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Dawg Flight's Heralded Sports Teams 1968 to 1970
Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Base Teams

Updated 18 December 2015

The "Mighty Dawgs" were legendary for their "running" ability on and off the field. Many shots follow of the
"heralded" Dawg Flight sports teams on the Hill including softball, volleyball, football, basketball, and golf.

(Click Here) Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Championship Base Teams photos are located below at the bottom of the page.
Dawg Flight's Mission Supervisor/NCOIC, CMSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris, coached the Devil Dogs teams from 1969-71.

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Linkou Gymnasium and Ball Field

Credits: (1.) 1970 photo by J. Boex   (2. & 3.) May 1969 photos with permission and courtesy of USAF ISR Agency History Office
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1.) 1970 shot of the Linkou Gymnasium on the left and the Linkou Ball Field in the background to its right (overhead lighting visible).
2.) May 1969 shot of the Linkou Gymnasium where basketball games and volleyball matches were played. The adjacent Linkou Ball Field is off to the right of the photo.
  The large Gymnasium had a regulation basketball court, equipment check-out room, handball courts, weight room, showers, and two sauna baths. The hours of operation were Mon-Sat: 10:00AM-11:30PM and Sun & Holidays: 10:00AM-5:00PM. The adjacent Ball Field is off to the right of the photo.
3.) May 1969 shot of the Linkou Ball Field with its overhead lighting where softball and flag football games were played. The Gymnasium is just off to the left of the photo.

Dawg Flight Softball on the Hill 1970, 1969, and 1968

The 1970 Dawg Flight Softball team placed first in the softball league on the Hill and won the Shulinkou team championship.

1970 photo by Dick Ferretti

  Summer 1970 shot of the 1970 Dawg Flight Championship Softball Team accepting their first place trophies from Colonel William B. Barnes, base commander (off to left of photo). (From left) Ken "Cool Hand" Larsen (WA), Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA), SMSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris (Coach, Captain, and Pitcher), John "JB" Davis (MD), Bill "Marty" Martin (MD), SSgt. Ray Adams (AF), George "Sergio" Rasetta (OH), and Bill "Gordy" Gordon (NY). Missing from the photo are Dick Ferretti (NJ-taking photo), Kevin "Kai" Strebel (NY), and several other team members.
  Note: CMSgt. Loyd Harris (Dawg Flight's NCOIC & Mission Supervisor) also coached the Dawg Flight football team and Shulinkou Devil Dogs championship football, softball, and basketball teams from 1969 to 1971(see photos below at bottom of page).

Linkou Softball Sports Articles - July 2, 1970 Devil Dog Newspaper

July 2, 1970 Shu Lin Kou Devil Dog newspaper provided by Lentz
(Click on articles to enlarge-to Zoom In click again after opening)

(1. & 2.) Front page of the July 2, 1970 Shu Lin Kou "Devil Dog" base newspaper, and editor and photographer credits from Page 2 of the newspaper.
(3.) Sports article from the July 2, 1970 Devil Dog newspaper: "...Colonel William B. Barnes, base commander (27 Jun 69-27 Jun 71), tosses out the first ball to kickoff the 1970 softball season on the Hill, June 22, 1970." The "Dawg" team is standing behind Col. Barnes in the photo.
(4.) Sports article for the July 2, 1970 Devil Dog newspaper: "...Charlie Flight's Gene Kramer makes a triple play against Dawg hitter John "JB" Davis in a losing effort in June 1970... Dawg Flight wins the first game of the 1970 season against Able Flight 10-3, June 22nd."

1970 Dawg Flight Softball on the Hill

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) Spring 1970 photos by Steve Swallom

1.) April 1970 shot of a group of Dawgs on the backstop bleachers (base Gym in background) at the Linkou ball field during spring practice preparing for the June 1970 season opener:
    (Front row-from left) Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf, John Savino (#24)
    (2nd row) Bill "OJ" Simpson, Larry "Jeep" Reuben
    (3rd row) Tom "Jorgy" Jorgensen (yellow), Sam Dairyko (shades), Dick Ferretti
    (4th row) Dale Wollan (hat), John "JB" Davis, Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (fatigue cap), Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (hat and shades)
    (Top row) Rick "Pancho" Sanchez (bat) and Curt Dunn (glove). Base Gym in background.
2.) 1970 shot of the "Dawg" softball team getting ready for practice (see next photo) at the Linkou ball field.
3.) (Previous photo enlarged). The "Dawg" softball team getting ready for practice. (From left) Bill "Gordy" Gordon (far left-black pants), Steve Perrine (yellow shirt), Unidentified (plaid hood), Dick Ferretti (hat-blue shorts), Mike "Mouse" Emerson (hat, red shirt, shorts), #22 Bill "OJ" Simpson, Dale Wollan (hat-foreground), Sam Daryko (shades-blue jersey), John "JB" David (white jacket-drinking), Unidentified (shades), Larry "Jeep" Reuben (blue shirt), Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (hat-raised hand), Bill "Marty" Martin (white jacket), Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (hat-glove), Lee "Rhee" Higgins (black cap), Larry Briske (raised hand), Ray Adams (jacket-far right).

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1970 photos by Steve Swallom

1.) (From left) Dennis "Oly" Olson at the fence, Dave "Hondo" Rauh at bat, and Dick Ferretti catcher at the Linkou Ball Field (1970 photo).
2.) Pete Conroy connects. (From left) Dick Ferretti (catcher), Unidentified (behind backstop), Mike Keogh (pole), Dave Bloomquist (yellow shirt), Unidentified (stripes), Mike Emerson (red shirt & shorts), Bill Simpson (red cap), Steve Murphy (yellow shirt), Ray Adams (far right-blue jacket). (1970 photo)
3.) 1970 shot of Sam Dairyko at bat and Dennis Olson at the fence.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1970 photos by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck

1.) (From left) Curt Dunn (coat-far left), Sam Dairyko, John "JB" Davis (bat), George "Sergio" Raseta (blue jersey), Bob Gravenstuk (black hat), Don Wilson, Larry Reuben, Rick "Poncho" Sanchez (kneeling), Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter (shorts-yellow jacket), Pete Conroy (red shirt), Larry Briske (glasses), Bill "Marty" Martin, Greg "HT" Todd, Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (hat), Dennis Olson, "Dirty Al" Brewer (sitting), and others. (1970 photo)
2.) "Shoeless" Jim Emerson at bat as Dick Ferretti catches. (1970 photo). Far right background (from left): Don Wilson (jeans) and Jack Brown (blue jacket).
3.) 1970 shot looking through the backstop fence. Lee "Rhee" Higgins is on the mound preparing to deliver another 90 mph fastball to catcher, Dick Ferrett (lower right corner). Overhead lighting for night games and the antenna field are shown in the background.
4.) "Hot Dawg" George "Sergio" Raseta makes another great catch. Sam Dairyko is left fielder (background) and unidentified shortstop (far right). Background (identified Dawgs-from left): Larry Reuben (brown jacket-far left), Nelson Carpenter (shorts), Pete Conroy (red shirt), Greg Todd (blue shirt), Dennis Olson (glasses), and Al Brewer (sitting). (1970 photo)

  Note: George "Sergio" Raseta (OH) was an outstanding three sport athlete on the Hill who played on the Dawg championship softball and basketballs teams (see photos below and next page). He also played quarterback on the league runner-up Dawg flag football team and was an avid golfer (see photos below).

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1970 photos by: (1., 2., & 3.) Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck and (photos 4., 5., & 6.) N. Carpenter

1.) Lee "Rhee" Higgins connects with Steve "Murph" Murphy (catcher) and Rick "Big Kahuna" Muller (umpire) behind the plate. (1970 photo)
2.) After clearing the bleachers, "Dirty Al" Brewer continues to hurl obscenities in Chinese at the opposing team while finishing off a case of "Schlitz" pejyo. The base Gymnasium is in the background. (1970 photo)
3.) After being beaned by a pitch earlier, right fielder Bob Gravenstuk contemplates bunting or running for cover.
4.) 1970 shot of Dale Wollan bat on the Hill. Background (from left) Steve Murphy (behind plate), John Savino (jersey-no. 24), John "JB" Davis (hat), and Curt Dunn (far right-white T-shirt, drinking).
5.) 1970 shot of "heavy hitter" Rick "Pancho" Sanchez (TX) on the Hill.
6.) Shown is Dawg Flight SMSgt. "B.J." Cook (202 S&W Sup) in the black umpire's uniform making the calls during a Dawg Flight contest on the Hill.

1969 and 1968 Dawg Flight Softball on the Hill

Photo Credits: (1., 2., 3., & 4.) 1969 photos by Ron Mundwiller   (5.) 1968 photo by Tom Jorgensen
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1.) The 1969 Dawg Flight softball team finished first in the softball league on the Hill. Several members of the championship 1969 Dawg Flight Softball Team on the bleachers at the Linkou Ball Field. Team members are: (first row-from left) Unidentified (green jersey), Lt. John "Bob" Jones (Dawg Flight's Commander: 1969-70), David "Hoot" Thomas, Bob "Chingwa" Lefebvre (blue jersey, no. 21), coach/player SMSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris (far right, Dawg Flight's NCOIC), (second row-from left) Jerry Corder (202), Bill "Marty" Martin, Ron "Squatty Body" Mundwiller, John "JB" Davis, Ben Delaney, Unidentified, (third row) Steve Jackson (bat), Rick "Big Kahuna" Muller (hat), (fourth row) "Mitch"- last name unknown (team pitcher)
2.) Ron "Squatty Body" Mundwiller (1968-70) on deck during a 1969 Dawg Flight softball game on the Hill.
3.) Ron Mundwiller at bat during a 1969 Dawg Fight game on the Hill.
4.) Shortstop Ron Mundwiller during a 1969 Dawg Flight game on the Hill.
5.) Five 1968 Dawg Flight softball team members on the Hill. The Operations Compound is visible in the background. (From the left): Rick Bennett ('67-'68), Ron “Guppy” Roach ('67-'68), Jack Pollock ('67-'68), Ken Van Cleave #57 ('67-'68), and Bill "Ole Man" Toni ('68-'69).

1970 Dawg Flight Volleyball on the Hill

"...certainly one of the most fearsome volleyball groups ever to grace the Shu Lin Kou court". [The "Devil Dog " newspaper]

Source: April 17, 1970 Shu Lin Kou Devil Dog base newspaper, provided by Steve Murphy (Dawg Flight 1969-70, 1971-73)
(Click on Images to Enlarge-To Zoom-In click again after opening)

The undefeated (5-0) 1970 Dawg Flight Volleyball Team won the league championship on the Hill. Matches were played at the Linkou Gymnasium (see photos at top of page). The article above appeared in the April 17, 1970 edition of the Shu Lin Kou "Devil Dog" base newspaper. Missing from the photo is Bob Ellendorf who departed Taiwan and the Air Force prior to the award ceremony.

1970 Dawg Flight Football on the Hill

  The "Dawg" (Dawg Flight X1s & 202s) flag football team, coached by CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris, placed second in the 1970 Shulinkou flag football league on the Hill. The other teams in the league were the "Dawg 203s", Able Flight, Baker Flight, Charlie Flight, and Navy (NSG),
  The "Dawgs" lost a close and hard fought battle against Charlie Flight in the league championship game played under the lights at the Linkou Ball Field (photo below) in late October 1970. Colonel William B. Barnes, base commander, attended the championship game that memorable fall evening, along with many other fans from Shulinkou and Taipei, who cheered on both teams from the the packed stands.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (Left) Dick Ferretti 1970 by Vandierdonck.
(Right) May 1969 ball field photo with permission and courtesy of USAF ISR Agency History Office

Shots of the Dawg X1/202 football team practicing with the Dawg 203 football team at the Linkou Ball Field prior to the start of the fall 1970 season. The games were played at the Linkou Ball Field (May 1969 photo on right above) located next to the base Gymnasium, which is just off to the left in the photo. Several football games were played under the lights.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1970 photos by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck

1.) Defense (front to back): Bill Simpson (DE, left foreground), Don Wilson (DT), Dick Ferretti (LB), Al Brewer (LB), Dave Rauh (nose guard), Mike Perhach (LB).
Offense (front to back): Dave Bloomquist (203-TE, right foreground), Ted Johnson (203-G), Ken Larson (C), Jack Brown (OL), Fred Kirschstein (WR).
2.) The same players as in the previous photo.
3.) Defense (front to back): Mike Perhach, Don Wilson, Dave Rauh, Bill Gordon, and Larry Reuben. Offense (front to back): Ted Johnson (203), Dave Bloomquist (203-behind Ted), Al Brewer, Jack Brown (head shot), and Ken Larsen (blue shirt).
4.) (From left) Bill Gordon (QB & RB), Dick Ferretti (LB), and Larry Reuben (RB).
5.) Russ Hanegan (203).

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1970 photos by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck

1.) (From left) Al Brewer (jeans-hands on knees), George "Sergio" Raseta (QB-standing), Ken Larson (blue shirt), and Jim Briggs (yellow shirt). Kneeling (from left) are 203s Dave Bloomquist and Dave Root (headband).
2.) (From left) Al Brewer, Dave Root (203-Headband), and George Raseta (QB).
3.) (From left) Jim Briggs, Unidentified, Russ Hanegan (green shirt), George Raseta (QB), Ken Larson (C), Al Brewer, and Don Wilson.
4.) Jim Briggs (with ball), Larry Reuben (behind Briggs) blocking Unidentified (headband), Mike Perhach (glasses), and Ken Larson.
5.) Brewer, Briggs, and Raseta (background).

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1970 photos by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck

1.) (From left) Briggs, Dave Bloomquist (203), Wilson, Unidentified (yellow shirt), Russ Hanegan (203-head shot), Simpson (#19), Brewer (back to camera), and Perhach.
2.) Raseta (far left), Wilson, Ferretti, and U/ID.
3.) Dave Rauh.
4.) (From left) Rauh, Hanegan, Ferretti, Gordon, Unidentified (headband), and Wilson. Linkou fire truck is in far right background.

Note: Missing Dawg X1/202 football team members from the above photos include CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris (Coach), "SSgt" Lentz (LB & Team Captain), Jim "Mouse" Emerson (DL), Ken Bushee (DL), Dennis "Olie" Olson (OL), SSgt. Johnny Jackson (DL), and others.
  Missing Dawg 203 team members from the photos include Kevin Strebel (QB), Jim Fitzgerald (Receiver), Jim Haverstock (OL), Mike Keogh (OL), Jerald "Tiny" Richardson (OL), and others.

Dawg Flight Basketball on the Hill 1967-1971

Photo credits: (1. & 2.) Mike Homcha (Able Flight '67-'68)   (3.) Tom Jorgensen (Dawg Flight 1968-70)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   (4.) permission and courtesy of USAF ISR Agency History Office

(1.) Shot of the 1967/68 Dawg Flight basketball team (blue jerseys) playing Able Flight (green jerseys) in the Linkou Gymnasium. Mike "Skeeter" Homcha, Able Flight, is taking a jump shot in the lane. All other players are unidentified.
(2.) 1968 shot of Mike "Skeeter" Homcha, Able Flight, during a game against Dawg Flight in the Linkou Gynasium during the 1967/68 basketball season on the Hill.
(3.) Shot of the 1968/69 Dawg Flight basketball team playing Able Flight in the Linkou Gymnasium. Dawg Flight players (white jerseys): Terry Curley (no. 10), Ron "Guppy" Roach (across from Curley), and Unidentified (foul line). Dawg Bill Toni, the game's referee, is behind the basket (dark clothes, white shoes). Able Flight players (red jerseys) are unidentified.
(4.) May 1969 shot of the Linkou Gymnasium, located next to the Linkou Ball field. The Operations Compound is just off to the right of the photo.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (1., 2., 3., 4., & 5.) Larry Wilson (Baker Flight 1970-71)

1970/71 basketball on the Hill - Dawg Flight versus Baker Flight, December 1970. Dawg Flight won the league championship in 1968/69 and 1969/70. Able Flight won it in 1970/71.

1.) December 1970 shot of Mike Keogh (left), Bill "Young'un" Meyer (left background), and a Baker Flight player (right-unidentified) in the Linkou Gymnasium during the Hill league's 1970/71 season.
2.) (From right) George "Sergio" Raseta (far right), Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson (center), and Jim "Mouse" Emerson (#35).
3.) (From left) Bill Meyer, Mike Hine (under basket), Don Wilson (#24).
4.) Guard Bill "Young'un" Meyer (left) and Larry Wilson (right-Baker Flight).
5.) Larry Wilson (right) takes a break on the Baker Flight bench during the December 1970 game.
  Note: Dawg Flight team members missing from the photos above include Bob Koenig, Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter, and several others. "Shaky" was "AWOL" for a several of the games due to other "pressing commitments" downtown ( pass). The Chinese characters on the Dawg jerseys was "Shaky's" idea, who had the jerseys tailor made in Taipei.
  (Image on Right) February 1971 article from the Devil Dog base newspaper article covering a four day intramural basketball tournament on the Hill following the close of the league season. The "Day Ladies" (Day Ops) won the tournament with Michael Fletcher leading the scoring. Referenced are Dawgs Bill "Young'un" Meyer, Jack Brown, Mike Keogh, and John Jackson.

Dawg Duffers on the Hill 1970

The "First Dawg Challenge" was held in 1970 at the 5-hole, par 3, pitch and putt Golf Course located next to the antenna field at Linkou. At the time,
these Dawgs never realized they'd be playing together again 34 years later in the "Dawg Challenge" at the 2004 Dawg Flight Reunion in Las Vegas.

Photo by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck
(Click on Photo to Enlarge)
(Bottom Row-from left) Unidentified and Lee "Rhee" Higgins.
(Top Row-from left) Ray "Rudy" Sorensen, Dave "Doink" Vanderdoink, Jim "Mouse" Emerson, and George "Sergio" Raseta.
1970 photo was taken at the base Picnic Pavilion located on the back side of base adjacent to the Linkou golf course.

The 1970 shots below show the Dawg Duffers in action. Please contact The Phantom if you can correctly identify the Duffers in these photos.
The Linkou 5-hole, par-3, pitch-and-putt Golf Course was located on the back side of the base behind the Operations Building.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1970 Photos by Dave Vandierdonck

1.) 1970 shot of Dave Vandierdonck wearing a Dawg Flight jacket. The water tower, Barracks, Compound, Ops Center and antennas are in background. New construction to expand the rear of the Operations Center is shown in the far right background.
2.) 1970 shot of Ray Sorensen. The golf clubs (foreground) were checked-out from Special Services.
3.) 1970 shot of George Raseta (left), and unidentified. The overhead lighting was for security around the base perimeter fencing.
4.) George Raseta 1970.   (5., 6., & 7.) Unidentified

Linkou International Golf and Country Club

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) June 1971 photos by J. Parker

  (Left Photo) June 1971 shot of George "Sergio" Raseta with three caddies at the nearby Linkou International Golf and Country Club as he prepares to tee-off during an 18-hole round of golf with several other Dawg Flighters shown in the photo on the right.
  (Right Photo) June 1971 shot of several Dawgs in front of the Linkou Club on the Hill ready to head to the Linkou International Golf and Country Club (previous photo) for 18-holes of golf. (From the left) Ray "Chocolato" Badolato (hat), Brian "Baloney" Brady, Bill "OJ" Simpson (no. 19), George "Sergio" Raseta (behind "OJ"), Tom Chandler, Glenn "Jimus" Shanks, Unidentified (stripes), and Robert Louis Stevenson III (203-far right).

Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Championship Base Teams
Softball, Basketball, Football, Weightlifting, Swimming, Volleyball, Golf, Skeet, and Bowling

The Shulinkou Devil Dogs softball and flag football base team games were played at Pacer Field located in the rear of the MAAG/HSA East Compound in Taipei. The Devil Dogs basketball team played their home games at the Shulinkou base gymnasium on the Hill. The Devil Dogs softball, basketball, football, weightlifting, swimming, volleyball, and golf teams competed against other U.S. military teams from Taipei and around the island. The Devil Dogs basketball team also played the Chinese National Team (Taiwan) and ROC military teams from around the island.

Photo credits: (1.) Carl Gnath (Dawg Flight 1971-72)   (2. & 3.) "The Taiwan Report, 1973 edit." provided by L. Duffin   (4. & 5.) Larry Lassose (SLK: 1969-72)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.) Spring 1971 shot of Dawg Flight's NCOIC CMSgt. Loyd "Gus Harris (left) and Johnny Parker (Dawg Flight 1971-72) during a league softball game on the Hill. All three championship Shulinkou Devil Dogs base teams (Softball, Football, and Basketball) were coached by "Gus" Harris from 1969 until his departure in June 1971.
(2., 3, 4, & 5.) 1971 shots of the championship Devil Dogs flag football and softball teams in action at Taipei's Pacer Field (photos 4. & 5.) in the HSA East Compound.

Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Softball 1969
1969 photos by Ron Mundwiller (1968-70)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1. & 2.) Ron Mundwiller (Dawg Flight 1968-70) connects for a single to left center for the Shulinkou Devil Dogs base softball team, coached by Loyd "Gus" Harris, during one of several All Taiwan Island Tournaments in 1969, held at Pacer Field in the HSA East Compound in Taipei. On deck is Jimmy Lee, Devil Dog center fielder. Ron is on first base in the next shot. (1969 photos)   (3.) Ron Mundwiller's 1969 Shulinkou Devil Dogs softball jersey.

Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Basketball 1969 to 1971
Photo credits: (1.) J. Boex   (2.) S. Edwards   (3.) M. McCarron courtesy of ""
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.) 1970 shot of the Shulinkou base gymnasium, home of the championship "Dawgs" (Dawg Flight) basketball team on the Hill and Sulinkou Devil Dogs base basketball team coached by Dawg Flight's CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris. Coach Harris guided the Devil Dogs basketball team to the island-wide championship title in January 1971.  (2. & 3.) 1970 shots of the Devil Dogs team bus (SLKAS Special Services Bus).

  Shulinkou Devil Dogs 1969-71 basketball coach, CMSSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris (Dawg Flight's NCOIC: 1969-71): "Colonel William B. Barnes (base commander: 1969-71) was definitely a "jock" type commander. There were at least two buses with the "Devil Dogs" logo on them. As coach of the Devil Dogs Basketball Team we always traveled in one of the (SLKAS Special Services) buses with a logo to Tainan (Air Base), CCK (Taichung) and other gyms...including to play the Chinese National Team and Chinese Air Force, Army, and Navy teams. Those buses were also used for regular trips with the troops (flight trips down island and McCauley Beach)." [2008]

Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Football 1971
Photos by Larry Lassose (Linkou 1969-72)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

    Fall 1971 shots taken from the stands of the Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" championship football team playing Taipei Air Station (red jerseys) at Taipei's Pacer Field in the East Compound.
(1.) Larry Lassose, Devil Dogs number "16", (far left-looking at camera) is the only player identified in the Devil Dogs group photo.   (2. & 3.) The Devil Dogs warming-up prior to the game.   (4.) The Taipei Air Station team warming-up. The President Hotel is visible in the upper right background looking south beyond the East Compound's rear gate (not visible).   (5.) Larry Lassose is wearing Devil Dog "16" on the sidelines in the foreground (far right). All others are unidentified.   (6.) Game action as seen from the Pacer Field stands.

Note: The Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" base flag football team won the island-wide championship in November 1971 and November 1972.
Dawg Flight's NCOIC, CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris, coached the Devil Dogs football team from 1969 through the Fall 1970 season.

1970 Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Sports Articles

Credits: (1. & 2.) Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper, July 2, 1970 edit.,provided by Lentz (Dawg Flight 1970-71)
(3. & 4.) Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper, April 17, 1970 edit., provided by Steve Murphy (Dawg Flight 1969-70, 1971-73)
(Click on Images to Enlarge-To Zoom-In click again after opening)

1.) 1970 shots of the Shulinkou golf team and Brian Coyne of the Shulinkou skeet team in the July 2, 1970 Shulinkou "Devil Dog" base newspaper.
2.) Sports articles in the July 2, 1970 Shulinkou "Devil Dog" base newspaper. Skeet team information is on the lower right.
3.) Shulinkou Rugby team, bowling team, and Devil Dogs Softball tryouts information from the April 17, 1970 Shulinkou "Devil Dog" base newspaper.
4.) Shulinkou Devil Dogs Volleyball Team and Golf Team information.

1976 Shulinkou "Devil Dogs" Softball Articles

Credits: Top Row: (1. & 2.) Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper, May 7, 1976 edition.   (3.) Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper, May 21, 1976 edition.  
(4.) The China Lantern newspaper, May 21, 1976 edit.   Bottom Row: (5., 6., & 7.) June 4, 1976 Shulinkou Devil Dog newspaper. provided by Roger Jarvis (1975-77).
(Click on Images to Enlarge)

Shulinkou "Devil Dames" Softball and Basketball Teams 1975 to 1977

  The Shulinkou "Devil Dames" coach Larry Anderson 1975-77: "I helped TOP Wolder coach the championship women's slow pitch and basketball teams and for one year, and when he rotated, coached for a second year. The Devil Dames were the best [1975 Women's Softball League champions, 8-0 record-see below]. The players were Shulinkou WAFs and dependents (wives) including my wife who played both sports.
  The Dames played at the USACC compound and at the American School gym. In the two years I was involved, I think we lost two games total for both teams [8-0 in 1975]. We had a basketball player who was around 6'2" and a softball player who thought bouncing the ball off the left and center field fence was the most fun you could have.
  The Dames used to be called GOST (pronounced ghost), which was fine until one of the girls, after winning the championship, announced to anyone listening to the radio [AFRTS] that it meant "Got Our S*** Together". Some were offended, so the name was changed to match the Devil Dogs.
  I finally threw out my coach's shirt about 5 years ago" [20 Aug 2012]

Note: The two women's softball teams, the SLK Wives and the Devil Dames, took first and second the Taipei Women's Softball League in July 1974. The 1975 Devil Dames (SLK wives and WAF), coached by Larry Anderson and Wolder, took first place honors in the Women's Softball League with a perfect 8-0 record (see below). (source: Feb. 23, 1977 Shu Lin Kou AS "Devil Dog" base newspaper)

Devil Dogs Championship Teams 1965 to 1976 (Source: SLK "Devil Dog" base newspaper, Feb. 23, 1977 edit.) provided by Roger Jarvis (SLK: Sep '75 to 31 Mar '77)

  • FOOTBALL - Island-wide champions: Nov 1971 and Nov 1972.
  • BASKETBALL - Jan 1971 (island-wide title. Team was coached by Dawg Flight's CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris.), Feb 1972 (Captain's Cup. Perfect 21-0 Captain's Cup season), Jan 1974 (Captain's Cup and island-wide crowns), and Jan 1975 (won the island-wide crown).
  • SOFTBALL (Fast Pitch) - Aug 1965 (Clinched the title in the Taipei Military Softball League to earn the right to go to the PACAF championships at Naha, Okinawa.), June 1974 (Took the island-wide fast-pitch crown by going undefeated, and captured the Captain's Cup by defeating the Taipei Air Station Chargers.), June 1974 (Took the island-wide crown by going undefeated and captured the Captain's Cup by beating the Taipei Air Station Chargers.), June 1975 (Captain's Cup and island-wide fast-pitch titles), Sep 1975 (Captain's Cup and island wide slow pitch crowns), June 1976 (SINO-US Military Fast Pitch Softball League crown.),
  • SOFTBALL (Slow Pitch) - Sep 1974 (captured the Slow Pitch Softball League title), Oct 1974 (island-wide slow pitch softball title), Sep 1975 (island wide slow pitch and Captain's Cup crowns), June 1976 (Air Force island-wide slow pitch championship. Devil Dogs took three of their last five games with Ching Chang Kang (CCK) to clinch the Air Force island-wide slow pitch softball championship. Coached by Mike Millern, the Dogs were paced by the high arch pitching of Charlie Waters and the hitting of Roger Jarvis. Jarvis band out 10 hits for 14 times at bat, including four triples and a two-run homer in the final game against CCK.)
  • WOMEN'S SOFTBALL - July 1974 (SLK Wives and the "Devil Dames" (WAF) placed first and second in the Taipei Women's Softball League.), June 1975, "Devil Dames" (SLK Wives and WAF) took first place honors in the Women's Softball League with a perfect 8-0 record.
  • Swimming - July 1972 (Captain's Cup swimming title), Nov 1972 (island-wide title), Aug 1973 (Captain's Cup and island-wide titles), and Aug 1974 (top honors in the combined Captain's Cup and island-wide swim meet).
  • GOLF - May 1972 (took the Captain's Cup Gold Tournament), June 1973 (took the island-wide Golf Tournament and also captured the Captain's Cup golf title).
  • WEIGHTLIFTING - Sep 1973 ("walked off with top honors in two divisions of the Taipei Area Weightlifting Meet"), Aug 1974 ("Again, two SLK weightlifters took top honors in the island-wide weightlifting competition at Taipei Air Station.")
  • VOLLEYBALL - Mar 1975 (island-wide title).
  • SKEET - Jan 1966. ("The SLK skeet team placed first and second in the team competition in the first annual Taiwan Island-Wide Skeet Match in Taichung.")
  • BOWLING - June 1965. "The SLK bowling team took the PACAF team event, averaging over 189 points per man per game."

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