Dawg Flight 1971 to 1973

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Various photos of Dawgs by Paul "Pope" Schultz (MI), Tom "Spy" Stovall and others.
Please email The Phantom with any Dawg IDs in the photos. (Click on Photos to Enlarge).

1972 Dawg Flight Trip to the Pescadore Islands, Taiwan
Photos by Paul Schultz

Note: Taiwan's Pescadore Islands (also known as the "Penghu Islands") are an archipelago of 64 islands in the Taiwan Strait about 25 to 30 miles west of Taiwan's southwest coast (center of map below). The islands are named after its biggest island, Penghu, which is where the capital Makung is located. Makung is about 40 minutes from Taipei by air.

Map sources: (left) Central Intelligence Agency   (right) "A Pocket Guide To Taiwan", Dept. of Defense (July 2, 1965)
(Click on Maps to Enlarge)
The Pescadore Islands (center of left map and left center of the right map)
are located in the Taiwan Strait off the central western coast of Taiwan.

The Penscadore Islands
(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1972 Photos by Schultz

1. June and Wil Tolbert (blue shirt-center) in the Pescadores. All the Dawg Flighters and guests on the trip flew from Taipei International Airport via Taiwan's China Air Lines to Makung on Penghu Island in the Pescadores.
2. Climbing a Pescadore Islands lighthouse spiral staircase are Will Tolbert (blue-lower center at "6 o'clock"), Richard "Rick" Aleshire (possible ID-green shirt on left at "9 o'clock"), Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo (with hat at top at "12 o'clock"). Note: There are several lighthouses in the Pescadores.
3. Taking a break in the Pescadores are (from left) Danny Rish (NY), Mrs. June Tolbert, Paul Schultz and Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo (NV)
4. (From left) Wil Tolbert, Danny Rish (orange shirt), Buddy Ray Tallman (KY), Richard "Rick" Aleshire (possible ID-center, green shirt with two cameras), Charles DeCarlo (white shirt and camera), unidentified (far right-striped shirt).

1972-73 Dawg Flight Barracks Photos by Tom Stovall

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1972 Photos by Tom Stovall

1. "Buddy" Ray Tallman (KY) reads the 1972 best-seller "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" while listening to "Chicago" through his Pioneer CS-77a speakers, Dual 1219 turntable, and Sansui 5000a amp.
2. Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo (NV), Dawg Flight barracks 1972/73.
3. Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo (NV), barracks room 1972/73.
4. 1972 shot of Paul "Pope" Schultz (MI) on his bunk and Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo (NV). The barracks central stairwell to Charlie Flight upstairs and Baker Flight downstairs is visible through the doorway.
5. Paul Schultz in his room (1972) and Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo in the doorway (far left). Chuck DeCarlo's room was right across the hall from Paul's.

1971-72 Taipei Photos by Ray Riccitello

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1971-72 Photos by Ray Riccitello

1. & 2. Carl Gnath (MI) in Taipei.   3. Ray "Riccione" Riccitello's (NJ) Taipei apartment building near the big benjo.
4. The loud street hawker that kept Riccione awake while working mids.

1971-73 Taipei Photos by Sam Daniel

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) Photos by Sam Daniel

1. Lucy and Sam Daniel (NC) on the terrace of his Taipei apartment building 1971.
2. Sam and Lucy Daniel's engagement party at a Taipei restaurant in May 1973. Sam and Lucy are at the rear table in the far right corner of the room.
  In the center of the first table are Jin Shia (Nancy) and Bill "OJ" Simpson (drinking-wearing jacket) who was on Dawg Flight 1969-71. Nancy is on Bill's right in white. Bill had just returned to Taiwan in April 1973 for his second tour on Dawg Flight (Apr 73-Dec 74). The others at the table are unidentified.
3. Sam Daniel in Taipei 1973.

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