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Dawg Flight Personalities 1970 and 1971 - Part II

Updated 22 April 2016

Shots of the "GAF" (..."Go Air Force") Dawgs from 1970 and 1971.

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1970 photo by Carpenter
"How's the hair...?"
Bill "Marty" Martin (MD) and Dick Ferretti (NJ) on the Chungshan N. Road Bridge over the polluted Keelung River on their way
to the 63 Club from the Linkou Club. The billboards in front of the Taipei Zoo's entrance are visible in the left background.

1970 photo by Ferretti
Some of the members of the Dawg Flight 1970 Championship Softball Team accepting their first place trophies.
The most important and admired member of the team was/is CMSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris (NCOIC and Mission Supervisor)
who served as team captain, coach, pitcher, role model, and mentor for all the young Dawgs at Linkou from 1969-71.

(From left-above) Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (WA), Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA), CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris (MO ), John "JB" Davis (MD), Bill "Marty" Martin (MD), SSgt. Ray Adams (AF), George "Sergio" Rasetta (OH), and Bill "Gordy" Gordon (NY). Missing from the photo are: Dick Ferretti (NJ-"taking the photo"), Kevin "Kai" Strebel (NY), and several others. (1970 photo)

July/Aug 1971 USAF photo

  Receiving their 1971 championship trophies from the Shulinkou base commander Colonel O. D. Graham (Col Barnes replacement from 28 Jun 71 to 19 Jun 73):
(From left) Johnny "Johnny P" Parker, Glenn "Jimmus" Shanks, Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson, Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield, Bill "Young'un" Meyer, John "Big John" Bowman, SSgt. "Smitty" Smith, Kevin "Kai" Strebel, Bill "OJ" Simpson, and Tom "Lips" Lippert. Missing from the photo are Tom Chandler, George "Sergio" Raseta (departed Taiwan July '71), Bill "Joe Witt" Wittenberg, Doug Hardeman, Kevin "Jeep" Coyle, and others. (July/Aug 1971 photo)

1970 photos by Dave Vandierdonck

      Shots of the Dawg X1/202, coached by CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris, and Dawg 203 football teams practicing together prior to the start of the 1970 fall season on the Hill.
  1.) Defense (front to back): Bill Simpson (DE, left foreground), Don Wilson (DT), Dick Ferretti (LB), Unidentified, Dave Rauh (nose guard), Mike Perhach (LB).
                Offense (front to back): Dave Bloomquist (203-TE, right foreground), Ted Johnson (203-G), Ken Larson (C), Jack Brown (OL), Fred Kirschstein (WR).
  2) (From left) George Raseta (QB-background), Al Brewer (DL), and Jim Briggs (RB).
  3.) (From left) Bill Gordon (QB & RB), Dick Ferretti (LB), and Larry Reuben (RB).

April 17, 1970 Shu Lin Kou Devil Dog newspaper article provided by Steve Murphy
The undefeated (5-0) 1970 Dawg Flight Volleyball Team won the league championship on the Hill. The article above appeared in the April 17, 1970 edition of the
Shu Lin Kou "Devil Dog" base newspaper. Missing from the photo is Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf who departed Taiwan and the Air Force just prior to the award ceremony.

1970 photo by Carpenter
At a McCauley Beach Blast, Fred "Sgt K" Kirschstein (OK) is captured expounding on his great abilities as an X1...which always fell on deaf ears.
Fred is wearing a Pakistan Army shirt...not to be confused with the three stripes he wore as a Buck Sgt. (E-4) on his US Air Force uniform.

1970 photo by Carpenter
Dawgs "on the Town" making their rounds: Tim "Timmy Two-Shoes" Kerekes (left), Bill "Young'un" Meyer, and George "Sergio" Raseta.

1970 photos by Swallom
1970 shots of Jim "Fitz" Fitzgerald (CA-Left Photo) taking photos on a trip down island to Kaohsiung along with
fellow Dawgs Bill Coffey (NY-Center Photo), and Steve "Pig-Body" Swallom (KY-Right Photo) shown with their tour guide.

1970 photo by D. Vandierdonck
On the Linkou Bus heading to McCauley Beach in fall 1970 are Dawgs:
(From left) Larry "Jeep" Reuben (left front), Unidentified, Jack Boex (glasses), Greg "HT" Todd (back of bus), "Crazy Russ" Hanegan (standing),
Clarence "Ike" Cook (toasting), Steve "Pig Body" Swallom (camera), John "JB" Davis (far right), and Loyd "Gus" Harris (right front).

1971 photo by Lentz
March 1971 shot of a very "short" Bill "Gordy" Gordon (NY) caught grinning at his last
McCauley Beach pig-roast (more photos below) with less than 30 days left in the USAF.

1971 photos by L. Harris
March 1971 shots of Dawg 203s Bob "Stuck" Gravenstuk (left) and Mike Rice (right) in their handmade tie-dyed T-shirts
with CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris, Mission Supervisor, (center) at a Dawg Flight McCauley Beach pig-roast. Peace brother...

1970 photo by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck
Spring 1970 shot of Dawgs Lee "Rhee" Higgins (ME) at bat, Steve "Murph" Murphy (GA) catcher, and Rick "Big Kahuna" Muller (RI) umpire.

1970 photo by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck
Spring 1970 shot of "Nice" Al Brewer (GA) in the bleachers at Linkou.
Al was the only Dawg conversant in both "dirty" Chinese and English...

June 1971 photos by Parker

  (Left Photo) June 1971 shot of George "Sergio" Raseta (OH) ready to tee-off at the Linkou Interntational Golf and Country Club. George was joined on the links that day with the group in the photo on the right.   Note: George was an outstanding athlete...when not golfing "Sergio" could be found playing softball, football and basketball on the Hill for the "Heralded" Dawg Flight sports teams.
  (Right Photo) June 1971 shot of several "GAF' (...Go Air Force) Dawgs in front of the Linkou Club on the Hill getting ready to head to the Linkou International Golf and Country Club (previous photo) for 18-holes of golf. (From the left) Ray "Chocolato" Badolato (hat), Brian "Baloney" Brady, Bill "OJ" Simpson (no. 19), George "Sergio" Raseta (behind "OJ"), Tom Chandler, Glenn "Jimus" Shanks, Unidentified (stripes), and Robert Louis Stevenson III (203-far right).

photo by Carpenter
Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI) dreaming about the day he would make Lieutenant. Not in the Air Force, but
with the Harper Woods Fire Department in Detroit. His dream did indeed come true and Dave has since retired.

photo by Vandierdonck
Dawg Ray "Chocolato" Badolato (LA) is captured contemplating civilian life by his barracks roommate, Dave Vandierdonck.

1970 photo by Carpenter
Mike "Mouse" Emerson (TX) preparing Dawg Flight for his trademark "slurpy".

1970 photo by Carpenter
Hanging out with a stoned Dawg were Ray Sorensen (CA), Dick "Little Window" Ferretti (NJ), and John Savino (CT).

1970 photo by "Anonymous"

  A very rare photo that captured "THE PHANTOM" (ZI) making his getaway after getting the "scoop" on some poor unsuspecting Dawg. THE PHANTOM had a "Mid-Rag Smok-ah" he needed to complete and the Rag needed to go to press for distribution on Dawg's mid shift that night. The steam locomotive was smokin' and ready to take him to the compound. (Photo taken on a Mount Alishan flight trip.)

1970 photo by Lentz
Dawg Flight's UFO (Under Four Only) "SSgt" Lentz on a pillbox in Peitou.

1970 photo by Carpenter
Mighty Dawgs Russ "Crazy Russ" Hanegan (IL) and Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA) on a hill
...I don't have the slightest idea what they were doing, other than trying to impress the soujays.

1970 photo by Carpenter
Outside the Linkou Club in downtown Taipei are Steve "Pig-Body" Swallom (KY), Jim "Mouse" Emerson (TX), and
Dick "Little Window" Ferretti (NJ), ..."Pig-Body" was the shortest (...as in not tall) Dawg on flight...really.

1971 photos by Boex

  These two photos shot in the Dawg Flight barracks' Day Room in January 1971 are titled "The Last Watch". It might have had something to do with Dawg Flight attacking Shaky (left) and Pig-Body (right) for collaborating with "THE PHANTOM " on the stories about them featured in the Mid-Rag Smok-ah. (Ray Adams is shown grinning on the far right of the left photo). Although both denied any involvement with these accusations, or any affiliation with "THE PHANTOM", they were pursued relentlessly by Dawg Flight...literally losing their uniforms in the process. This was actually a Dawg Flight ritual on everyone's last watch prior to returning to civilian life back in "The World."
  A few days later on January 9, 1971, Nelson (Shaky) and Steve (Pig-Body) were together again on an airplane leaving Taipei International Airport heading to McCord AFB and discharge from the U.S. Air Force.

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