Dawg Flight McCauley Beach Party
March and Summer 1972

Updated 25 July 2011 / Added 08 April 2005

Another Dawg McCauley Beach Party. This time it's spring and summer 1972 and a new group of Dawgs keep the legend alive and growing. Photos provided by Paul "Pope" Schultz (MI), Steve "Murph" Murphy (GA), Tom "Spy" Stovall (TN), Chuck Jenkins (VA), Ray "Riccionne" Riccitello (NJ), and Jim "LT" Hansen. Please contact The Phantom if anyone is incorrectly identified or if you can identify others in the photos.

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March 1972 Beach Party Photos
Photos by P. Schultz (Click on photos to enlarge)

1.(L-R) Bobby Hawks, Brian "Baloney" Brady (CT) (green shirt), unidentified, and Arthur "Tom" Markos (ME-far right, no shirt).
2. Tom "Spy" Stovall (TN)
3. Paul "Pope" Schultz ("GAF 14"). Rental cabin "5" is shown in the right background.
4. Chuck Jenkins (throwing horseshoe), Danny Rish (no shirt), John Hall, Ray "Riccione" Riccitello (NJ), Brian Brady ("Baloney 24"), and Dave Probst.
5. Paul "Pope" Schultz

Photos by P. Schultz (Click on photos to enlarge)

1. Pigs on a spit over some hot coals...
2. "Hog Call...!"
3. (From Left) SSgt. Paul "Moon" Edwards (far left), John Hall (FL), Don Wilson (WA-orange shirt and shorts), and Dawg 203 Jerald Richardson (checked shirt). Brian "Baloney" Brady (CT-right foreground) gets a piece of chicken from the grill. All others are unidentified.
4. Steve "Murph" Murphy (GA) (right) and Charles "Mac" McAtee (left-white T-shirt) with dates.
5. Unidentified. Rental cabin "3" in shown in the background.

Photos by P. Schultz (Click on photos to enlarge)

1. Dawgs "chowing down": (L-R) Greg Heagle (ND), Chuck Jenkins (VA), Ray "Riccione" Riccitello (NJ), Melanie (Riccione's date), Mike McGee (CA-back to camera), and Brad Smith (R-Front across from Heagle). Don Wilson (WA) is at the table in the upper left.
2. (L-R) Mike "Indian" Romines, Harold Cooksey (KY) (no shirt), Clark "Robbie Roadmap" Robinson, unidenitifed Dawg (far right-striped shirt).
3. Danny Rish (NY), John Hall (FL), Phil Vogel (IL), Mrs. Don Decknatel (MN), and Kevin "Jeep" Coyle (MA) (far right-mustache).
4. (From left) Unidentified couple, Bill Marcinkus (yellow shirt) and wife, and unidentified couple (on right).
5. Bill "Joe Witt" Wittenberg (shades-far left) and wife. Family on right is unidentified.
6. Unidentified NCO and family.

Photos by P. Schultz (Click on photos to enlarge)

1. (Front-Back) Front Left (U/ID- Mel...?), Front Right (unidentified, white T-shirt), Charles "Chuck" Decarlo (NV), Jr. (2nd from end, no shirt, mustache), Greg Heagle (orange shirt), John Hall (FL) (shades).
2. Steve "Murph" Murphy (GA) looking at the camera with Jerald Richardson (checked shirt) standing behind him. SSgt. Paul "Moon" Edwards (yellow shirt) is to Jerald's right. Brian "Baloney" Brady's (CT) head is visible (center background) at the BBQ grill. All others in the photo are unidentified.
3. (L-R) Danny Rish, John Hall, Phil Vogel, Don "Deckly" Decknatel (MN-GAF shirt), and Kevin "Jeep" Coyle (MA) (far right-T-shirt & mustache).
4. Greg Heagle (ND, left foreground, back to camera), Chuck Jenkins (VA), Ray "Riccione" Riccitello (NJ), Mike McGee (CA-right center) with date, Brad Smith (on McGee's left).
5. Greg Heagle (ND).
6. Unidentified.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
Photos by Chuck Jenkins (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1. (From left) Ray "Buddy" Tallman (Dawg Flt Jacket), John Hall (behind tree-striped pants), Phil Vogel (pitching horseshoes), Kevin Coyle (mustache-striped shorts), Johnny Parker (red shirt-tree), Phil Vogel (hat-pitching horseshoes), Harold Cooksey (no shirt-on chair).
2. (From left) Jerald Richardson (far left-checked shirt), Don Wilson (shorts), and SSgt. Paul Edwards (yellow shirt). On the bench (from left): Clark "Robbie Roadmap" Robinson, Harold Cooksey (no shirt), and Mike Romines (facing camera). All others are unidentified.
3. (From left) Brad Smith (grey shirt far right-sitting at table), Clark Robinson (green jersey left foreground-sitting next to tree), Mike McGee (blue jacket and jeans-sitting at table), unidentified saujay (next to McGee), U/ID (white shirt in background-standing behind tree), Johnny Parker (orange shirt-sitting at table), Paul Schultz (green T-shirt-standing behind table), Arthur "Tom" Marcos (sitting at table next to Parker), Larry Ockerman (white shirt far right-sitting at table behind tree)
4. Clark "Robbie Roadmap" Robinson
5. Unidentified saujays in foreground. Charles "Mac" McAtee (left) white T-shirt and Harold Cooksey (right-center) without shirt at tree. All others are unidentified.
6. All are unidentified.

Photos: 1.) 2.) & 3.) by Steve Murphy   4.) & 5.) by Jim Hansen
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
1. McCauley Beach. 2. Pillbox to guard against attack by China. 3. Snack Bar and Mini Store on the beach. 4. & 5. McCauley Beach

Photos: Don Wilson by Steve Murphy     (right photo) Dan Rish by Jim "LT" Hansen
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
1. 2. & 3. Don Wilson (WA) and Rosie enjoying McCauley Beach at the pig roast, March 1972.   4. Dan Rish and beach party guest.

Photos: 1.) & 2.) by Chuck Jenkins   3.) 4.) & 5.) by Steve Murphy
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
A very "short" Ray "Riccione" Riccitello (NJ) and guest, Melanie, enjoying the beach, March 1972.
"Riccione" left the island and the Air Force a couple of weeks later (DOS: 1 Apr 1971).
(Photo 3.) Ray Riccitello (on swings) and Jerald Richardson (far right).

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1972 photos by Paul Schultz (1. & 2.) and Johnny Parker (3. & 4.)

(1. & 2.) Johnny Parker and Ruby at McCauley Beach March 1972.
3.) March 1972 shot of Dawg Flight at McCauley Beach. (From left) Unidentified, Ray "Riccionne" Riccitello (striped shirt-second from left) and Melanie, Clark "Robbie Roadmap" Robinson (behind Melanie), Mara, Mike "Gimmaway" McGee (third from right), and unidentified couple.
4.) March 1972 shot of Hardy (Johnny Parker's roommate) at McCauley Beach.

Summer 1972 Beach Party Photos by Tom Stovall

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge) Photos by Tom Stovall
1. Paul Schultz (MI-left), Paul "Opie" Harrison. 2. Arthur "Tom" Markos (ME) 3. Danny Rish (NY) 4. Kevin Coyle (MA) 5. Will Tolbert (right), u/id

( Click on Photos to Enlarge) Photos by Tom Stovall

1. (From left) Johnny Jackson, Bobby Hawks (hat), u/id (headband), Mel (#71), others are u/id.
2. (From left) Mel (#71), Chuck Decarlo (NV), Danny "Bosco" Rish (NY), and "Buddy" Ray Tallman (standing).
3. (From left) "Buddy" Ray Tallman, "Lurch", and Kevin "Jeep" Coyle (mustache-front).
4. Mike "Jonesy" Jones (202) and u/id.
5. Both are u/id.

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