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1970 and 1969 Dawg Flight Pig Roasts

Updated 06 November 2017/ Added 8 April 2005

"Dawgs, Gals and McCauley Beach, 1970"

Shots from the 1970 Dawg Flight Pig Roast at McCauley Beach

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1970 photo by Vandierdonck
On the bus heading to McCauley Beach in fall 1970.
(From the left) Larry "Jeep" Reuben, Jack Boex (glasses), Greg "HT" Todd (back of bus), "Crazy Russ" Hanegan (standing),
Clarence "Ike" Cook (toasting), Steve "Pig Body" Swallom (camera), John "JB" Davis (far right) and Loyd "Gus" Harris.

1970 photos by Vandierdonck
Dawg Flight's volleyball team in action. (From left) Fred Kirschtein, Russ Hanegan, U/ID Dawg, Larry Briske (black trunks-under ball),
Jim Fitzgerald (blue trunks-under ball), JB Davis (hat).   (Right Photo) Ray Sorensen (center) and Larry Briske (at net-behind Sorensen).

1970 photos by Vandierdonck
(Click on photos to Enlarge)
1.) Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck waits for the bus to McCauley Beach.   2.) Dave "Hondo" Rauh finishes first in the Dawg Flight Bean Eating Contest.
3.) Jim "Mouse" Emerson face-rips Lee "Rhee" Higgins.   4.) Nelson "The Phantom" Carpenter and Bob Koenig pitching horseshoes.

1970 photos by Vandierdonck
(Click on photos to Enlarge)
1.) Bill "OJ" Simpson, Nancy and Tina.   2.) Nancy and Tina.   3.) Wendy watches the Dawg Flight bean eating contest.   4.) McCauley Beach picnic tables.
5.) View of the twin rocks in the distance.   6.) Surfer Russ "Crazy Russ" Hanegan (background) with a long board from Special Services (see below).

1970 photos by Vandierdonck
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1.) Alice rinses off her sandles after stepping in some "doggie-doo" on the "officers' side" of the beach.   2.) Tina joins Alice (left) in the surf.   3.) Tina panics when an unidentified Dawg jokingly yells, "Shark!"
4.) Tina storms out after the bogus "Shark attack" scare.   5.) Everyone sings "Happy Birthday to Rhee"...  6.) An unidentified NCO and his guest.

Summer 1969 McCauley Beach Party Photos

Aug./Sept. 1969 photo by N. Carpenter
(Front to Back) John "JB" Davis (MD-foreground), John Savino (CT-behind JB), Pete Conroy (behind Savino), all others U/I.

1969 photos: 1.) Nelson Carpenter   (2. & 3.) Bill Bonar   (4.) 1971 photo by Steve Murphy
(Click on photos to Enlarge)

1.) (From left) Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf (NY), Pete Conroy (MA-behind Dorf), Greg "HT" Todd (WA) (tallest-rear), all others U/I.   2.) Surfer Bill "Stick" Bonar (NC) with a long board.   3.) Bonar riding an 18 inch wave on the South China Sea at McCauley Beach.   4.) Navy Exchange concession stand at McCauley Beach, where surf boards and other sports equipment (provided by base Special Services) was available free of charge to military personnel.

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