, Robert "Bob" Special Serv./Hobby Shop 58-59 Venango, PA
Nixon, Richard, MD Support/6212 USAF Dispensary 59-60 The Villages, FL
Oleson, Dennis "Ole" Able & Baker Flts 59-60, 62-64, 73-75 Brandon, FL
Owings, Guy AF Trick 58-59 Pittsburg, KS
Phillips, Ken ASA 58-60
Ping, John Dawg Flight 59-60 Chattanooga, TN
Pinkus, Joseph AF with NSG 58-60 South Hampton, NY
Poitras, Gabriel "Gabe" Trick 3 58-60 Saginaw, TX
Poole, Russell "Peeps" ASA 58-59 Dothan, AL
Potoeski, Alfred "Ski" AF Trick 58-61 Lakewood, WA
Price, Fred AF Trick 59-60 St. Paul, MN
Ping, John Dawg Flight 59-60 Chattanooga, TN
Rieger, Larry IEO 59-60 Pomona, CA
Ring, Jerry Translation Shop 59-62, 67-68 Woodbridge, VA
Ritter, William Jr. 76/176th ASA 58-59 Woodbridge, VA
Robinson, Johnny "Robbie" Radio Maint. 58-59, 70-73 Butler, GA
Roby, Jerry AF Linguist 59-60 Santa Ana, CA
Roche, Guy AF/Day Shop 58-59 Spanish Fork, UT
Roloff, Gordon Translation Shop/Controller 58-60, 66-70, 74-76 Round Rock, TX
Rosebro, Coke AF Trick 58-60 Orange Park, FL
Scarborough,Tom "Scar" Charlie Trick 58-60 Big Canoe, GA
Scullen, Kevin AF 58-59, 60-62 Beverly, MA
Sheldon, Richard AF Flight 59-61 Chanhassen, MN
Sims, Roger "R.D." AF Flight/203 Linguist 58-59 Henderson, NV
Simmons, Gary AF/Day Shot 58-59 West Lafayette, OH
Smith, John "Smitty" AF Support 58 Goldsboro, NC
Stewart, William Navy 58-59 Comstock Park, MI
Sullivan, Larry AF Flight/Linguist 59-61 Baytown, TX
Swank, Karl 76/176th ASA 59-62 Bristol, IN
Sweeney, Harry AF Flight 58-59, 61,63,69 Casa Grande, AZ
Taylor, Doug AF Trick 58-60 McKinney, TX
Terbille, Herb 71st Artillery 58 NC
Thibeault, Michael AF/Comm Center 59-61 Brockton, MA
Trudo, Robert "Bob" AF Trick 59-62 Albuquerque, NM
Valentine, Don Day Shop/AF Intel Comm Officer 58-59 Port Washington, NY
Washington, John Radio Relay Maint. 58 Olean, NY
Westmoreland, Howard AF Trick 59-60 Piedmont, MO
Williams, Keith AF Trick 59-60 Cedar Rapids, IA
Zeliff, Alan AF Trick/202 58-60 Boone, NC

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ARRIVING 1960 thru 1962

Aamodt, Richard ASA, A Trick 60-62 Terra Alta, WV
Acton, James AF Flight/Crypto Linguist 60-62 Denver, IA
Anderson, Wayne Charlie Flight 62-63 Jackson's Mill, West VA
Angle, Ronald "Ron" AF Flight 61-62 Chico, CA
Appleton (McGee), Dan 76th ASA 62-64 Reno, NV
Astor, Wally AF Support 62-64, 57-59 Colorado Springs, CO
Atherton, Robert "Bo" Charlie Flight 62-63 Seattle, WA
Aust, Erich Translator Unit 61-62 Marlborough, CT
Bedell, David "Dave" AF Flight 60-63 Papillion, NE
Blom, Ray AF Flight 60-62 San Antonio, TX
Bohn, Jim "Jimbo" Trick 3 61-62 Las Cruces, NM
Bostick, Robert AF Flight 61-63 Arlington, VA
Bricker, Howard AF Flight/Crypto Tech 61-62 Tampa, FL
Brown, Donald TA Shop 61-63 Reston, VA
~Brown, Jerry F.~ Deceased 29 Jun 2016 AF Flight 62-66 (two tours) Madison, WI
Bruce, Arvel "Beep" Dawg Flight 61-62 Severn, MD
Budge, Don AF Flight 60-64 Woodland Hills, CA
Burkland, Ben "Barney" 176 ASA 61-63 Stockbridge, MI
Burns, John AF Flight, Day Shop 62-63, 73-74 Laurel, MD
Burnworth, John AF Trick 60-61 Elyria, OH
Carlson, John Baker Flight/Comm Center 62-64 Rochester, NY
Casey, John AF Support/Finance 62-63 Maiden, NC
Chambers, Robert "Bob" AF Flight 60-64 Austin, TX
Christensen, Delmonte "Chris" AF Flight/292X1 61-63, 67-69 Minot, ND
Coates, Terry Support/Air Police 61-62 Cherry Valley, CA
Corrado, Jack "Super Wop" AF Trick/203 61-63 Portsmouth, NH
Coultrap, Jesse "Jess" Baker Flt, Day Shop 61-64, 72-74 Atascosa, TX
Davis, Michael AF Flight 60-62 Oak Grove, MO
Deese, Luther GouXiong (Bear) Trick 3, Day Shop/203 60-61, 62-64 Ocala, FL
Demaree, David Daffy Duck AF Flight/X1 61-62 Visalia, CA
Dietz, Don AF Flight/203 60-64, 56-58 Lauderhill, FL
Divney, Mike AF Trick/DF Sect. 60-62 Colebrook, NH
Doering, John AF Flight/203 62-63 San Jose, CA
~Doria, Martin S. ("Marty")~
    Lt. Colonel USAF Ret.
  03 Jan 2016
AF 62-65 Pensacola, FL
Douglas, Melvin 6987th Photo Mapping 62-64 Hackensack, NJ
Duffin, Lester "Les" AF Flight, Day Shop 62-63, 64-66 Burke, VA
Elkei, David "Elk" AF Support 62-63 Mesa, AZ
Ellis, Dave 176th ASA 61-62 Laredo, TX
Estes, Johnny Radio Maint 60-61 Pittsburg, TX
Ferrell, Jerry AF Flight/292X1 61-62 Estill Springs, TN
Forthe, Albert "Al" AF Flight 60-61 Valdosta, GA
Freedman, Michael "Bernie" Trick 3 61-62 North Fort Myers, FL
Fuller, Ron "Spike Damn" Day Shop '62, Dawg Flt '63 62-63 Mesa, AZ
Gardner, Earl B Trick 61-62 Pittsburg, PA
Godkin, David Hou Keng 62-64 Cape Coral, FL
Grant, Craig ASA 61-63 Commerce Township, MI
Grant, Scott AF Trick/203 61-63 Dallas, TX
Green, Charles "Green" SIT/RFP 61-62 Ewing, NJ
Grim, Joseph Pogo AF Trick 3 61-64 Fort Wayne, IN
Grubb, Harold Dawg Flight 62 Tribune, KS
Hagala, Michael "Mick" Trick 3 60-62 Spinaway, WA
Hall, Clarence AF Trick 60-61, 65-66 Royal Oak, MI
Hamby, Richard AF Trick 62-63 West Fork, AR
Hafferkamp, Ross "Heff/Hap" ASA 60-62 Newberry, MI
Hausner, Ron AF 62-63 Gambrillis, MD
Herbert, Walter "Bud" ASA 61 Highland, MI
Hilmes, Ben AF Flight/203 62-63 Raleigh, NC
Holloway, Gerald Lee AF Flight 60-61 Chattanooga, TN
Holmes, Jerry 176th ASA 61-63 Gaithersburg, MD
Hooper, Frank "Tex" Dawg Flight 62-63 TX
Hoover, Charles AF/203 61-63 High Point, NC
Huston, Ken Able Flight 61-62 Rodeo, CA
James, Frank "Jessie" Baker Flight 61-63 Wheeling, WV
Jones, Wesley Dawg Flight 61-62 Fort Myers, FL
Kavanagh, John "Mick" Personnel, Dawg Flight 62-64 Honolulu, HI
Kelley, Larry "REB" Charlie Flight 62-63 Hot Springs, AR
Knighton, Gary "Yogi" Charlie Flight 61-63 Indian Trail, NC
Kuhn, Jeff B Trick 61-63 Colorado Springs, CO
Lantz, Terry TDY/203 62 Normal, IL
Laske, Ronald "Ron" Trick 3 61-62 Columbia, MD
Laughlin, John ASA 62-63 Danville, VA
Lawson, Chris "Tea House" 61-63 Warwick, RI
Lehmann, Dan AF Days 61-62 Dayton, TX
Lesher, Ron AF Flight 60-63 Hagerstown, MD
Leibson, Marty ASA 62-64 Columbus, GA
Levin, Bernard "Bud" 76th ASA SOU 62-64 Fishersville, VA
Loftin, Ron "Tex" Charlie Flight 62-63 Conroe, TX
Long, Jim Support/Materiel 61-63 Round Rock, TX
Lynch, Don Translation Shop 60-63, 55-57 Merrill, MI
McCabe, Bruce AF Flight/292X1 62-64 Des Moines, IA
McCants, James "Jim" AF Flight 62-63 Walterboro, SC
McGee (Appleton), Dan 76th ASA 62-64 Reno, NV
McLeod, John "Lamar" AF Flight/X1 60-61 Hawthorne, FL
MacGregor, Douglas "Mac" ASA 62-64 Scottsdale, AZ
Mack, Daniel ASA 61-63 Coburg, OR
Maloney, Edward "Ed" Charlie Flt/Trick 3 61-62 Rockville, MD
Martin, Sam "Sam" Able Flight 62-64 Little Rock, AR
Matlock, Bob "Mat" AF Flight 62-63 Seattle, WA
Medicus, Jerome "Jerry" ASA 62-64 Mobile, AL
Meyer, Tom "Bob" Able Flight 62-63 International Falls, MN
Miller, Michael AF Flight/203 61-62 Honolulu, HI
Miller, Shelby "Pete" AF Flight/203 Linquist 60-61 Worcester, MA
~Mitchell, Edward~ Deceased May 1986 ASA, SMSgt 62-63 Tacoma, WA
Mountain, Merle 61-62 Anchorage, AK
Mulligan, Arthur "Chuck" AF Support/Supply 61-62 North Grafton, MA
Myatt, Roy Able Flight/203 62-64 Sherman,TX
Norman, Luther AF Flight/203 62-63 Bastrop, TX
Olin, Richard Dick Trick 3/Flt Cmdr 61-63
Olney, Dave Support/VOA 61-62 Pacific Grove, CA
Ort, Douglas "Doug" AF Flight/202 61-63 Adams Center, NY
Owen, Norman AF Flight/X1 60-62 Hume, VA
Paul, David AF 62-63
Pennington, Charles "Penny" Dawg Flight/292X1 61-63 Henderson, KY
Pettit, Monte AF Flight 62-64 Bellevue, NE
Petty, Paul Baker Flt, Charlie Flt 61-63, 72-74 Bryan, TX
Porter, John "Ports" ASA 62-64 South Lyon, MI
Potts, Joe Able Flight 62-63 Littlestown, PA
Pousson, Michael "Mike" AF Trick 60-62 Gilroy, CA
Pristavec, Carl "Ski" NSG/NAVSECGRU 61-63 Gambrills, MD
Raines, Daryl AF Flight/202 61-62 Sequim, WA
Reed, Billy Scty Police,Town Patrol 60-61 Anchorage, AK
~Roberts, Tommey~ Deceased Feb 2009 AF Flight 62-64 Ada, OK
Romanik, Roger AF Flight/X1 61-62 Maryville, IL
Schofield, Paul Trick 3 61-62 Virginia Beach, VA
Scullen, Kevin AF 60-62, 58-59 Beverly, MA
Segroves, James "Groves" AF Flight/203 60-61 Tullahoma, TN
Shevin, Ken AF Flight/202 61-62 Zephyrhills, FL
Shults, Leonard "Len" Support/Fire Station 60-61 Montgomery, AL
Shunk, Robert "Frank" AF Flight/203 62-63 Mechanicsburg, PA
Sikorski, Ron Able Flight 62 Nasuha, NH
Skorupski, Frank "Ski" Able Flight 62 Nashua, NH
Sjolie, Chuck Charlie Flight 61-63 Deland, FL
Smith, Jerry AF Flight 61-62 West, TX
Smith, Robert Support/Scty Police, AFRTS 62-63 Augusta, GA
Souza, Ronald "Ron" 176th ASA 62-64 Westport, MA
Stech, Jack Baker Flight 62-63 Hopkins, MN
Steinhauser, John Dawg Flight 62-63 Fremont, OH
Stewart, Gary "Stew" Able Flight 62-63 Marcola, OR
Stewart, John "Jack" T-Shop 60-62 Grand Island, NE
~Swanson, Larry S.~
  CMSgt USAF Ret.
  26 Sep 1989
Charlie Flt, Dawg Flt 62-64, 73-75 Hudson, FL
Sweeney, Harry AF Flight 61-62, 63, 69, 58-59 Casa Grande, AZ
Taylor, Sam Comm Center 62-63 Baton Rouge, LA
Thaxton, David 176th ASA 60-61 Jacksonville, FL
Thayer, William "Bill" ASA/Personnel 60-63 Northern, VA
Thomas, William "Willie" AF/203 61-63 West Palm Beach, FL
Thurtle, Richard 76th ASA Trick 3 61-63 Battle Creek, MI
Trujillo, Walace ASA/Linquist 61-63 Rohnert Park, CA
Wallace, Curtis Charlie Flight/X1 60-61 El Dorado Hills, CA
Walls, William AF Flight 62-63 Fairchance, PA
Ward, Terry Le Duck Dawg Flight/202 61-62 FoxFire Village, NC
Waring, Homer "Homer" AF Flt/202, Day Shop 61-64 San Antonio, TX
Watters, Bruce AF Flight 60-61 Bennington, VT
Weathers, Bobby AF Flight/203 62-63 Cullman, AL
Weigle, Charles AF Flight 62-63 Carneys Point, NJ
White, Edward "Ed" AF Flight/202 61-62 Decatur, GA
White, William "Shou Ponza" ASA 61-65 Springfield, VA
Wilder, Fred "Fuzzy" Dawg Flight 62-63 Jacksonville, FL
Wiley, Cliff Charlie Flight 62-63 Santee, CA
Williams, Joseph AF Flight/Comm Ctr 62-64 Colonial Heights, VA
Williams, Norris "Po Will" Dawg Flight 60-61, 71-75 Colorado Springs, CO
Wilson, Robert AF Flight/203 61-62 Junction City OR
Wrenn, Steven "Steve" AF Flight/Support 62-64 Fallon, NV
Yashus, Ken AF Flight 62-63 Ironwood, MI

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ARRIVING 1963 thru 1964

Adams, Wayne AF/Hou Keng 63-64 Engfield, NH
Baker, Robert "Bob" Day Shop/X2 64 Brooklyn, CT
Beck, Robert "Bob" AF Flight 64-66 Muskegon, MI
Beckham, William "Bill" AF/RFP 63-64 Montgomery, AL
Blackburn, Gary Able Flight 63 Oak Ridge, NC
Blauvelt, Roger Dawg Flight 64-66 East Haven, CT
Bohannon, Ed "Booty" AF Flight 63-64 Charlotte, NC
Brodbeck, Debbis ASA 63-67 Chatsworth, CA
Brouillette, Gene 327th CRC, ASA 63-64 El Cajon, CA
Brown, Doug AF/Day Shop 64-65 Round Rock, TX
Bruce, Ken AF/Typewriter Repair 64-65 Dobbins ARB, GA
Buchignani, Al AF Flight 64-66 Lehighton, PA
Buemi, Sam Dawg Flight 63-65 Seven Hills, OH
Buff, David ASA/Intercept 63-66 Mountain Home, AZ
Burleson, Donald AF Flight 63-65 Roswell, NM
Byers, Gary Day Shop & Trick/202 64-65 Pittsburgh, PA
Cafferty, Bill AF Flight 64-65 Kerrville, TX
Carleton, Jeff "Carl" Charlie Flight 63-64 Rockwall, TX
Carter, John "Crazy Kao Chung" Able Flight 63-64, 59-60 Spiro, OK
Carlson, Dan AF Flight 63-64 Irving, TX
Clubb, Garry Charlie Flight 64-66 Searcy, AR
Connally, Bill "Muffin Man" AF Flt, Support 63-64 Cheyenne, WY
~Coon, Lyle Philip~ Deceased AF Flt, SSgt, 29702 63-64 Ghent, NY
Crowley, Tom "Tom" AF/DF Sect. 63-64 Royse, TX
Davis, Lee Baker Flight 64-65 Hattiesburg, MS
Dedmon, Jimmy "Jimmy" Baker Flight 63-65 Fresno, CA
Dellapi, Robert "Bob" Able Flight 63-64 Falmouth, MA
Dolinar, Earl AF Trick 64-65 Cleveland, OH/Orlando, FL
Dorsey, James AF Flight/TTY Relay 64-65 Byron, GA
Dourney, Marty Dawg Trick 64-65 Surprise, AZ
Duffin, Lester "Les" AF Flt, Day Shop 64-66, 62-63 Burke, VA
Etner, Charles "Chuck" ASA/DF 63-65 McSherrystown, PA
Fallon, Tom AF Flight/203 64-66 Lecanto, FL
~Fawcett, Taylor~ Deceased 2014 AF Flight/Day Shop 64-66, 72-73 Cave Creek, AZ
Flaspoehler, Edward Able Flight/203 63-64 Dallas, TX
Gammelgard, David "The Great Dane" Crypto Maint./Crypto Op 64-66, 58-60 Vancouver, WA
Gibson, Brian Able Flight 63-64 Houston, TX
Gindlesperger, Ronald "Ron" AF 63-64 Fredericksburg, VA
Gossman, Daniel "Dann" Able Flight 63-64, 66-68 Tsukuba, Japan
Graf, Jim AF/202/SWID 63-64, 77-78 Fort Pierce, FL
Gross, Harold "Harry" AF Flight 63-64 Pittsburgh, PA
Hacker, Bill 76th ASA 64-65 Swansea, IL
Harmon, Kenneth Baker Flight 63 Ledbetter, KY
Harris, Michael "Syau Di" Baker Flight 64-66 Sparta, WI
Hastert, Roger Baker Trick 63-64 Garnett, Kansas
Henderson, Jim "Swinza" Support/Education Center 64-70 Pensacola, FL
Henn, Bill AF Flight/203 64-66 San Francisco, CA
Houchin, Larry AF Flight 63-64
Hunt, Glen "Dick" Able 63-65 Oklahoma City, OK
Jones, Dave "Jonesy" Baker Flight 64-66 Sacramento, CA
Johnson, Dave AF Flight/203 63-64 Yuba City, CA
Kuny, Randy Day Shop, DF/RFP 64-65 Carnegie, PA
LaMont, Jim "Lemon" Baker Flight 63-65 Alfred Station, NY
Lerch, Gary AF Flight/202 63-64 Florida
Lewis, Max Support/Finance 63-64 PA
Lindner, Ron "Snuffy" Baker Flight 63-64 LaSalle, IL
Long, Lonnie 176th ASA 63-64 Davidson, NC
Ludwig, Lon ASA/76th 63-64, 66-68 (Taipei) Plattsburgh, NY
McGee, Dan "Appleton" ASA/76th Trick 1 63-65 Reno, NV
McHugh, Jerome "Jerry" Support/Finance 64-65 Ponce Inlet, FL
Maleche, Vincent AF/2165-1 Comm Sq 64-66, 68-70 Friendswood, TX
Marshbanks, Richard "Mushy" Support/Civil Eng. 63-65 Flint, MI
Martin, Leland "Lee" Dawg Flt/TAS 63 Cumming, GA
Martin, William "Bill" AF/Day Shop 63-67, 70-75 Taipei, Taiwan
Masinos, Jerry AF Flight 64-67 Lancaster, PA
Mathieson, Gordon AF Flight/203 64-66 Cape Cod, MA
Matlock, Burnell Day Shop 64-65 San Antonio, TX
Mercier, John ASA/Comm Site 64-65 New Hampshire
Miller, Ed "Ed" AF Flight 63-64 Bel Air, MD
Miller, Joseph NSG Det 63-64 Urbana, IL
Mohrmann, Ed 327 CRC 63-64 Cedar Grove, NC
Monahan, Joe Charlie Flight 63-65 Virginia Beach, VA
Naylor, William AF Flight 64 Colorado Springs, CO
Palmer, Geral "Jerry" Transcribe Shop 64-65 Mayville, ND
Parker, Marv Dawg Flight 64-66 Sepastopol, CA
Phillips, Harrel "Len" 76th ASA/SOU 64-66 Richmond, KY
Pierce, Tim 76th ASA 63-64 Trinity, NC
Price, Harry 76th ASA 63 Pottstown, PA
Paul, David "Pro" Support/Motor Pool 63-64 MA
Puckett, Kelly Support/60350 Transportation 64 Kenton, OH
Race, David Civilian Tech Rep 63-66 Hemet, CA
Rainwater, Steve ASA 63-64 Sacramento, CA
Raymond, John Charlie Flight 63-64 Valrico, FL
Reconnu, Dave "Rec" 76th ASA 64-65 The Villages, FL
Robinson, John AF/Assigned to Army 63-64 Beaumont, TX
Robinson, William "Robby" Dawg Flt, Charlie, DF, Train. 63-65, 68-69, 71-76 San Antonio, TX
Routley, William "Bill" Support/Dispensary 64-66, 69-72 Gig Harbor, WA
Rowe, Alvah "Buddy" Support/Motor Pool 63-64 Chiriqui, Panama
Rubin, Allan ASA 64-66 Milford, MI
Schoenborn, Rick "Maumau Ch'ung" Dawg Flt, Day Lady 64-66 Apopka, FL
Scott, Norman Able & Baker Flights 63-64 Fitchburg, MA
Seiberling, Jim "Sam" Baker Flight 64-66 Mogadore, OH
Siler, Paul Baker Flight 63-64 Troy, NY
Simala, Florian "Sooma" AF Mids 64-66 Madeira Beach, FL
Smith, Howard Charlie Flight/Cmdr 63-64 Westminster, MD
Soderstrom, Starr Dawg Trick 63-64 Seattle, WA
Sowden, Robert "Bob" 76th ASA/DF Operator 63-65
Spear, Ben Charlie Flight 63-65 Papillion, NE
Strohecker, Henry Trick 2 64-66 Irmo, SC
Sweeney, Harry AF Flight 63, 69, 61-62, 58-59 Casa Grande, AZ
Taylor, Ed AF Flight 64-65 Seaford, DE
Taylor, Jerry Able Flight 64-66 Decatu, IL
Thompson, Robert Able Flight 64-65 Taipei, Taiwan
Van Hoose, Jerry ASA 64-65 Runaway Bay, Texas
Vigil, Phil Baker Flight 63-65 Santiago, Chile
Vogt, Buck AF 63-65, 67-69 San Angelo, TX
Wagner, Michael "Mike" AF Flight 64-68, 72-74, 76-77 Tumwater, WA
Wall, Frank AF Support/Medic 64-65 Methuen, MA
Waterfill, Ronald Charlie Flt, Able Flt 63-64, 75-77 Taylorsville, KY
White, Lawrence "Larry" Support/Mail Room (APO 160) 63-64 Fenton, MO
Wilcox, Richard AF Flight 63-64, 70-72 Dallas, TX
Wilkinson, Brian 76th ASA 63-65 Fern Park, FL
Williams, Dewey "W0000" AF Flight 64-67 Deland, FL
Williams, John AF Flight 63-65, 66-67, 69-72 Chicago, IL
Williams, Roger Dawg Flt/Cmdr 64-66 Haleiwa, HI
Wood, Jim 76th ASA/SOU 63-68 Glen Carbon, IL
Yorke, Fred Dawg Trick 64-65 Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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ARRIVING 1965 thru 1966

Anderson, Ed AF Flight 65-66, 67-69 Portland, OR
Ayers, Gary AF Flight 65-66, 67-69 Belleville, IL
Bias, Mike Baker Flight 65-66 NC/FL
Boone, Bob AF/Day Shop 66-67 N. Chesterfield, VA
Brenny, Frank Support/Finance 66-67 Plymouth, MI
Brooks, Ben "BT" NSG 66-68 Fortson, GA
Brown, Douglas AF/Day Shop 65-66 Round Rock, TX
Burton, Robert AF Flight 66-68 Newburgh, NY
Carlberg, Art AF Flight 65-66 Pittsburgh, PA
Carson, Lawrence "Larry" Charlie Flight 65-66, 72-75 Hanover, MD
Carstensen, Harold "Whitey" Charlie Flight & Day Shop/Comm Ctr 66-68 San Antonio, TX
Chastain, Lannie AF Flight 66-67 Louisville, KY
Clinton, Clinton "Clint" Dawg Flight 66-67, 69-72 Sacramento, CA
Cook, Bob AF Flight 65-66 Crossville, TN
Cooley, Leland "Butch" Support/Air Police 65-66 Athens, TX
Cox, Charles "Fred" AF Flight 66-67 Alma, AR
Cox, Ralph AF Support 66-67 Ellijay, GA
Davis, Sherwood 2165-1 Comm Det 66-68 Coos Bay, OR
Depner, William "Bill" AF Support 65-66 Medford, OR
Dickson, Mike Charlie Flight 66-67 Charleston, SC
Ferguson, David AF Flight 66-67 Overland Park, KS
Fields, George AF/STC & Grass 66-68 Cole Camp, MO
Frabotta, Richard "Rick" Day Shop 66-68 Sun City Center, FL
Frederic, Gary Charlie Flight 65-66 Toledo, OR
Fricke, Roy AF Support 66-67 Redmond, WA
Gallenberger, Wayne Comm Center/Admin 65-66 Phoenix, AZ
Garner, Johnnie Day Shop/203 65-68 Tujunga, CA
Giddens, Charles "Chuck" ASA 65-66 McMinnville, TN
Glaske, Richard "Dick" Support/Air Police 65-66 Las Vegas, NV
Gray, William "Bill" Dawg Flight 65-67, 71-73/Able Flt Manassas, VA
Greenlee, James "Jim" Charlie Flight/292X1 65-67 Mesa, AZ
Greunke, Vern 186th ASA 67-69 Cedar Bluff, NE
Gross, Tony Support/Personnel 66-68 Henderson, NV
Hankins, Lou Able Flight 66-68 Severn, MD
Harris, Paul Dawg Flight Jan 66-Dec 66 San Pedro, CA
Hedges, Gordon "Gordy" Day Shop/203 66-67, 69, 72-73, 75-77 Severn, MD
Hebert, Gerald "Jerry" Radio Maintenance 65-66, 73-75 Elk Grove, CA
Hoban, Jim Dawg Flight/292X1 65-66 Kaneohe, HI
Hodges, Robert Dawg Flight 66-68 Lansing, MI
Hodsden, Davis "Dave" AF Flight & Day Shop 66-69 Blacksburg, VA
Holzer, Mike "Barney" Hou Keng 66-67 Huntington Beach, CA
Houp, Kenneth AF Flight 65-66 High Bridge, KY
Hudson, James AF Support 66-68 Orlando, FL
Huddleston, Frazier "Hud" AF Flights/203 66-68 Cincinnati, OH
Hutchinson, John "Hutch" AF Flights/DF 66-67 Sun City West, AZ
Jackson, Robert Support/Fire Department 66-69 Tampa, FL
Johnson, Joe Comm Center 66-67 Pensacola, FL
Jordan, Walt Able Flight 66-67
Junkins, James Hou Keng 203/Air Police 66-69 Monterey Park, CA
Kay, John Dawg Flight & Charlie Flight 66-67 Renton, WA
Kelly, Larry Dawg Flight/X1 65-66 Bakersfield, CA
Kirol, Pat "Pat" Baker Flight & Day Shop 66-69 East Hartford, CT
Konopka, Thomas C. ASA Admin 66-68 Federal Way, WA
Kries, Jack Baker Flight 66-68 Franklin, OH
Leonard, John AF Flight/203 66-67 Madison, WI
Lewis, Robert "Bob" AF Flight 65-67 Pasadena, CA
Locken, Lawrence "Tim" Baker Flight/202 65-66 Center City, MN
Long, Gerald AF Flight 65-66, 73-75 San Antonio, TX
McCarty, Joe "Mick" AF Flight 65-66 Ramsey, MN
McDonald, Earl Dawg Flight 65-66, 68-71 San Antonio, TX
McDonald, Jim "Jim" Able Flight 66-68 Munford, TN
McInnis, James "Squeaks" 176th ASA 65-66 Meridian, MS
McMillen, Douglas "Mac" AF/Day Shop 66-68, 69-71 Irvine, CA
McNew, David AF 65-67 Junction, TX
Mahar, Deny Support/Antenna Maintence 65/TDY Newberry MI
Maley, Clarence "Corky" Day Shop 66-68 Arcadia OK
Marshall, Mike "Snowflake" Able (Animals) Flight 66-67 Verona, WI
Masinos, Jerry AF 65-67 Lancaster, PA
May, Merrill Comm Center 65-68 San Antonio, TX
Mitchell, Richard "Mitch" Dawg Flight 65-66 Colorado Springs, CO
Murphy, Matthew AF Flight 65-67 Sydney, Australia
Nagele, Jim Able Flight 66-67 Hatfield, PA
Neilan, John "Pope" AF 66-69 Warren, OH
Newman, Herchel Able Flight 66-68 Groveport, OH
Offley, Mike AF Flight/203 65-66 Melbourne, FL
Perkiser, Ronald "Ron" Able Flight 65-67 Elgin, IL
Pfister, John Data Automation 66-67 Plano, TX
Phillips, Wendell "Tweety" Dawg Flight 66-68 Milton, MA
Purdy, Alfred "Jim" ASA Koashiung 66-67 Danville, VA
Richo, Frank AF Flight/203 65-66 Las Vegas, NV
Roy, Ken "Roy" Able Flight 65-67 Oldsmar, FL
Scarborough, Don "Don" Dawg Flight 66-67 West Mifflin, PA
Seviola, Chester "Chet" AF Flight/Hou Keng 65-67 Royalton, MN
Sibley, Tom Support/Air Police 65-66 Spokane, WA
Sims, Stuart "Stu" Dawg Flight/202 66-67 Cochran,GA
Smith, Clark AF Flight/202 66-68, 69-70 Orlando, FL
Stehura, Tom Baker Flight 66-67 Janesville, WI
Stratton, Bill Charlie Flight/29251 66-68 Sun Valley, ID
Sweeney, Frank NSG 65-66 Austin, TX
Talbot, David "Dave" AF Flight 65-66 Joliet, IL
Tallant, Wayne "Bud" Baker Flight 66-68 Mount Vernon, KY
Terlisner, Loren Dawg Flight/29251 65-66 St. Cloud, MN
Terzi, AL AF Flight/203 65-66 Middletown, CT
Turner, Gene ASA 66-69
Underwood, Larry Support/327th Air Division 66-67 Ooltewah, TN
Urie, Dave Comm Center 66-67 Fort Walton Beach, FL
Virdell, Chuck Baker Flight 65-66 Seattle, WA
Wachs, Joseph "Joe" Radio Maintenance 65-66, 69-70 Pittston, PA
Walker, James "Jim" Baker Flight 66-67 Seattle, WA
Walton, Gary Baker Flight 65-66 Luna Pier, MI
Whetstone, Dick NSG 65-67 Northern CA
Whittington, Robert "Bob" Hou Keng 66-67 Magnolia, MS
Wilhelm, Doug AF Flight 66-67 Concord Twp, OH
Williams, John AF Flight 66-67, 69-72, 63-65 Chicago, IL
Wise, Ronald "Ron" ASA/Hou Keng 66-69 Wildomar, CA
Wollstadt, David AF/Admin Cmdr 66-67 Old Town, ME

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ARRIVING 1967 thru 1968

Acedo, Raul ASA/Trick 3 68-71 Norwalk, CA
Allen, Frank Able Flight 68-69 Plano, TX
Anderson, Andy AF Support 68 Lynchburg, VA
Anderson, Ed AF Flight 67-69, 65-66 Portland, OR
Arnold, Ronald Baker Flight 67-68 Louisville, KY
Askern, Lee Support/Photo Lab 68-69 Surprise, AZ
Atkins, Gary "The General" Able Flight 68-69 Spring Hill, FL
Avance, Jimmie "JD" Civil Engineers 67-68 Lawton, OK
Ayers, Gary Dawg Flight 67-69, 65-66 Belleville, IL
Barry, Bill ASA/Charlie Company 67-68 Massapequa Park. NY
~Baxter, David Y.~ Deceased 1981 ASA 68-70 Youngstown, OH
Beaver, Donald "Bucky" ASA 68-72 Sharpsburg, GA
Bechtel, Dick 176th ASA 68-70 Mandan, ND
Bednarski, Charles Charlie Flight 68-70 & 57-58 Rio Rancho, NM
~Bennett, Melford L. (Mel)~ Deceased 2006 Navy/NSG 67-68 Cambria, CA
~Bennett, Richard (Rick)~ Deceased Dawg Flight 67-68 Odessa, TX
Benson, Bob "Bennie" ASA 68-72 Idaho Falls, ID
Bessler, Jack Dawg Flight 67-68 Lafayette, IN
Bischoff, Greg NSG 67 Medusa, NY
Boling, Ralph Support/Legal Office 68-70 Tucson, AZ
Brady, Paul Baker Flight 68-69 Houston, TX
Budge, Bill Dawg Flight 67-68 Tacoma, WA
Buehler, Drew Dawg Flight/Hou Keng/294 68-69 Wausau, WI
Burger, Robert Dawg Flight/292X1 68-69 Boerne, TX
Burrill, David Charlie Flight 68-70 San Antonio, TX
Bybee, Fred Comm Center 68-69 Temecula, CA
Byczynski, John "Buzz" 76th ASA/Hou Keng 67 Shelton, WA
Byler, Larry "Skip" NSG 67-69 Vancouver, WA
Cain, Ralph AF Flight/292X1 68-70 Oviedo FL
Campbell Patrick "Pat" ASA 67 Vancouver, WA
Chastain, Lannie Day Shop 67-68 Louisville, KY
Cheney, Phil ASA 68-69 South Dennis, MA
Christensen, Delmonte Chris AF Flight/292X1 67-69, 61-63 Minot, ND
Clark, James "Jim" Charlie Flight 67-69 Midwest City, OK
Clemons, Jimmy Able Flight 68-70 Navarre, FL
Cordero, Robert "Bob" Support/Fire Dept 67-68, 70-73 San Diego, CA
Cover, Mike "Crash" 76th ASA 68-69 Clinton, IL
Croley, Wayne AF/Day Shop 68-76 Antelope, CA
Cunigan, Kenneth Support/Wing HQ 68-71 Lufkin,Texas
Curley, Terry "Curley" Dawg Flight 67-69 Tustin, CA
Dann, Bill Hou Keng 68-70 San Francisco, CA
Darnell, Bob Support/Logistics 67-68, 71-72 Beckley, WV
Davies, Russ "Dirty Russ" ASA 67-70 Johannseburg, South Africa
DeLaura, Lewis "Lew/Lt" Hou Keng 67-69 Niceville, FL
DiBartolomeo, Anthony Jr. "Tony" Support/Supply Warehouse 67-68 Hamstead, NC
Dickson, Don Charlie Flight 67-69 Aurora, CO
Dirkes, Robert "Bob" Support/Personnel/73270 68-69 Georgetown, TX
Dito, Phil Dawg Flight/292X1 67-68
Donaldson, David "Duck" Dawg Flight 67-68 Bessemer, AL
Dunn, Lloyd "Panyo" Charlie Flight 67-68 Captain Cook, HI
Dunne, Michael Mike AF Flight/203 68-69 La Mirada, CA
Eaton, Bill "Deacon" AF/Day Shop 67-70 Winter Haven, FL
Eliason, Gil ASA 68-70 Fort Wainwright, AK
Engel, Steve AF Flight 68-69 Mt Angel, OR
Ferris, Roger Baker Flight/RFP 68-70 Danbury, CT
Fitzlaff, Jim Support/Supply 67-68 Houston, TX
Foreman, Bruce Dawg Flight 67-68, 74-76 San Angelo, TX
Fricke, Roy AF Flight/Commander 67-68 Redmond, WA
Galligan, Edward Dawg Flight 67-68 Richmond, VA
Ganschaw, Gregory "Coach" Dawg Flight 67-68 Kirkwood, MO
Graves, Oma Charlie Flight/292X1 68-69 Bandera, TX
Greer, Wally AF Flight/203 67 Mooresville, IN
Gullicksrud, Charles ASA 67-68 Edwardsville, IL
Haile, Gary Navy/NSG 68-69 Paris, TX
Hall, Dave Crypto Maint. 68-70 Bristol, WI
Hargadon, Mike Dawg Flight 68-69 Rice, VA
Hartman, Clifford AF Flight/292X1 67-69 Las Vegas, NV
Hartz, Maurice "Maury" Dawg Flt, Day Shop/202 68-69 Marengo, IA
Hawkridge, Dave ASA 67-68 Lexington, SC
Hendrix, Stephen "Steve" Teletype Maint. 67-69 Clinton, MA
Henry, Andrew "Andy" ASA 67-69 Westland, MI
Hill, Patrick Support/Photo Lab 67-68 Bigfork, MT
Hockman, Lee Charlie Flight 68-69 Sugar Hill, GA
Hollowell, Stan Able Flight 67-68 Morehead City, NC
Homcha, Michael "Skeeter" Able Flight/292X1 67-68 Douglassville, PA
Hull, Roger Able Flight Cmdr (1st Lt) 68-60 Prescott, AZ
Hundley, Bob 176th ASA 67-68 Cedar Falls, IA
Ibarra, Robert "Bobby" Day Shop/202 68-69 San Antonio, TX
Jackson, Steve "Jack" Support/702X1 68-70 Pensacola, FL
Jakacki, Charles "Chick" Baker Flt/Comm Ctr 67-68 Cape Coral, FL
Johnson, Wayne Dawg Flight/292X1 68-69 Stanley, NC
Keever, Mike ASA 68-69 Tallahassee, FL
Kelly, Scott ASA 67-69 Springfield, MO
Kelsey, Roger Crypto Maint. 68-69 Nashua, NH
Kempf, Jeff Day Shop 67-69 Columbus, OH
Kendrick, T. K. "Easy Indian" ASA Trick 4 68-70 Sacramento, C
Kershaw, Rich Dawg Flight/292X1 67-68 CT
Kovach, Mike AF Flight 67-68 Santa Clara, CA
Krueger, Jim Crypto Maint. 67-68 Spring Lake Park, MN
Kuen, Paul R. NSG 68-70 Bangkok, Thailand
Kuhn, Peter 176th ASA 67-68 Leander, TX
Lambert, Richard "Rick" Baker Flight/2165 Comm 67-68 Deerfield Beach, FL
Larsen, Ed "Twiggy" Support/Supply 67-68 Lakewood, WA
Larson, Dennis Charley Flight 67-69 New Springfield, OH
Laupp, Dave "Junior" Baker Flight/Comm Ctr 67-68 Avondale, AZ
Lefebvre, Robert (Bob) "Chingwa" Dawg Flight 68-69 Hudson, NH
Lidstone, Mike Baker Flight 68-69 Coupeville, WA
Little, Jimmy "Chicken Man" Hou Keng 67-68 Roxie, MS
Loukinen, Norman "Norm" Dawg Flight 68-69 San Antonio, TX
Lewis, Dale Dawg Flight 68-69 Jonesboro, GA
Loewenstein, Larry AF 68-70 San Antonio, TX
McCone, Gary ASA 68-70 Columbia, MD
McDonald, Earl Dawg Flight 68-71, 65-66 San Antonio, TX
McDonald, Thomas "Mac" Charlie Flt, Dawg Flt 68-69, 72-74 San Antonio, TX
McGrail, Larry NSG 67-68 Pittsburgh, PA
McKenney, Michael "Guitar Man" Charlie Flt, Dawg Flt & Days 67-68, 69-70 Lexington, KY
Marsden, Allan "The AZ Nerk" Able Flight 68 Phoenix, AZ
Marshall, William "Fuzzy" Charlie Flight 68-69 Sarasota, FL
Maleche, Vincent AF/Day Shop 68-70, 64-66 Friendswood, TX
Maney, James Baker 68-69 Cohoes, NY
Meyer, Richard 176th ASA 68-69 Dallas, TX
Millsap, Charles "Charlie" Able Flt, Dawg Flt, Personnel 67-69, 74-75 Temple, TX
Misiak, Henry AF Flight 67-68 Woodbridge, CT
Montelbano, George "Tom" NSG 68-69 Estes Park, CO
Mundwiller, Ronald "Squatty Body" Dawg Flight/202 68-70 La Mirada, CA
Neider, John Dawg Flight 67-68 West Chester, PA
Nichols, Clark Charlie Flight 67-70 Bullhead City, AZ
Nichols, Kenneth "Nick" 176th ASA 68-70 Janesville, WI
Nolen, Roger Keith "Tex" ASA 68-70 Eldorado, TX
O'Donnell, Michael "Mike" Charlie Flight 67-68 New Egypt, NJ
Olsen, Harry Able Flt, Day Shop 67-69, 72-74 Monterey, CA
Olson, Daniel "Dan" ASA 67-68 Wausau, WI
Opalach, Jim "Opie" Charlie Flight 68-70 Cleveland, OH
Page, Dan ASA 68-70 Lincoln, ME
Palmeri, John Dawg Flight 67-69 Huntington Beach, CA
Panzarella, Bob "Panzy" Dawg Flight 68-69 Palm Harbor, FL
Parker, Ray Baker Flight 67-68 Chino Hills, CA
Pecorella, Jim "Jim" AF Flight 68-70 Sacramento, CA
Phillips, Randy Charlie Flight 68-71 Wellington, FL
Pirkle, Albert "Al" Dawg Flight, Able Flight 67-69, 72-76 Gainesville, GA
Polomsky, Ron "LT" Flt Cmdr/Charlie Flt, Dawg Flt 68-69 Laurel, MD
Pryor, Mike "Bear" Charlie Flight 68-70, 70-73 Mechanicsburg, PA
Quinlan, John Baker Flight/292X1 67-68 San Pedro, CA
Rambuski, Ron, Rev. ASA/Trick 3/O5H 67-69 Honeoye Falls, NY
Ramsey, Paul Charlie Flight 68-69 San Angelo, TX
Riley, Pat Able Flight 67-69 Evansville, IN
Ring, Jerry Translation Shop 67-68, 59-62 Woodbridge, VA
Roach, Ron "Guppy" Dawg Flight 67-68 London, OH
Robertson, Dan AF Flight/203 68 Talofofo, Guam
Robinson, William "Robby" Charlie Flt, DF, Train., Dawg 68-69, 71-75, 63-65 San Antonio, TX
Rollins, Robert "Bob" Dawg Flight 68-69 Charlotte, NC
Rose, William "Rozy" Radio Maint. 68-70 Bryan, TX
Routier, Ralph Dawg Flight 67-68 Scottsdale, AZ
Royal, Daniel "Dan" Able Flight 68-70 Pasadena, CA
Ruxton, John "Peanut Man" Dawg Flight 68-69 Somers, NY
St. Pierre, Richard "Rick" ASA 67-68 Brunswick, OH
Scheider, George NSG 68-69 Long Island, NY
Schmidt, Clifford "Cliff" Dawg Flight 67-68 Greensboro, NC
Schroeder, Bob Support/Base Photo Lab 67-68 Stamford, CT
Scott, Everett "Scotty" Charlie Flt, Baker Flt 68-71, 72-74 Gettysburg, PA
Sedei, Ken Hou Keng/294 68-70 Prescott, AZ
Selden, Stephen "Steve" NSG/Admin 1968 MD
Smaha, Micheal "Sam" Able Flight/292X1 67-69 Keelung, Taiwan
~Smith, Mike~ Deceased Dawg Flight 67-69 Scottsdale, AZ
Snider, Dale "Shorty" Radio Maint/Hou Keng 67-69 Littlerock, CA
Solgot, Richard Rick Baker Flight/292X1 68-69 Tampa, FL
Sommers, Larry AF Flight/203 67-68 Madison, WI
Steeley, Hubert AF Flight 67-68 Molino, FL
Steinwachs, Joe "Kraut" Support/Air Police 68 Weatherford, TX
Sturgill, Tony Baker Flight 67-68 Walnut Cove, NC
Swales, David Dawg Flight 68-69 Denver, CO
Swenson, Doug "Swede" Charlie Flight/202 67-68 Elk Grove, CA
Thomson, Dennis AF/Day Shop 68-70, 74-76 San Antonio, TX
Titus, Tim Able Flight 68-70 Wilmington, OH
Tobias, Mahlon "Toby" Charlie Flight 68-71 Riverside, CA
Todd, Robert "Monty" Crypto 67-68 Jackson, TN
Toni, William "Ole Man" AF/Courier Room, Day Shop 67-68 Bowie, MD
Tritt, Tim AF Flight/203 67 Mooresville, IN
Tymko, William ASA Trick 3/05H 67-70 Syracuse, NY
~Van Cleave, Kenneth (Ken)~ Deceased, 19 Oct 2011 Dawg Flight, Day Shop 67-68 Akron, OH
Varner, Ted Charlie Flight 68-72 Dunlap, TN
Vaughan, Jim Support/Civil Eng. 67-69, 71-73 Tipp City, OH
Vogt, Buck AF Flight 67-69, 63-65 San Angelo, TX
Wheeler, Wayne AF Flight 68-69 Murrells Inlet, SC
Whitten, Gene Security Police/Dawg Flt 68-70 Ocean Springs, MS
Wuenstel, Paul AF Flight/20351 67-68 Spring Branch, TX
Yearnshaw, Tom Baker Flight/202 67-68 Carson City, NV

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ARRIVING 1969 thru 1970

Ackley, Joseph Dawg Flight/Hou Keng 69-70 Tualatin, OR
Aiello, Tom "Crazy Tom" Charlie Flt 69-70 Milton, PA
Allen, Jim ASA 70-71 Beaver Falls, PA
Ashenfelder, Mike Able Flight/203 69-70 Joseph City, AZ
Baglioni, Tony Able Flight 70-71 Charlottesville, VA
Baker, Russell "Russ" Charlie Flight, Day Shop 70-74 Pataskala, OH
Basham, Linda Support/Base Supply 70-71 Titusville, FL
Birden, Paul Charlie Flight/203 69-70 Philadelphia, PA
Bishop, Dennis "Dudz" Able Flight/203 69-71 Atlanta, GA
Bornholdt, Leland Lee Dawg Flight 69-70 Salem, OR
Boudreaux, Dan ASA 69-72 Raleigh, NC
~Bounghner, Barry~ Deceased, 22 Oct 2015 Charlie Flight 69-70 Cooperstown, PA
Brandenburg, Stan AF Flight 69-70 Highland Village, TX
Buchsbaum, Bill AF Flight/202 70/TDY San Antonio, TX
Burns, Dave "Smokie" Charlie Flight 69-70 Gainsville, VA
Burns, Steve "Skippy" Charlie Flight 69-72 Kansas City, KS
Carrifee, Robert ASA 69-70 Bremerton, WA
Charette, Joe Day Shop/RFP 70-72 FL
Clark, Ken Charlie Flight 69-70 Fairview Heights, IL
Clinton, Clinton "Clint" Charlie Flight 69-72, 66-67 Sacramento, CA
Coll, Ed "Big Ed" Able Flight 69-70 Singapore
Cordero, Robert "Bob" Support/Fire Dept 70-73, 67-68 San Diego, CA
De Leon, Dale Support/Civil Engineers 70-71 Fort Wayne, IN
Dickerson, Larry "Dick" Support/Civil Engineers 70-72 Jacksonville, AR
Doerner, John "Bob" Support/Training Office 69-71 Burney, CA
Dugger, Reid "Skip" Baker Flight 69-71 Tallahassee, FL
Duncan, Ted Baker Flt, Able Flt 70-71, 73-74 Hampton, VA
Edwards, Stephen "Steve" Day Shop 69-71 Severn, MD
Faris, Kevin AF Support 70-72 Lake Clarke Shores, FL
Fletcher, Mike Day Shop 70-71 Aurora, CO
Fordering, Robert "Bob" AF Flight 69-71 Jacksonville, FL
Fox, Al "Hou-Lee" Baker Flight 69-71 Livonia, MI
Francis, Ray Maintenance Control 69-71 San Angelo, TX
Furtaw, Chuck Support/Personnel 69-70 Reno, NV
Fyock, Tim AF Flight 69-70, 74-75 Houston, TX
Garcia, Nicolas Support/Civil Engineers 70-73 San Antonio, TX
Geracz, Robert "Bob" Day Shop 69-71 Plymouth, MI
Granat, Gary Charlie Flight/Cmdr 69-70 Palisade, CO
Hawkins, Rodney "Hawk" AF Flight 69-71 Hudson, IL
Hedges, Gordon "Gordy" Day Shop/203 69, 66-67, 72-73, 75-77 Severn, MD
Henry, Chuck Baker Flight 70-71 Ocean View, HI
Highlands, Dave Day Shop 70-72 St. Petersburg, FL
Hill, John Day Shop 70-72 Columbus, OH
Horwitz, Jonathan "Jon" Charlie Flight/203 69-70 Dayton, OH
Humbert, Herman "FOOF" Baker Flight/202 70-71 Canton, OH
Jackson, Brian ASA 69 Salt Lake City, UT
Jarumbo, Al "Jumbo-San" Day Shop/RFP 70-71 The Villages, FL
Jenkins, Dave Support 70-71 Stephens City, VA
Johnke, Carl Jr. AF Flight 69-70 Meadville, PA
Johnson, Gary "38" Charlie Flight 70-72 Burke, VA
Jones, Earl AF Flight 69-70 New York, NY
Jones, William "Bill" Able Flight 69, 71-73 Alexandria, VA
Kierstead, Tom USN 70-73 Grand Junction, CO
Kilian, Stan Support/Supply 70-71 King of Prussia, PA
Kolb, William "Bill" Support/Security Police 69-71 Minoa, NY
Kruntorad, John Charlie 70 (TDY) Paris, TX
Labor, Gene "Big Red" AF Flight 70-72 Miller, SD
Lassose, Larry "CJ" Support/TTY Maint. 69-72 Mt Vernon, AL
Lowry, John Comm Center 69-70 D'lo, MS
Launders, Billie Support/Legal Office 70-72 Enid, OK
Lucas, Terry Support/MARS Station 70-72 Ft Pierce, FL
Lyle, Tom Charle Flight 69-71 Falls Church, VA
McCaulla, James "Mac" Able Flight 69-71 Taipei, Taiwan
McCormick, Wayne "Mac" Electronic Maint. 70-72 Smyrna, TN
McGillicuddy, Dan "McGill" Support/Civil Engineers 70-71 Grand Forks, ND
McManus, Charles "Mac" Support-Civil Eng/Power House 70-71 Vineland, NJ
Malia, Jack Support/Dispensary 69-70 Jackson, WY
Martin, William "Bill" Day Shop 70-75, 63-67 Taipei, Taiwan
Maxwell, Pat ASA 70-72 Wesson, MS
Michaelis, Mike "Mike" Day Shop 69-70 Los Gatos, CA
Moore, Lynn "Pops" AF Flight 69-71 Lockhart, TX
Moores, Phil Support/2165th Comm Sq 70-73 Chester, CT
Moore, Richard "Pat" Comm Center 70-71 Enfield, CT
Mucciolo, Gene Charlie Flight/203 69-70 Madison, WI
Nelson, Glenis "Radar" NSG - Days & Alpha Shift 70-72 Knoxville, TN
Nelson, Reginald "Reg" TDY/203 70-71 Asian Art
Nelson, Vernon Baker Flight/T-Shop 69-71 Harlingen, TX
Ohlfs, Kenneth "Keno" Charlie Flight 70-72 Lancaster, CA
Oliver, Jim "Ollie" Day Shop, Charlie Flt 69-70 Santa Clara Valley, CA
Ortis, John "Big Red" Able Flight 70-71 Woodstock, GA
Page, Dan AF Flight 69-70 Camden, ME
Pelitere, E. AF Flight 70-72 New Orleans, LA
Prosser, Mike Day Shop 69-70 San Antonio, TX
Pyle, Roger "Rocky" Baker Flight 70-72 Columbia, MO
Richardson, Gerry Day Shop 70-71 Boone, NC
Riggins, Jim Charlie Flt, Day Shop 70-72, 74-77 Chester, MD
Robinson, Johnny "Robbie" Radio Maint. 70-73 Butler, GA
Rommelfanger, Gary "Fang" Able Flt, Day Shop 69-72 San Angelo, TX
Roske, Gary "Gary" ASA 70-71 St. Cloud, MN
Routley, William "Bill" Support/Dispensary 69-72, 64-66 Gig Harbor, WA
Saccoccio, Jerry Support/Linkou Club 70-72 Vestal, NY
Sanders, Donald "Sandy" Support/Data Processing 70-72, 74-75 North Las Vegas, NV
Schmit, Harvey Baker Flt/Hou Keng 69-71 Germantown, WI
Schulte, Richard Hou Keng/Radio Maint. 70-71
Seavers, Robert "Bob" AF Flight 69-71 Spokane, WA
Sells, Denzel "Denny" Support/Security Police 69-72 Dallas, TX
Shoop, John "Rusty" Support/Post Office 70 Morro Bay, CA
Siegel, David Able Flight/Cmdr 70-72 Washington, DC
Simpson, Bill Charlie Flight 69-71 Columbia, MD
Smith, Clark AF Flight/202 69-70, 66-68 Orlando, FL
Snyder, Jon Support/Special Services 69-72 Austin, TX
Soborowski, Tom "Tom TD" AF Flight 70-72 Mexico
Staples, Mike AF Flight 69-71, 73-75 Green Valley, AZ
Stellpflug, Gary Charle Flight 70-72 La Grange, CA
Stewart, Rodney "Rod" NSG/Day Shop 70-72
Sweeney, Harry AF Flight 69, 63, 61-62, 58-59 Casa Grande, AZ
Toloso, Daniel Support/Maintenance 70-72 Hagerstown, MD
Vizena, Doug ASA 69-70 TX
Wade, Jim "Slim Jim" Charlie Flight 69-72 Hopewell, MO
Walker, Stephen "Florp" Charlie Flight/202 69-71 Lexington, NC
Wargo, Rick "Lambo" Able Flight 70-72 Douglasville, GA
Weaver, Daniel ASA 69-70
Wendt, Jack Day Shop/202 70-72 Brookings, OR
Whiteaker, Charles "Ed" ASA 70-71 Parrish, FL
Wilcox, Richard AF Flight 70-72, 63-64 Dallas, TX
Williams, John AF Flight 69-72, 66-67, 63-65 Chicago, IL
Wilson, Larry Baker Flt/294 Hou Keng 70-71 Pascagoula, MS
Young, Craig "Surgeon" Charlie Flight 70-72 Winston-Salem, NC
Zimmerman, Russell Computer Maintenance 70-71 Friendship, WI
Zinck, Vinnie 176th ASA/Trick 2 70-72 San Francisco, CA

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ARRIVING 1971 thru 1972
(Note: ASA Closed at Shulinkou Aug 1972)

Acton, John Able Flight 71-72 Oak Harbor, WA
Adamiak, Joe Baker Flight 71-73 Odenton, MD
Adams, Tom AF Flight 72-74 Lemoore, CA
Anderson, Wayne "Ch'ang Ching Lu" 203 Section 72-73 Milpitas, CA
Arrowsmith, Curt "Header" Charlie Flight 72-73 Hood River, OR
Bangtson, Dave 203 Day Shop 71-72 Omaha, NE
Barker, Chuck TTY Maintenance 72-73 Deerfield Beach, FL
Barr, Eugene "Gene/Geno" Charlie Flight 71-72 Land O Lakes, FL
Baxter, Joseph "Joe" ASA/Analyst 71-8/72 (ASA closed 8/72) Las Vegas, NV
Berg, Bruce Baker Flight 72-73 Springfield, OR
Blancett, Grace Support/Public Affairs Office 71-73 San Antonio, TX
Blankenship, Gary ASA 71-72 Westville, SC
Brady, Tim AF Flight 72-74 Tuscon, AZ
Brown, Spencer Dawg Flight 72-73 Newark, OH
Buttross, David Base Comptroller 71-73
Calabio, Sterling "Z" Baker Flight 71-72 Pleasant Grove, UT
Carlson, Terry "Ch'ang Ching Lu" AF Flight/203 72-73 Milpitas, CA
Coffey, Max AF Flight 72-73 Central Square, NY
Carr, Phillip Charlie Flight 72-74 Hamilton, OH
Carson, Lawrence "Larry" Baker Flight '72, Days 73-75 72-75, 65-66 Hanover, MD
Chubrick, Leonard Day Shop 71-72 Redlands, CA
Clark, Thomas "Tom" Able Flight 71-72 Pittsburg, PA
Cole, Jimmy "JC" Baker Flight 72-73 Salina, KS
Coto, Robert "Bob" Support/Fire Dept. 71-72, 75-77 Tampa, FL
Crum, Mike Able Flight 72-74 West Palm Beach, FL
Darnell, Bob Support/Logistics 71-72, 67-68 Beckley, WV
Davis, Charles "Chuck" Support/Security Police 72-73 Sun City Center, FL
Dick, Mike Able Flight/Radio Maint. 72-74 Knob Noster, MO
Dorn, Jim ASA 71-72 Springfield, PA
Douillette, Alan "Frenchie" Baker Flight 72-73 Lakeville, MA
Downs, Steve AF Flight 72-74 LaGrange, GA
Ebersole, Richard "Ebbie" Support/Personnel Scty 71-73 Smithburg, MD
~Fawcett, Taylor~ Deceased 2014 Day Shop/AF Flight 72-73, 64-66 Cave Creek, AZ
Fisher, Wilson "Fish" Support/Security Police 71-72 Kyle (Austin), TX
Floyd, William AF Flight 71 Willits, CA
Foley, Drew AF 72-74 Louisville KY
Galloway, Kerry AF Flight 72-74 Canton, MI
Gernon, Walt Baker Flight/X1 72-73
Geschke, Dave Charlie Flight 72-73 Racine, WI
Goodwin, Donna "Dallas" WAF/Support 71 San Angelo, TX
Gordon (Lee), Karen Comm Operator 71-72 Cedar Rapids, IA
Gordon, Steve AF 71-72
Gosnell, Herman Support/Civ Eng, Power Plant 71-72 Lexington, SC
Gray, William "Bill" Able Flight 71-73, 65-67/Dawg Flt Manassas, VA
Gregerson, Bill Comm Center 72-74 Federal Way, WA
Hagstrom, Robert "Bob" Support/Civil Eng. 71-73 Mounds View, MN
Hales, Gary Charlie Flight 72-73 Salisbury, MD
Hammons, William "Billy" AF Flight 71-73 San Angelo, TX
Hargrave, Sam Charlie Flight 71-74 Winston Salem, NC
Harris, Joe "Harry" Able Flight/29251 77-72 Blandon, PA
Harris, Richard "Whoopee" Baker Flight 72-73 San Antonio, TX
Hedge, Thomas Able Flight 71-72 Salem, OR
Hedges, Gordon "Gordy" Day Shop/203 72-73, 75-77, 66-67, 69 Severn, MD
Herigstad, David Charlie Flight/X1 72-74 Anaconda, MT
Hill, Cecil Charlie Flight 72-74 Tulsa, OK
Huffman, Len Baker Flight 71-72 Martinsville, IN
Johnson, Paul "P.J." Charlie Flight 71-72 Spring Hill, FL
~Johnston, Keith R.~
  MSgt. USAF Ret.
  05 Mar 14
AF Flight & Trick 3/NCOIC 71-73, 55-57 San Antonio, TX
Jones, Don Support/Civil Eng. 72-74, 76-77 Colleyville, TX
Jones, Roger Dawg Flight/202 72-73 Owensboro, KY
Jones, William "Bill" Able Flight 71-73, 69 Alexandria, VA
Jorde, Bill Comm Center 72-74 Ingram, TX
Kierstead, Tom NSG/Day Shop 71-73 Crystal River, FL
Kilian, Stan Support/Supply 71 King of Prussia, PA
Krainak, Rich "Dudley" Charlie Flight 71-72 Nashville, TN
Knuth, Neil AF/Day Shop, SP Div. 72-73 Monticello, MN
Leber, Lee AF Flight/203 72-74
Lieberman, John Able Flight 72-73 Shreveport, LA
Loew, David "Dave" AF Support/Security Police 71 Tuscon, AZ
Logan, Frank "Frank" Baker Flight 72-74 Lexington, OH
Ludington, Dotty Support/Ops Admin 71-72 Santa Barbara, CA
Luzzo, Frank Day Shop, Able Flt, DF 72-74 Cincinnati, OH
McBride, Brian Baker Flight 71-72 Richmond, VA
McCurley, Ken "Dwayne" AF Flight 71-73 Round Rock, TX
McCormick, Mike "Mac" Baker Flight 71-72 Los Banos, CA
McDonald, Thomas "Mac" Charlie Flt, Dawg Flt 72-74, 68-69 San Antonio, TX
McNeely, Joel S. AF Flight 72-74 Peach Creek, WV
Mansur, John Able Flight/202 72-73 Meridian, ID
Mathews, Edward Charlie Flight 72-74 Omaha, NE
Mellow, Fortunato "Fred" Day Shop 72-74 Suwanee, GA
Miciotto, Rusty Charlie Flight 72-73 Houston, TX
Millette, Gary Day Shop/202 71-72 Richardson, TX
Mincemoyer, Mike Charlie Flight 71-72 Seattle, WA
Murray, Mike "Arthur" Able Flight 72-74 Cedar Rapids, IA
Murphy, Earl Charlie Flight/202 71-72 St. Louis, MO
Nicol, George Support/Supply Capt. 71-72 Cocoa Beach, FL
Nord, Bernard "Bernie" Navy/NSG Days 71-73 Flint, MI
Novotny, Neal Able Flight 71-73 Foster City, CA
Odom, Arnie Support/Finance 71-73 Chicago, IL
Offord, Spencer NSG/Alpha 72-73 Evansville, IN
Ojennes, John "OJ" Able Flight 72-74 Breckenridge, CO
Perkins, Perry ASA 71-72 Charlotte, NC
Peters, Charles AF/Captain 71-73 Dothan, AL
Petty, Paul Charlie Flt, Baker Flt 72-74, 61-63 Bryan, TX
Pirkle, Albert "Al" Able Flight, Dawg Flight 72-76, 67-69 Gainesville, GA
Pourchot, Jim ASA/Analyst 71-72 Alvin, TX
Pray, Donald AF Support/Security Police 71-74 Lebanon, ME
Prentice, David AF Support/Ops Admin 72-73 Albuquerque, NM
Redhead, Paul "Paul" AF Flight 71-72 Montgomery, AL
Reid, Daniel "Giantman" Charlie Flight/Day Shop 72-73 San Antonio, TX
Reilly, Mike Able Flight 72-73 Aliso Viejo, CA
Rimmer, Ray ASA 71 Greensboro, NC
Ring, Richard Baker Flight 72-73 Killeen, TX
Robinson, Randy "Curly" Dawg Flight 72-74 Moore, OK
Robinson, Thomas "San Bah Tom" NSG/Charlie Sect. 72-74 Dallas, TX
Robinson, William "Robby" DF, Train., Charlie Flt, Dawg 71-76, 68-69, 63-65 San Antonio, TX
Rodriguez, Ralph Translator Shop 71-72 Lake City, FL
Ross, Arthur ASA 72 Monroe, VA
Ruxton, John "Peanut Man/JJ" Dawg Flight 72-74 Somers, NY
Schill, Tom "Beeper" Able Flight 72-73 St. Augustine, FL
Schwartz, Tom AF Flight 71-72 Dyersburg, TN
Scott, Everett "Scotty" Baker Flt, Charlie Flt 72-74, 68-71 Gettysburg, PA
Scott, Lamonte Baker Flight 72-74 Conyers, GA
Seward, Robert "Benjo" Support/Special Services 71-73 Mesquite, TX
Shaw, Craig Dawg Flight/X2 71-72 Tian Mu, Taipei, Taiwan
Shirel, Michael Support/Scty Police 72-73 Lubbock, TX
Simmons, Bob Day Shop 72-74 Springville, AL
Sluiter, Glen Support/Supply 72-73 Shelbyville, MI
Small, Sam Support/Civil Engineering 71-73 Seattle, WA
Smith, David AF Flight 72-74 Southwick, MA
Snyder, Ronald "Snidley Whiplash" Dawg Flight 72-74 Gower, MD
Stackhouse, Neil "Stacky" Charlie Flight/202 72-73 Wind Gap, PA
Stroman, Roy Charlie Flight/X1 72-73 San Antonio, TX
Swager, Dave AF Flight/203 72-75
Swart, Mark "Buddy" Dawg Flight, Tops in Blue 72-73 Lansing, MI
Sykes, Paul Baker Flight/292X1 71-73 Hattiesburg, MS
Tichenor, Bruce "Tich" Able Flight 72-73 Montpelier, VT
Thysell, Barry Day Shop/202 71-72 CA
Tolbert, Wilbur "Will" Dawg Flight/X1 72-75 Severn, MD
Van Valkenburgh, Vance Baker Flight 72-74 Detroit, MI
Valkwitch, Jim NSG/Delta Section 71-72 Buffalo, NY
Webster, Ted Baker Flight 72-74 Parker, CO
White, Garel Support/Scty Police 72-74 Lakewood, WA
Whittaker, Ryan "RT" Dawg Flight 71-73 Clearwater Beach, FL
Whitworth, Marta Ops Comm 71-72
Wilber, Steve Able Flight 72-74 Concord, NH
Williams, Don "DJ" Dawg Flight 72-73 Tacoma, WA
Williams, Michael AF 72 Bonham, TX
Williams, Norris "Po Will" Dawg Flight 71-75, 60-61 Colorado Springs, CO
Witherow, Elmer Able Flight 72-73 Redmond, OR
Whitworth Orban, Marta Charlie Flight/WAF 71-72 Colorado Springs, CO
Zickefoose, Don Charlie Flight 71-72 Loudonville, OH

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ARRIVING 1973 thru 1974

~Abate, Patrick V. (Pat)~
  MSgt USAF Ret.
  29 Dec 2016 (b.1955)
Dawg Flight 74-77 Spring, TX
Allen, James Chapel NCOIC 73-75 Shreveport, LA
Anaruk, Axel AF/203 Lingy Team 2 73-75 North Wales, PA
Arnold, Robert "Arnie" Dawg Flight/207X2 74-75 Atascocita, TX
Ashley, Kenneth "Ken" Dawg Flight 74-77 Tien Mu, Taiwan
Askren, Willard "Shrimp" Dawg Flight 73-74
Boyer, Gary AF Flight 74-75 Schererville, IN
Boyle, Patrick "Pat" NSG 73-74 Akiruno, Japan
Britton, Mark Baker Flight 74-75 Rochester, NY
Burford, Glen Day Shop 74-76 Escondido, CA
Burford, Michael "Burf" Dawg Flight 73-75 Marion, IL
Broyles, Carol Support/Orderly Rm 74-77 TX
Burns, John Day Shop, AF Flight 73-74, 62-63 Laurel, MD
Burton, Larry Support/Medic 74-76 Sylmar, CA
Carreon, Refugio "Carry" Dawg Flight 73-74 Pecos, TX
Christison, Mike Charlie Flight 73-76 Marietta, GA
Clough, Steve Support/Civil Engineering 73-74 Sumter, SC
Cockrum, Jimmy Baker Flight 74-76 San Antonio, TX
Coldman, Charles Support/Security Police 73-75 Indianapolis, IN
Crisp, Russell "Critter" Dawg Flight 74-75 Eagle River, AK
Crossley, Billy Able & Charlie Flights 74-76 Pitsburg, OH
Cunningham, Kent Support/Dispensary, Dentist 74-76 Cincinnati, OH
DeLeon, Anthony "Ponce" Dawg Flight (both tours) 73-74, 76-77 Caldwell, TX
Davis, Ricky Charlie Flight 74-75 Marengo, IA
Dickenson, Robert "Rob" Support/Dispensary 73-74 Smithfield, VA
Dudkiewicz, David "CQ" Able Flight 73-76 Dau Mabalcat, Philippines
Duhay, Paul Charlie Flight 74-75 Tacoma, WA
Emily, Dennis Day Shop 73-75 Hallsville, MO
Filer, Tom Baker Flight 74-75 Helotes, TX
Finley, Gary AF Flight 74-75 Maud, TX
Fisler, Calvin Support/Fire Dept. 74-76 NJ
Fyock, Tim AF Flight 74-75, 69-70 Houston, TX
Giegerich, Frank "Crash" Dawg Flight 74-77 Woodland Park, CO
Gilkerson, Mike Comm Center 74-76 Mascoutah, IL
Girton, Dave Able Flight/202 73-75 Carlisle, PA
Goglin, Dean Crypto Maint, QC 73-76 Harvest, AL
Goodwin, Donna Support/Finance 73-74 San Angelo, TX
Gowing, John "Lumpy" Dawg Flight 73-76 Melbourne, FL
Gragg, Jim Dawg Flight 74-76 Tega Cay, SC
Graham, Ron "JJ" Baker Flight 74-76 San Angelo, TX
Griffin, Floyd Day Shop 73-76 Hugo, OK
Grisham, Paul Baker & Dawg Flights 74-76 Norman, OK
Gumhold, Bill Charlie Flight 74-75 Allentown, PA
Habshey, Wade "Mat" Dawg Flight 73-75 Fishers, IN
Hanenburg, John Baker Flight/203 74-76 Cicero, IN
Hanges, Jonathan Dawg Flight 73-74 Kimberly, WI
Harp, Richard "Ric" Dawg Flight 74-76 Merced, CA
Harrison, Paul "Opie" Dawg Flight/292X1 74-75 New Bern, NC
Hatton, Tom Communications Center 74-75 Severn, MD
Heil, George "Doc" Dawg Flight 74-76 Castle Rock, CO
Higgins, Mike "Higgy" Dawg Flight 74-77 Torrance, CA
Hilburn, Patty Baker Flight 74-75
Holtzman, Gary "Woodman" Dawg Flight 74-75 Topeka, KS
Hood, Kenneth (Ken) "Peaches" Dawg Flight 74-77 Buffalo, NY
~Holland, Glenn Mr. & Mrs.~   Deceased
  22 May 2011
Dawg Flight 73-75 Joplin, MO
Hosier, Jerry AF Support 73-74 Fort Wayne, IN
Keyser-Tiongson, Lori Charlie Flight 74-76 Utah
Kiriako, John AF 74-75 Alaska
Kirst, Greg "Huey" Dawg Flight 73-75 Cold Spring. KY
Knuth, Neil Support/Security Police 73 Monticello, MN
Koetterhagen, Jerome Dawg Flight 73-75 Paddock Lake, WI
Kubit, Jim "Cubie" Support/Security Police 74-77 Sacramento, CA
Lagana, Bob Support/Finance 74-75 Schertz, TX
Laux, John "WunderDoug (WD)" Charlie74-75, Dawg 75-76/X1 74-76 Arvilla, ND
Lewis, Randy AF Flight/AIT Rack 74-77 Saint Augustine, FL
Loflin, Randy AF Flight 73-74 El Paso, TX
McDermott, Charlie Charlie Flight/203 74-77 Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica
McKean, Michael Charlie Flight 73-74 Vacaville, CA
Macksamie, John Dawg Flight/Comm Ctr Spclst 73-74 Rochester, NY
Marra, Fred AF Flight 74-75 Seattle, WA
Matsumoto, Andy Baker Flight 74-75 Waipahu, Hawaii
Melonson, Alcede "Mel" AF Flight 74-75 Hawaii
Mills, Arnie Able Flight/202 74-76 Picayune, MS
Mills, Steve Baker Flight 74-76 Bedford, U.K.
Mineart, Steve Baker 73-74 Mason City
Miniard, Stephanie Charlie Flight 73-74
Moon, William "Bill" Communications Center 74-76 Bismarck, ND
Moshier, Lenny "Good Stuff" Dawg Flight 73-76 Inver Grove Heights, MN
Mudey, Frank Support/Security Police 74
Murray, Jay Charlie Flt, Dawg Flt 73-74, 75-76 Simsbury, CT
Newberry, Cecil Support/Base Newspaper, editor 74-76
Oleson, Dennis Dawg & Baker Flights 73-75, 59-60, 62-64 Brandon, FL
Ouellette, Al Support/Transportation 73-74 Angeles City, PI
Pavelka, Chuck Baker Flight 73-74
Pennell, Benjamin Charlie Flight 74-77 Angeles City, PI
Pettyjohn, Don "PJ" AF/Day Shop 74-76 Fort Worth, TX
Phillips, Raymond "Ray" Dawg Flt, Baker Flt 73-76 San Antonio, TX
Pitney, Jim Baker Flight 73-75 Ashland, OH
Raines, Thermon Larry "Stormy" Baker Flight 73-74 Opp, AL
Rankin, John Dawg Flight/Day Shop 74-76 Wichita, KS
Reddick, Charles AF Flight, Day Shop 73-74 Fort White, FL
Richburg, John AF Flight 74-76 South Carolina
Riggins, Jim AF/Day Shop 74-77,70-72 Chester, MD
Ross, Jerry Baker Flight 73-75 Nixa, MO
Sanders, Donald "Sandy" Support/Data Processing 74-75, 70-72 North Las Vegas, NV
Sheffler, Bill Support/Supply 74-77 Houston, TX
Slusarski, Peter "Slush" AF/Day Shop 74-77 San Antonio, TX
Smith, Birney "B.I." Dawg Flight 74-76 Glen Burnie, MD
Smith, Clayton "Muldoon" Charlie Flight/202 73-74 Mount Airy, NC
Smith, Richard "Snuffy" USMC/Dawg Flight 74-75 Sierra Vista, AZ
Stad, Dave Able Flight 74-76 Phoenixville, PA
Staples, Mike AF Flight 73-75, 69-71 Green Valley, AZ
Steiger, Gary Baker Flight 74-75 Honolulu, Hawaii
Stratton, Ronald "Red" Support/Finance 73-75 Monroe, LA
Subranni, Jimmy Dawg Flight 74-75 Valley Forge, PA
~Swanson, Larry S.~
  CMSgt USAF Ret.
  26 Sep 1989
Dawg Flt, Charlie Flt 73-75, 62-64 Hudson, FL
Sweeting, Gary Able Flight 73-74, 76-77 Honolulu, HI
Tabler (Duer), Judy (Judy Tabler) Dawg Flight/203 74-75 Georgetown, TX
Taylor, Jeff Baker Flight 74-75 Chagrin Falls, OH
Thomson, Dennis AF/Day Shop 74-76, 68-70 San Antonio, TX
Townsend, Randy AF Flight 74-76 Taipei, Taiwan
Trotter, Jim Support/Security Police 74-75 Phoenix, AZ
Tucker, Stephen "Tuck" Support/Special Services 73-74 Lincoln, RI
Turner, Mark Dawg Flight 74-75 Tampa, FL
Voelker, Russ Support/Security Police 73 Martinsburg, WV
Waters, Ron AF/Day Shop 74-75 San Antonio, TX
Westermann, Tom Baker Flight 73-74 Westminster, MD
Whelan, Mike AF/Day Shop 74-76 Smithfield, VA
Willard, Walt Support/Finance Office 73-77 San Francisco, CA
Wilson, Jerry Support/Base Supply 74-76 East Grand Forks, MN
Wimpy, Johnnie Crypto Maintenance 74-77 San Antonio, TX
Wunderlich, Dan Dawg/Baker Flts 74-76 Cottonwood, AZ

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ARRIVING 1975 thru 1977
- Shulinkou AS Closed April 01, 1977 -

Ames, Stephen Baker Flight/Comm Center 75-76 Las Vegas, NV
Anderson, Larry Support/Supply 75-77 Rocky Mount, VA
Anderson, Wayne AF Support 76-77 Honolulu, HI
Bardier, Lionel "Lee" Support 75-77 Sterling, IL
Barnes, Brenda AF Support/Finance Office 8/76-3/77 (base closed 4/1/77) The Villages, FL
Boone, David "Bab" Baker Flight 76-77 Erwin, TN
Brooks, A.J. "A.J." Support/Security Police 75-76 Ridgefield Park, NJ
Budington, Al "Bud" AF/Day Shop 76-77 San Antonio, TX
Burton, Robert AF Flight/202 75-76 Athens, GA
Cartagena, George Charlie Flight-207X2/RFP rack 76-77 Glen Burnie, MD
Chapmon, David Dawg Flight 75-77 Saitama, Japan
Chontos, Brian Charlie Flight 76-77 Pittsburgh, PA
Cook, Chris Able Flight 76-77 San Antonio, TX
Coto, Robert "Bob" Support/Fire Dept. 75-77, 71-72 Tampa, FL
DeLeon, Anthony "Ponce" Dawg Flight (both tours) 76-77, 73-74 Caldwell, TX
Davies, Jeff Security Police 75-76 Albion, NY
Davis, Barbara (Terwisscha) "Barb" Able Flight/X1 76-77 Marysville, WA
Davis, Sandra "Sandy" Support/Security Police 75-76 Cottonwood, AZ
Desjardins, David "Frenchie" Dawg Flight 75-77 Scottsdale, AZ
Feltmann, Louis Security Police 75-76 St. Louis, MO
Forbes, Al AF Support 76-77 North Augusta, SC
Gaible, Karen "Gabe" Dawg Flight 76 KY
Giegerich, Frank Dawg Flight 75-77 Woodland Park, CO
Gore, Grover "gg" Able Flt, Day Shop 75-77 Fort Worth, TX
Graham, Frank AF Support/Dispensary 75/TDY FL
Gray, Lisa AF Flight/203 75-77 Denver, CO
Hahn, John "Whippit" Baker Flight 75-77 Las Vegas, NV
Hansen, Richard "Rick" Charlie Flight 76-77 Silver Spring, MD
Hanson, Ken 1st Sgt, ABGP 75-77 Port Orange, FL
Heberlein, John Day Shop/Teletype Maintenance 75-77 China Grove, NC
Hedges, Gordon "Gordy" Day Shop/203 75-77, 72-73, 66-67, 69 Severn, MD
Holtsclaw, Danny Able Flight 76-77 Rabun Gap, GA
Henderson, Keith Dawg Flight 76-77 Florence, KY
Jarvis, Catherine (& Roger) "Katie" Day Shop/202 76-77 Battleground, WA
Jarvis, Roger (& Catherine) Civilian AF Employee/MWR Chief 75-77 Battleground, WA
Kiger, Jerry Dawg Flight 76-77 Orlando, FL
LaBissioniere, Mike Baker Flight 76-77 Greenville, SC
Leach, Dan Day Shop 76-77 San Antonio, TX
Long, Gary DeWayne Able Flight/X1 75-77 Wetumpka, AL
McCullough, Mark AF Support 76-77 Honolulu, HI
McLeod, Ken Able Flt 75-76 Pittsburgh, PA
Martinez, Benjamin "Armadillo" Support/Security Police/C Flt 75-77 San Bernadino, CA
Mendyka, Bill Dawg Flight/207X1 76-77 Durham, NC
Mullens, Paul AF Flight 75-76 St. Petersburg, FL
Mulvihill, Klaus "Dreamer" Charlie Flight 76-77 Belfair, WA
Murray, William "Bill" Baker Flight 76-77 Anchorage, AK
Olayer, Peter AF Support 75-79 Honolulu, HI
Patzman, Cole Support/Supply 75-77 Hebron, KY
Pickell, Bertram "Bert" Baker Flight 75-77 San Antonio, TX
Rowe, David Dawg Flight 75-77 Jemison, AL
Rutland, John Support/Civil Engineering 76-77 Valrico, FL
~Sellers, Dan C.~ Deceased, 09 Oct 2016 Able Flight 76-77 Salina, KS
Silva, Robert Day Shop 75-77 Galt, CA
Simmons, Douglas AF Flight 76-77 Salem, OR
Spillane, John AF/Teletype Repair 76-77 Long Island, NY
Squires, Alan Baker Flight/207X1 76-77 Livonia, MI
Stojan, Anita Able Flight 76-77 Appleton, WI
Sweeting, Gary Able Flight 76-77, 73-74 Honolulu, HI
Taylor, Mark Charlie Flight/203 75-77 Glen Burnie, MD
Thomas, Margarette Baker Flight/X1 75-76 Severn, MD
Toma, Dan "Danny" AF Support 75-75 Bonaire, GA
Viernes, Glenn Comm Center 75-77 Mill Creek, WA
Waterfill, Ronald Charlie Flt, Able Flt 75-77, 63-64, Taylorsville, KY
Wheeler, Linda Able Flight 76-77 Summerville, SC
White, Kenneth Charlie Flight 76-77 Crestview, FL
Wilson, Jim "Coon Hunter" Dawg Flight 76-77 Sydney, Australia
Yarbrough, Frank Support/Security Police 75-76 Huntsville, AL

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