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Dawg Flight Personalities 1970 and 1971 - Part III

Updated 06 September 2017

More photos of the "GAF" Dawgs being Dawgs.

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April 1970 photo by S. Swallom
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Dawg Flight Spring Training 1971

  Bunch of Dawgs in the bleachers at the Linkou softball field early April 1970. They just finished a pickup game after working a mid and were contemplating which bus they would catch to Taipei.   (Front Row-from left) Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf (NY), John Savino (CT)   (Second Row) Bill "OJ" Simpson (IL), Larry Reuben (NJ)   (Third Row) Tom "Jorgy" Jorgensen (OR), Sam Dairyko (SC), Dick Ferretti (NJ)   (Fourth Row) Dale Wollen (SD), Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI), and Ken "Cool Hand" Larsen (WA)   (Fifth Row) John "JB" Davis (MD), Curt Dunn (FL), and cleanup is "heavy hitter" Rick "Pancho" Sanchez (TX). NOTE: Ellendorf, Savino and Sanchez all left the island and the Air Force "shortly" after this photo was taken.

Dawg Flight at Work May 1969

"GAF" Dawg X1s "bleeding" on a day-watch in the Ops Center May 1969.
May 1969 photos with permission and courtesy of the USAF ISR Agency History Office

Unclassified official U.S. Air Force photo taken in the Linkou Operations Center May 1969.
(1.) May 1969 shot of Dawg Flight X1s on a day-watch at their racks in the aisle adjacent to the 202 section, which is just off to the right of the photo. (From left) Rick "Big Kahuna" Muller, Unidentified, Bill "Marty" Martin, John Savino ("saluting"), "vacant rack" (Phil Anderson), Mike Hine, Unidentified (glasses), Unidentified, Larry "Brillo-head" Briske (glasses), and Army (ASA) operators at the end of the aisle. Dennis Kuroda, "Chick" Dovey (Dovie..?), Floyd "Butch" Kester, and Steve "Murf" Murphy sat at racks across the aisle from Hine and Briske. Fred Kirschstein, self-proclaimed ace X1, worked the rack across from "Marty" at the table and typewriter on the far right.
(2.) Cropped enlargement of previous photo.
 NOTE: The Dawgs are "monitoring" AFRTS on their bottom receivers...shielded from the prying eyes of roaming Block Controllers Larry Copeland and Vasley Cain. Curt Dunn and Sam Dairyko were the Block Controllers in the other X1 aisle when the 1969 photo was taken. Gary "Woody" Woodward arrived mid-1970.

Dawg Flight 202s working a day-watch in the Ops Center May 1969.
May 1969 photos with permission and courtesy of the USAF ISR Agency History Office
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Unclassified official Air Force photo taken in the Linkou Operations Center May 1969.
(1.) May 1969 photo of the Dawg Flight 202 shop on a day-watch at 1500 hrs. Standing on the left are Dawg 202s Pete Conroy, grabbing a smoke, and Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf, behind Pete to his right. The X1s in the previous photo are in the aisle located on the other side of the console on the far left at the black clock.
  Dawg 202 Bill "Stick" Bonar is sitting at the console on the left, where THE PHANTOM would later pipe-in AFRTS tunes to the X1 racks...much to the dismay of "management", SMSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris, NCOIC/Mission Controller, and 2nd Lt Bob Jones, Flight Commander, who also worked in this section. All others in the photo are unidentified.
(2.) Cropped enlargement of previous photo.

Dawg Flight 203s working a day-watch in the Ops Center May 1969.
May 1969 and Aug 1971 photos with permission and courtesy of the USAF ISR Agency History Office
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Unclassified official Air Force photos taken in the Linkou Operations Center May 1969 and August 1971.
(1.) May 1969 shot of unidentified Dawg Flight 203s at work during a day-watch in their darkened section behind the X1 blocks. When not enjoying another night off, the hard working Dawg 203s were often found fast asleep at their positions...just like the second 203 from the left in the photo.
(2.) August 1971 photo of the revamped 203 section.

Dawg Flight Softball Spring 1971
Spring 1971 photos by C. Gnath
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  (1.) Rowdy bunch of Dawgs in the bleachers cheer-on the "Dawg" softball team against the Civil Engineers. The "Dawgs" won this hotly contested game and went on to win the 1971 league championship on the Hill.   (Bottom Row-from left) Paul "Pope" Schultz (MI-striped shirt), U/ID, TSgt Bob Gee (uniform), MSgt Dave Propst (head turned), Don "Deckley" Decknatel (far right)   (Second Row) Bob "Stuk" Gravenstuk (MS), Roman "OK" Okrei (IL), Ray "Riccione" Riccitello (NJ), Ken "Bush" Bushee (MA-Dawg football jersey)   (Top Row) Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo (CA), Bruce "Cuz'in" Weagle (MA), U/ID, Mike "Elephant Man" Perhach (PA-hat), Phil "Vogeletti" Vogel (IL-shades).
  (2,) (From left) Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield (standing), Unidentified, Tom Chandler (kneeling-catcher), and Bill "Joe Witt" Wittenberg (foreground). Tom Chandler later went on to play for the "All Air Force Softball Team" that won the inter-service championship three years in a row while he was on the team.

Dawg Flight at Sun Moon Lake Fall 1969
photo by Mike Hine
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  Dawgs on a Sun Moon Lake boat ride during a flight trip to Taichung November 1969. Captured by Mike Hine are (from left): Al Luczyk, Mort Gerhart, U/ID, Don Wilson (plaid shirt), Dave Rauh (rear), Dale Wollan, Dennis Kuroda, Steve Swallom (right corner), Bill Martin, Brian "Baloney" Brady and Paul Diggins (far right).

Baloney 1970
photo by Mike Hine

  With THE PHANTOM "lurking" Brian "Baloney" Brady is caught on film in 1970 pleading his case to the Prince Club's owner (left), manager and employee (Lucy) for "extended terms" on his unpaid $20 bar tab from the previous month. It was during this encounter the club owner proclaimed that "Mr. Brady" should forever be known as 充分的資訊科技 ( "BALONEY" ). THE PHANTOM knows...

Linkou International Golf and Country Club
photo by P. Schultz
After a long bike ride from the base several Dawgs take a breather at the Linkou International Golf and Country Club.
(From left) Ray "Chocolato" Badolato (LA-shades), Lee "Rhee" Higgins (ME), Tom Chandler (PA), John "JB" Davis (MD),
Nelson "THE PHANTOM" Carpenter (NE-standing with camera), and Steve "Pig Body" Swallom (KY).

1970 photo by Swallom,   June 30, 1970 "Sydney Morning Herald" article courtesy of ustdc.blogspot.com
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  (From left) Ray Adams, Dennis "Oly" Olson (OR), Rick "Big Kahuna" Muller (RI) and Joel "Robbie" Robinson (CA) with his trademark "hippy-style" hair (...often slicked down with Dippity-Do), clothes and peace medallion on the roof of a Taipei apartment building. Note: The June 30, 1970 article on the right was obviously directed toward Dawg Flight...warning that foreigners in Taiwan "with hippy-style hair or clothes may be deported". Of particular concern was..."men wearing women's clothing, shoes or ornaments"...

photo by Ray Riccitello
Greg "HT" Todd at McCauley Beach summer 1971.

photos provided by Bill Bonar

  Bill Bonar (NC), left, and Tom "Jorgy" Jorgensen (OR). A couple of Dawg's "Finest" shown in their tech school class photo taken outside Thompson Hall at Keesler AFB, MS in Fall 1967. They ended up in the same training class at Keesler and also arrived together in January 1968 and extended their tours to 1970 at the best assignment in the entire USAFSS...Shu Linkou Air Station, and, of course, Dawg Flight (...see photos below).

photos by S. Swallom and Tom Jorgensen
Bill Bonar three years later at a March 1970 McCauley Beach party just before his departure from Taiwan. Right, Tom "Jorgy" Jorgensen
toasting at the 1968 Dawg Flight Christmas party held at the downtown Linkou Club. On the left is SSgt. Bob "Huey" Hughes ('67-'68).

photos by S. Swallom
Al Luczyk (OH), left, and Larry Briske (MN) at the 1969 Dawg Flight Christmas party.

June 1970 photo by Tom Jorgensen
Rick "Big Kahuna" Muller (RI). "Peace brother"....get a haircut airman!

1970 photo by M. Hine
Paul Diggins (MA) in Taipei 1970.

photos by Tom Stovall and Ted Johnson
"Pope" Paul Schultz (MI), left, applies just the right amount of Dippity-Doo hair gel as he prepares to work another Mid (1972).
Mike Keogh (IN) is caught by Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson (MD) while having his palm read during their 1971 visit to Hong Kong.

1970 photo by Steve Swallom
Jack Brown and Mary at Grass Mountain 1970.

(Click on Photo to Enlarge)   1970 photo by N. Carpenter
Four Dawgs caught kicking back at a 1970 McCauley Beach Pig Roast:
(From the left) Dave Rauh (MA), Bill "Gordy" Gordon (NY), Glenn "Jimus" Shanks (CA),
Unknown (background), Mike Perhach (PA), and George "Sergio" Raseta (OH-standing).

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photos by Paul Schultz
(1.) Glenn "Jimus" Shanks (left) and Mike Perhach take a break during a Dawg Flight softball game (Spring 1971).
(2.) Mike Perhach (1970-71) at the Presidential Palace in Taipei.   (3.) Mike Perhach 1971.

1972 photo provided by Chuck Castillo
This "mod" and motley crew was caught on film July 1972 in Versailles, KY. They all became "long-haired civilians" just
a few months earlier. (From left) Jim Haverstock, Phil Vogel, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lippert, Roman Okrei and Chuck Castillo.

1970 photo by S. Swallom
"THE PHANTOM" (ZI) on "assignment" for the notorious "Mid-Rag Smok-ah".

1971 photo by Bruce Weagle
Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo (CA) and his "tru luv" Mei.
Photo was taken around Christmas 1971 outside of Mike "Gimmaway" McGee's (CA) house in Tien Mou.

1971 photo by Johnny Parker
Jim "LT" Hansen, Dawg Flight's commander 1971-1973, holds the infamous "Flying 'D..do' Award" at the 1971 Dawg Flight Christmas
party. The "Flying 'D' Award" [...aka the "Flying 'Weenie' Award"] was presented monthly by Dawg Flight to the most "deserving" Dawg.
Note: Jim "LT" Hansen (a former SSgt.) replaced Captain Fred Sebastian who was the Dawg Flight commander from 1970 to 1971.

1971 photo by Chuck Castillo
"Cuz'in" (Brucie) Bruce Weagle (MA) and Joe Morrell (MO) "yuk it up" at a 1971 Dawg Flight party at their Taipei apartment.
Note: "Cousin Brucie" was a popular 1960s WABC New York radio personality and DJ heard nightly on the East Coast.

1971 photo by C. Gnath
Ray "Riccione" Riccitello (NJ) feeling the dire affects of drinking too many glasses
of "Wu Mei Jyou" at the Prince Club the night before with the Dawgs...GAMBAY!!!

Photos by L. Harris, M. Rice, and D. Murphy
(1.) March 1971 McCauley Beach shot of CMSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris (center), and Dawg 203s Bob "Stuk" Gravenstuck (left) and Mike Rice (right).
(2.) Dawg 203 Mike Rice (1971), "Riccione's" (photo above) barracks roommate.   (3.) Dawg 203 Dennis "Murf" Murphy (1971 ID photo).

1970 Okinawa photo by Ted Johnson
(Left Photo) 1970 photo of Garrett "Smitty" Smith, who was a Dawg Flight 202. Smitty died accidentally from a fall in Taipei in October 1970
while stationed at Shulinkou Air Station. He is remembered by Dawg Flight as a great friend and terrific person, who was liked by everyone.

(Right Photo) 1970 group photo taken in Okinawa during Smitty's first overseas tour. In the photo with Smitty (standing-far right) are Dawgs Bill Prucha
(kneeling-far left) and Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson (kneeling-far right). All three arrived on Dawg Flight at Shulinkou a few months after this photo was taken.

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