Photos of Dawg Flight Circa 1972

Dawgs on the Town - Part III

Updated 01 October 2013/ Added 3 April 2001

Dawg Flight in action in 1971.

Photos and captions by Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo (CA) Mike "Gimmaway" McGee (CA) and Max "Daddy Wags" Wagner (OH).

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(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 Photos by C. Castillo, M. Wagner and M. McGee

(Top Row Above)
1.) Spring 1917 party at Mcgee's place in Tien Mou. Left to right: Mike "Indian" Romines, Kevin "Jeep" Coyle, Danny "Bosco" Rish (CA), unidentified.
2.) TSgt. Dave Probst, Ken "Cool Hand" Larson, and Danny "Bosco" Rish at Tien Mou. Probst is extolling the benefits of re-upping to these young sergeants that falls on deaf ears.
3.) Party in Tien Mou. (I can only identify Danny "Bosco" Rish).

(Bottom Row Above)
1.) 1971 Party in Tien Mou. Left to right: Unidentified, Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield (PA), Brian "Baloney" Brady (CT), Phil "Vogeletti" Vogel, Dave Probst, and unidentified.
2.) Brian "Baloney" Brady (CT).
3.) Max "Daddy Wags" Wagner (OH).
4.) Left to right: Billy "Youngin" Meyers, Max "Daddy Wags" Wagner, Doug "Matt" Hardeman, and Johnny "Johnny P" Parker and Ruby.

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(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 Photos by C. Castillo, M.Wagner and M. McGee

(Top Row Above)
1.) Sgt. McGee and u/id at the BBQ at his home in Tien Mou 1971.
2.) Sgt. Okrei at McGee's in Tien Mou 1971.
3.) Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield "red dogging" while preparing everyone's steaks. Brian "Baloney" Brady looks on hungrily as he speaks to Mike "Indian" Romines.

(Bottom Row Above)
1.) Doug Hardeman grilling burgers 1971. Unidentified Dawg (left) and Johnny Parker (right background).
2.) Three saujays at McGee's party in Tien Mou 1971 (I can only identify Mary).
3.) Mike "Indian" Romines (left), Brian Brady and Bruce "Cousin' Bruce" Weagle (right) about to crack up over the antics of some Dawg.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 Photos by C. Castillo, M. Wagner and M. McGee
1.) Bruce Weagle and Joe Morrell yuk it up at their party in 1971.
2.) (From left) Clark "Robbie Roadmap" Robinson (left), Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (blue shirt), Weagle blowing smoke, Chuck Jenkins (upper right background) and "Buddy" Ray Tallman (right foreground-plaid pants).
3.) (From left) Chuck Castillo (far left background), "Unidentified" (left foreground-red shirt), Brian Brady (holding beer), Ken Larson (center-blue shirt at beads), Chuck Jenkins (right background-behind beads) and Bill Prucha (right foreground).
4.) (From left) Bruce Weagle, Chuck Jenkins and Mike Romines...enjoying a few "Bud-A-Wise".

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 Photos by C. Castillo and M. McGee

1.) Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo "asleep" after a party at Bruce Weagle and Joe Morrell's place in Genton 1971. "Sugarbear" had a short celebration with his victory over Okrei in a contest they routinely held.
2.) Joe Morell at his house, proposing to his sweet young thing 1971. Lilly, from the Duke Club. "Cool Hand" Larson sitting next to her, must be tired of hearing Morrell blowing all his smoke.
3.) Another 1971 Dawg Flight house party. (From left) Wester (#5 Jersey), Don "Deckley" Decknatel, Bill "Young'un" Meyer (MN), Unidentified, Unidentified, Clark "Robbie Roadmap" Robinson (TX-red shirt), Mrs. Don Decknatel, Unidentified (white shirt-far right).

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 Photos by M. Wagner
1971 shots of Max "Daddy Wags" Wagner celebrating his 23th birthday at a surprise party in Taipei. Birthday cake and Bud-A-Wise...

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 Photos by C. Castillo and M. McGee

1.) This shot was taken while Dawg Flight was doing some work at the orphanage in 1971. Left to right: Kevin "Jeep" Coyle, Scott Heister, and Roman "OK" Okrei. Okrei decides, now that the hard work is done, how about a little TDY to Aunt Ruby's?
2.) Sgt. Okrei at the Leper Colony 1971. Several Dawgs did some work around the place for a few days. Actually, the setting was beautiful. ...Forgot to mention, shortly after this trip Okrei lost a few toes and fingers, Sugarbear lost his lan-jow, and McAtee lost his personality...
3.) Jim "Fizzies" Haverstock 1971. Not sure of the location.....he's either at the orphanage celebrating his slaying of a rat, or the guy holding the rat in the shovel is actually a waiter at Ho-Jo's, letting Fizzies pick out his dinner.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971 Photos by C. Castillo and M. McGee

1.) Dressed up, after the obligatory "surf and turf" feast at the Linkou Club, are Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo (CA) and his "tru luv" Mei. Photo was taken around Christmas 1971 outside of Mike "Gimmaway" McGee's (CA) house in Tien Mou. (Photo by Bruce Weagle)
2.) Sugar Bear's girl Mei in Jintong trying to get away from him.
3.) John Wiggins (X-1 on Dawg Flight) in Jintong.
4.) Tom Lippert's wedding July 1972 in his Kentucky hometown. Left to right: Jim "Fizzies" Haverstock, Phil "Vogeletti" Vogel, Tom "Lips" Lippert, Roman "OK" Okrei, and Chuck "Sugarbear" Castillo (CA). I think Lippert was having a hard time giving up his roommate, Okrei.

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