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City of Taipei - Part II

Updated 28 January 2012

The population of Taipei in 1970 was greater than 1 million people. It was a growing and bustling city that
was a modern city compared to other cities in this part of the world. Below are images of this great city.

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1959 Haggler's Row photo by D. Conklin   1970 Haggler's Row photo by M. Hine     1969 Pacific "Stars and Stripes" newspaper article (Wed. July 16, 1969) provided by Lentz
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(1.-above) As described by Dennis Conklin (Shulinkou 1959-61): "...This was Hagglers' Row ("Chung Hua Lu") in 1959. Its days were numbered when the picture was taken. Barely visible behind the godowns are the gray concrete buildings being constructed [see next photo] to replace everything you see in the foreground. The "new" buildings are all gone today, replaced by a third generation of modern structures."
(2.-above) 1970 shot of the large Haggler's Row building that opened in 1961. The new building, completed and opened in 1961, with its myriad of storefronts and shops replaced all the small shops located in the old Haggler's Row shopping area shown in the previous photo taken in 1959. The Haggler's Row building was demolished on October 20, 1992.
(Photo on Right-Click to Enlarge) Taiwan's gross national product increased by 10.3% in 1968 over 1967. Taiwan had consistently experienced strong economic growth averaging more than 10% a year since the early 1950s.

Photo credits: (1.) N. Carpenter   (2.) P. Birden (Charlie Flight 1969-70)   (Below left) J. Valkwitch (NSG 1971-72)

(1.-above) This 1970 photo shows the intersection of Chungshan North Road and Min Chuan West/East Road (left to right) and the building that housed the "Paradise House Handicraft & Art" store. The "Pillbox" (see photo below) where the Dawgs caught the Linkou Bus is visible in the center of the photo across the intersection on the corner behind the railing and below the "Paradise House" store sign. The San Francisco Club on Min Chuan West Road is visible on the far left next to the "Paradise House". The King's Hotel was on the other corner off to the far left. Wu-Chou's massage parlor (not visible) was located just beyond the bus (far right) on Chungshan N. Road.
  (Photo on Left-Click to Enlarge) March 2011 shot of the building shown in the 1970 photo above on the left. The San Francisco Club was located in the building on the far left with the red sign. The covered entrance to the underground walkway tunnel under the intersection is visible on the corner. The Pillbox was removed sometime in the mid to late 1970s.
(2.) 1970 shot looking south on Chungshan N. Road in the direction of the Taipei Government Center and Shimending. On the right is the King's Hotel at the intersection of 150 Chungshan N. Road and Min Chuan W. Road with the "Pillbox" on the corner across the street (far right). In the background is the Central Hotel with its revolving rooftop restaurant and lounge located on Chungshan N. Road.

May 1970 photos by Lentz   (right photo) 1958 photo: "Chicago Sun-Times" and "Chicago Daily News" archives
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1.) The "Pillbox" where Dawg Flight would catch the Linkou Bus up to the Hill. Chungshan North Road and its shops are in the background
2.) A jewelry store shown in the previous photo located on Chungshan N. Road right across from the "Pillbox".
3.) April 1958 shot of one of the many book stores located throughout Taipei. "Pirated" books and records were sold in Taiwan for only a few $NT...a fraction of U.S. prices.

May 1970 photos by Lentz
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1.) 1970 shot taken from the Pillbox (see photo above) on the corner looking across and north on Chungshan North Road ("Chungshan Pae Lu") in the direction of the Linkou Club and East/West Compounds located a few blocks further north in the distance. The Oasis Hotel, located at 185 Chungshan N. Road, is in the right background (next to second bus) with its sign on top. The hotel had a popular Italian Restaurant, one of the few in the city, on its lobby-level. Wu-Chou's Massage Parlor (off to the left of photo) was across the street from the Oasis Hotel. "HoJo's" famous noodle stand was located on a narrow street right behind the hotel.
2.) Peddler carts, taxis, pedicabs, motorcycles and bicycles were only permitted in the chaotic outer lanes next to the sidewalks on both sides of Chungshan N. and Min Chuan Roads. 1970 shot was taken on Min Chuan W. Road in front of the King's Hotel and across from the Pillbox (to the far left) at the busy intersection of Min Chuan and Chungshan N. Roads. Chungshan North Road and its shops (see previous photo) are visible in the upper left background.

1970 photos by Lentz and Carpenter
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)(1. and 2.) The Prince Club and 63 Bar next door were a short walk from the "Pillbox" and the San Francisco Club on the same side of Min Chuan West Road. The Holiday Club was next door to the 63 Bar.   (3.) A familiar bar top...who knows the name of this club? Hint...Dawgs were known to "toast to Malaysia" with "Wiskeyman" there. THE PHANTOM knows..

photo by Sarge
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  A 1970 shot of Taipei's "Big Benjo" (open sewer) at Jianguo Road from the pedestrian bridge crossing it. The sluice gates seen in the middle of the benjo were used for the purpose of building a head of water. The gates would then be opened and the large volume of water would flush out the sewage system that eventually emptied into the polluted Keelung River.

photos by Carpenter

(1.) A pick-up zone for the city's abundant "Bluebird" taxi cabs (1966 YLN Datsun Bluebird in foreground) outside of the MAAG/HSA East Compound on Chungshan North Road in downtown Taipei.   (2.) A 1970 view from a rear bus window of Min Chuan East Road. Bike and taxi pick-up lanes are shown on the far left and right.   (3.) Factory photo of a 1967 Datsun YLN 705B ("Bluebird").

photos by Carpenter
Common modes of transportation included bicycles, motorpeds, motorcycles, buses, and subcompact taxis and cars that added to the city's heavy air pollution.

May 1970 photos by Lentz   (Right photo) "Chicago Sun Times", Feb. 1971
1.) One of the many Buddist Temples located throughout the city.   2.) Taiwanese mother carrying her baby on her back.   3.) Taipei noodle peddler.

1970 photos by Carpenter
1.) The Diamond Hotel, located at 21 Nung An Street, was a few blocks northeast from the Oasis Hotel (see photo above).
2.) The Union Hotel with its modern artistic exterior was located one block east of the Diamond Hotel above.
3.) The Imperial Hotel was located close to the Diamond and Union Hotels.

photos by Carpenter and Birden
(Left photo) American cars such as this late '60s Chevy were occasionally seen in Taipei in 1970 and were usually owned by government officials.
(Right photo) A 1970 shot of a Wileman's (Charlie Flight) VW Beetle parked outside an apartment building in ShiBai, a small community near Tien Mou and ShiLin.

May 1970 photo by Lentz
1970 shot of the Linkou Club from the Hotel Roma across Min Tsu Road.

May 1970 photos by Lentz
The Grand Hotel and 63 Club located below 1970. The 63 Club's swimming pool was located behind the wall in the left photo.

May 1970 photos by Lentz
The National Revolutionary Martyr's Shrine located near the Grand Hotel and 63 Club.

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