Dawg Flight Christmas Party 1971, Taipei

Dawg Flight Christmas and New Years Parties
1969 thru 1971

Updated 11 December 2010 / Added 8 April 2005

Great shots of Dawg Flight in Taipei celebrating the Christmas holidays in style.

Shin Nain Kuai Le (Happy New Year) and Kung Hei Fat Choy (May Prosperity Be With You)

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1970 photo by Lentz
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The 63 Club...the scene of the 1969, 1970 and 1971 Dawg Flght Christmas Parties.
The parties were held in the Sky Lounge Ballroom on the club's second floor (balcony level in photo).

1969 and 1970 Dawg Flight Christmas Parties
at the 63 Club

1969 photos by Steve Swallom
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1. Steve "PB" Swallom all decked out for the 1969 Dawg Flight Christmas party in his new suit from Mr. Loo's Tailors.
2. Al Luczyk and Steve Swallom are caught by "THE PHANTOM" in the 63 Club lobby prior to the 1969 Christmas party.
3. Al Luczyk having a "Ding Hau" time at the party along with Steve Swallom also at the table.
4. Larry Briske in the lobby before heading upstairs to join the 1969 party in the Sky Lounge Ballroom.
5. Larry "Brillo Head" Briske (left) and Greg "HT" Todd "kicking out the jambs" on the dance floor.
6. Dick Ferretti scans the dance floor for his "panyo" Lee "Rhee" Higgins at the 1969 Christmas party.

photos by Steve Swallom and Larry Reuben
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1. Dennis Kuroda (HI) is talking to an unidentified Dawg (back to camera) at the 1969 Christmas party.
2 . (From left) Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA), Brenda and Brian "Baloney" Brady (CT). Bill "Marty" Martin is in the right background on the left facing the camera (others are unidentified).
3. Dennis "Oly" Olson (OR) and guest at the 1969 party.
4. At the 1969 Dawg Flight Christmas party, MSgt. Scott (left) and his wife are joined onstage by Ron Mundwiller and his wife in the Sky Lounge Ballroom of the 63 Club. Ron Mundwiller is holding a serving bowl from the china tableware set (on floor-foreground) the newlyweds received as a wedding present from Dawg Flight.
5. "SSgt" Lentz at the 1970 Dawg Flight Christmas party at the 63 Club. "Baloney" Brady was also at the table. Al Brewer (back to camera) and date, Cho, are in the left background. All others are U/ID. (Photo by Larry "Jeep" Reuben)

1970 Dawg Flight New Years Eve Party
at the Linkou Club on the Hill

1970 photos (from left) Steve Swallom, Dennis Bass courtesy of LinkouNavy.com) and Mike Hine.
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1.The Linkou Club on the Hill...the site of the 1970 Dawg Flight New Years Eve party.
2. Linkou Club waitress Louise during the 1970 Christmas holidays. The decorated kitchen door is on her left and the main dining room (next photo) was straight ahead.
3. A rare shot of Dawg Flight celebrating New Years Eve, Dec. 31, 1970 at the Linkou Club on the Hill, prior to working a mid later that night...! The Dawgs are at the long table in the background (right corner) along the back wall adjacent to the service window (under the TV). Shot was taken from the dance floor in front of the bandstand.
  Larry "Jeep" Reuben is on the far right (red shirt and black vest). Also, at the table are George "Sergio" Raseta, Ray "Chocolato" Badolato, Bill "Gordy" Gordon,"THE PHANTOM" Carpenter, "Pig Body"" Swallom, "Dirty Al" Brewer, Fred "Sgt. K" Kirschstein, "Mouse" Emerson, Mike Hine, "SSgt." Lentz and several others who are unidentified.
  After "bleeding" badly on that New Years Eve mid the Dawgs rallied the next morning, grabbed taxis outside the Main Gate, and reconvened at the Linkou Club downtown for a few "eye openers"..."Shin Nain Kuai Le" (Happy New Year)...!

4. The Dawgs "kicked out the jambs" to the rockin' sounds of the "Ritmos" at the club on New Years Eve 1970.

The 1971 Dawg Flight Christmas Party
at the 63 Club, December 12, 1971

1971 photo by Max Wagner
Bill "Witt" Wittenberg, sporting the latest Edwardian look from Mr. Loo's Tailors is joined on stage by
(L-R): Dave Probst, Scott Heister, Harold Cooksey, John Hanretty and Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson.

1971 Dawg Flight Christmas Party Photos by Max Wagner
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1971 photos by Max Wagner
1. Master of Ceremonies, Jim "LT" Hansen, kicks off the festivities by singing the national anthem.
2. "LT" tries to read the gift card without glasses only to discover his arm is too short.
3. "Man-about-town" Cuzin' Bruce Weagle and his stunning celebrity date.
4. Max "Daddy Wags" Wagner's party guest.

1971 photos by Max Wagner

1. Charles "Chuck" Jenkins (VA) and Georgia at the 1971 Dawg Flight Christmas party.
2. After rubbing it with a quarter, "Witt" discovers his new ashtray isn't really gold as "LT" Hansen claimed... John Hanretty (center) and Scott Heister look on.
3. Don Wilson (seated-right) "blowing smoke" with a saujay. Young 'Un" Bill Meyer (center-at mirror) is at the bar getting "carded" again. Jim Haverstock is also at the bar (left mirror with navy jacket). Bill Prucha (beige suit-back to camera) is standing on the far left.

1971 photos by Max Wagner
1. We always knew Parker had "brass balls"... Harold Cooksey,
Scott Heister, and John Hanretty join Johnny Parker onstage.
2. Johnny Parker and Ruby.
3. Joe Morrell (left) and Scott Heister.

1971 photos by Max Wagner
1. Jim "LT" Hansen presents Ted Johnson with the "coveted" Eager Beaver Award
with Harold Cooksey, Scott Heister and John Hanretty in the background.
2. Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield onstage with an U/ID Dawg.
3. Scott Hiester, John Hanretty and SSgt. Edwards.

1971 photos by Max Wagner
1. Paul "Pope" Schultz
2. Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (left), Harold Cooksey, Scott Heister and Fred Hayfield.
3. Ken Larson (left), Harold Cooksey and Scott Heister.

1971 photos by Max Wagner
1. Tim "Two Shoes" Kerekes with the "Bell of the Ball", Michiko.
2. Scott Heister presents Jim Haverstock with a new pillow for napping at work on mids along with all the other 203s.
3.Two smooth operators, Bill Prucha (left) and Mike McGee with party dates Mara (left) and Terri.

1971 photos by Max Wagner
1. Roman "Oak" Okrei, future lawyer and judge, receives his first law book,
"The Uniform Code of Military Justice" from Scott Heister.
2. "Young'un" Bill Meyer produces his military ID card to prove he's old enough to drink.
3. Scott Heister presents Tom "Lips" Lippert with a 63 Club ashtray.

1971 photos by Max Wagner and Ray Riccitello (photo 3.)
1.Brian "Baloney" Brady (right), John Hanretty (microphone), Harold Cooksey and Scott Heister (background).
2. John Hanretty (Left), Scott Heister, Harold Cooksey and Charles "Mac" McAtee (right).
3. (From left) Dan Rish, Fred Hayfield, Chuck Jenkins and Scott Heister. (1971 Photo by Ray Riccitello).
1971 Photos by Max Wagner
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