Memorabilia and Artifacts - Part I

Shulinkou Memorabilia and Artifacts
Part I

Updated 12 October 2016

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"Midnight Flyer" Wings 1967
Provided by Tom Yearnshaw (Baker Flight 1967-68)

In Tom Yearnshaw's words: "I was on Baker Flight and one of my roommates, Dixie Duggan, was creative and made this modification to the basic Air Force flight wings. Orders were taken, and a bunch of these “Midnight Flyer” wings were made by someone in Taipei. ...A few of us wore them to work on a graveyard shift, and while they were received with amusement (for which they were intended), we were politely advised (..."ordered") to take them off. To my knowledge, this was unique to Baker Flight in the 1967-68 time frame." [24 Aug 2009]
  SPECIAL NOTE: "THE PHANTOM" took the liberty to obscure the obvious in the image use your imagination as Bucky Beaver would want you to do.

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1970s Taiwan Magazine Photos

1.) 1971 magazine advertisement with Taiwan sajays sporting the latest trends on the Taipei fashion scene.   2.) The 1971 magazine photo caption reads, "Photo contest swim suit models included top singers". Second from the right is Teresa Teng, a Chinese pop singer from Taiwan who was immensely popular throughout Asia.   3.) 1970s shot of Teresa Teng (1953-1995), Taiwan singing sensation shown in the previous photo. (photo credits: unknown)

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The "Taiwan Report" (1965), Shulinkou Air Station
Provided by Scott Ellinger
Lots of 1965 Shulinkou photos and info. Anyone remember the Linkou pedicab, library, bowling alley, pool...?

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Shulinkou Air Station "Welcome Booklet" (circa 1965)
Provided by Scott Ellinger

New arrivals at Shulinkou in the mid-1960s received a copy of this "Welcome Booklet".
NOTE: Additional photos from the "Welcome Booklet" above are posted at:
"Shulinkou Air Station (History & Base Tour): 1960 thru 1969" (Click Here).

1955 Taipei Musical Program and 1954 USNS James O'Hara Booklet
Provided by Les Hamilton (Shulinkou: 327th CRC ASA 1955)

The musical program was held on June 1, 1955 at the Armed Forces Stadium in Taipei. Madame Chiang Kai-Shek is referenced as a program supporter.
  (Right Photo) 1954 commemorative booklet from the USNS James O'Hara that transported Les Hamilton and many other military personnel from Seattle to Yokohama, Japan in the 1950s. Les arrived at the U.S. Army Camp Momoyama, Kyoto, Japan (Click Here)
on December 6, 1954 with the 327th CRC ASA only to board another ship, an LST to Taiwan, three short months later as one of the first arrivals at the newly established base at Linkou in March 1955.

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1963 Keesler AFB Tech School Class Photo and Diploma
Provided by Sam Buemi (Dawg Flight 1963-65)

Several in Sam Buemi's 292X1 Morse Intercept Operator class at Keesler AFB, Miss. received orders to Shulinkou Air Station following graduation on October
15, 1963. Taiwan was a great assignment according to Sam who is in the middle row second from left. Sam's Air Force Certificate of Training is on the right.

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1970 Linkou Club Membership Card
Provided by Paul Birden (Charlie Flight 1969-70)

The Linkou Club membership card for the Main Club on the Hill (front & back sides) that we carried in our wallets. Monthly dues were $1.00 and included both the main
and downtown clubs. The back side of the card on the right shows the monthly debits and credits for any outstanding Linkou chits (see photos below) loaned to the member.

Linkou Club & 63 Club Chits 1970

These 5 and 25 cent aluminum and brass Linkou Club tokens or "chits" (front and back shown) were loaned monthly on request to members and were used for
purchasing food or drinks at the Linkou Club on the Hill. Linkou Chit amounts owed were due monthly along with the member's $1.00 monthly membership dues.
63 Club detachable paper chits are on the far right.

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1969 Linkou Club Menu
Courtesy of "" (provided by T. Walker (TDC 1958-69).

The original 1969 menu from the downtown Linkou Club. The Saturday Special for May 10th, 1969, shown on the front cover of the menu (first photo), is a full-course sirloin steak dinner for 75-cents. Dawgs spotted by THE PHANTOM "wining and dining" their "true luvs" at the club (...André Champagne and "Surf 'n' Turf") read all about their romantic escapades later on mids along with the entire flight in the notorious Dawg Flight "Screamer Files" of the "Mid-Rag Smok-ah".

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1965 Linkou Club Beverage Menu
Provided by Sam Buemi (Dawg Flight 1963-65)

1965 Beverage Menu from the Linkou Club on the Hill. Check out the "Shu Lin Kou Special"
concoction for only 35 cents and the 20 cent shots and 15 cent beers (Lucky Lager). Gambay!

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1958 and 1963 Linkou Club and Chow Hall Holiday Menus
Provided by Harry Davis (1957-59) and Gary Lerch (1963-64)
1958 Christmas Day Menu (on left) and 1958, 1963 Thanksgiving Day Menus from the base Linkou Club (NCO Open Mess) and Chow Hall.
The 1963 Thanksgiving Day Menu (on right) from the Chow Hall has a message from Lt. Col. Joseph P. Byrne, Base Commander (1962-64).

  John Hurst (Taipei Air Station 1972-73): "... I do remember the spectacular Thanksgiving dinners at the Taipei Air Station and Shu Linkou Dining Halls. We went to Shu Linkou in 1973, and it was fabulous. I think the cost was $1.55 each for my spouse and me...children under five were free! I went with my boss and his family, and can still remember that great meal and all the trimmings for less than $5.00." [24 Nov 2010]   (courtesy of "")

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Shulinkou, Linkou Club, and 63 Club Memorabilia

(FIRST ROW ABOVE)   (1.) Beer mug provided by Scott Ellinger.   (2.) Linkou Club medalion, ca. 1959. (permission and courtesy of USAF ISR Agency History Office).   (3., 4. & 5.) 1958 Linkou Club and Taiwan souvenir lighter (front & back) provided by Harry Davis (1957-59).   (6.) MAAG 63 Club lighter, ca.1957. (image credit unknown)   (7.) Linkou Club ashtray, ca. 1962. (image credit unknown)   (8.) Octoberfest 1970 MAAG NCO Open Mess (63 Club) beer mug. (image credit unknown)   (9.) Circa 1971 63 Club mug provided by Bradley Owens.
(SECOND ROW ABOVE)   (1.) 1966 Linkou Club lighter.   (2. & 3.) Shulinkou Devil Dogs lighter (front & back), ca. 1970.   (4. & 5.) Linkou Club lighter (front & back), ca. 1962. (images 1. to 5.: credits unknown)   (6. & 7.) 1966 MAAG Club 63 pocket watch chain and medallion (front & back) provided by Les Duffin (1962-66). Les Duffin: "...It’s a Club 63 medallion attached to what I can only guess may be a chain for a pocket watch. I have no memory of receiving this and no clue why the club might think I carried a pocket watch. My only guess is that I might have received it as a thank-you token for booking a party room for our wedding reception in August 1966." [07 Mar 15]

Linkou and 63 Club Cards 1955-1957
1955 and 1956 cards provided by Al High (1955-56). 1957 card (far right) provided by Dick Scarponi (1956-57)

Al High's 63 Club (MAAG NCO Open Mess) and Linkou Club (Airmens' Open Mess) membership cards from 1955 and 1956. Note the Nov. 1955 176th ASA (Army Security Agency) NCO Open Mess card for the "Last Resort" on the Hill. The Linkou Club on base was originally name the "Last Resort" when it first opened in 1955. Dick Scarponi's 1957 Linkou Airmen's Open Mess membership card is on the far right.

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Linkou Club "Calendar of Events" April 1960
Courtesy of "" (provided by Jim Primus, Air Force, Linkou: 1958-60)

The April 1960 daily calendar for the Linkou Clubs at Linkou and Taipei. The daily and monthly specials for mixed drinks and beer were 10 cents. "Sizzling New York Steak" was $1.00 every Wednesday at Linkou and every Saturday in Taipei. Nick's Orchestra played daily at either location except on Sundays. April 12th was Stag Night at Linkou: 10 cent drinks and beer, free buffet dinner, free movies and dancing to Nick's Orchestra.
  NOTE: " Branch No. 2" was the predecessor to the Linkou Club in Taipei and provided food, drinks and temporary quarters (see top of calendar above).

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63 Club "MAAG-Net" Magazine, June 1968
Provided by K. Mathieu courtesy of ""

1.) The 63 Club (MAAG NCO Open Mess) MAAG-NET monthly magazine cover, June 1968.   2.) and 3.) (pages 6 and 7 are adjoining) "Tenth Anniversary Show" for bandleader Rudy Arevelo and his Orchestra that performed nightly at the club.   4.) 63 Club "General Information", including the "In & Out Reception", and weekly program schedule. Departing club members received a large brass 63 Club ashtray at their respective "Out Reception".   5.) The 63 Club's "Hours of Operation" June 1968.   6.) 63 Club calendar of events May/June 1968.

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Linkou International Golf and Country Club Score Card 1966
Provided by Dave Myers (1965-66) courtesy of ""
Linkou International Golf and Country Country Club course score card stamped "Mar 1966". The golf course opened
in 1965 and is one of the oldest courses in Taiwan. It is also among the top rated golf courses on the island today.

Baker Flight Patches 1973-75
(Left and Center patches) provided by Jerry Ross (Baker Flight 1973-75), (Right patch) by Mark Britton (Baker Fight: 1974-75).

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Able Flight Jacket 1967-1968
Provided by Micheal Smaha (Able Flight 292X1: 1968-69)
  Michael "Sam" Smaha's Able "Animals" Flight jacket he wore during his 1968-69 Linkou tour.

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Charlie Flight Jacket 1973
Provided by Clayton Smith (Charlie Flight 1973-74)

  Clayton Smith's (Charlie Flight 1973-74) Charlie Flight jacket and patch designed by Charlie Flight members circa 1973. The Charlie Flight jackets were tailor-made by Peter Woo's Tailor Shop at Linkou located next to the Barber Shop and Cleaners across from the BX. Tailor Woo also made suits, boots and the "must have" leather coats for many Linkouites.
  (Right Photo) Early 1960s shot of Peter Woo Tailor's main shop located in Taipei.

Jacket Patch 1961

Almost 10 years prior to Dawg Flight (1970-71) were some "Bee" Flight members who were already on to the idea of jackets with patches that depicted their affiliation with Shulinkou and which flight. Earl Gardner sent in the photo of the jacket patch shown above. One that he proudly wore as a young 18 year old Airman Second Class morse intercept operator right out of Keesler AFB, and assigned to Linkou with 17 others from March 1961 until June 1962.

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"Short Sheet" 1965
Provided by Sam Buemi (Dawg Flight 1963-65)

Everyone had one of these sheets taped on the inside of their barracks locker. Day-by-day the numbered squares were shaded in by pencil counting down the days until you got your orders for another assignment or, most importantly, discharge. The short sheet was around for other years, however they might have looked slightly different depending on your "point of view", and where you located the last day to be shaded in.

Armed Forces Liberty Pass 1968
Provided by Everett "Scotty" Scott

Everett "Scotty" Scott provided us with his original DD Form 345 which was mandated on Taiwan 1 Apr 1950.
It was a wallet size card that everyone needed to keep in their possession while off base. Scotty's was issued to him on 10 June 1968.

Shulinkou Fire Dept. Patch 1960s
Provided by Jack Bol

Shu Lin Kou AS Fire Department patch that dates back to the 1960s or early 1970s.
Provided by Jack Bol who is a collector of USAF Fire Protection insignias

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Emergency Action Data Card 1969
Provided by Paul Birden (Charlie Flight 203: 1969-70)

Both sides of a wallet-size 1969 Emergency Action Data Card ("AF Form 1173, Feb. 67"). Issued to 6987th AF personnel, the card listed "Base Alert Status" and "Warning Alert Signals" for DEFCON 5 (Normal Readiness) thru DEFCON 1 "Cocked Pistol" (Maximum Security and Readiness) and Air Defense Emergency "Big Noise" (Ready for Combat). Earl McDonald, Charlie Flight's R/T Controller, signed the card. "Date Briefed: 02 Dec 69".

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Taiwan Bank Notes 1958

  (Left and Center Images) Taiwan Bank note (front & back) used by "Early Linkouites" during the 1950s. How far do you suppose they were able to stretch a "One Cent" bill? Provided by Don Milano (1958-59).
  (Right Image) Taiwan Bank note provided by Bill Wood (1957-59). Typed on the front of the note are the names of several members of "Trick Two on Linkou, Formosa. In order of time overseas as of June 28, 1958". The names on the note are (from top to bottom): Jose Perez (TX), Al Fessenden (NH), James Walker (NC), Robin Arsiga (HI), Gene Dugas (LA), Jack Laird (TX), Bill Wood (GA), Rufus Warmkessel (PA), Robert Hogan (CA), Purvis Graham (LA), Don Brideau (MA), Dave Cain (MA), Sam Parker (SC), Robert Morris (NJ), Dick Stein (NY), Dick Herndon (FL), Honore Gendron (NH), Loren Griswold (FL), Bill Magee (NY), and Bill Miller (PA).

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1973 New Taiwan Dollars (NT$) Currency Conversion Table"
Credits: The Taiwan Report, 1973 edit. (provided by Les Duffin)

1970 Taiwan NT$ 10 note (25 cents U.S.).
The 1970/71 exchange rate was NT$ 40 ("New Taiwan Dollars") to $1 USD (U.S. Dollar).

1970 Taiwan NT$ 5 note (12.5 cents U.S.).

1970 Taiwan NT$ Coins (from left): 1 NT, NT 20 Cents, NT 10 Cents and NT 5 Cents.
The 1 NT coin was worth 2.5 cents U.S. The other coins were worth less than one cent U.S.

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1958 Taipei Pedicab and Taxicab Rate Cards
Provided by Scott Ellinger
1958 pedicab and taxi rates for Taipei and surrounding areas (reference NT conversion table above). Taipei taxi fares in 1958 were
NT$ 25 or 50 cents U.S. Taxi rates did not fluctuate much through the early 1970s. Pedicabs were banned in Taipei around 1969.

1957 and 1958 ID Cards
Provided by EJ Ledet, Gary Scorby, Harry Davis, and Bill Wood
All Linkou GIs were required to carry this ATF13 ID card.

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"IHTFP" Key Chain and Letter to Parents 1957

  (Left and Center Images) The "IHTFP" ("I Hate This F.....g Place") key chain originated in 1957 and was carried by many Linkou GIs. Click on the link below to read the humorous account of the origins of the "IHTFP" key chain and how it helped morale by Robert F. Stark, Colonel USAF (Ret), Commander 1957-59, Det. 1, 6925th RGM/6987th RSM:
        (Click Here) The Untold Story ( "I.H.T.F.P.") - The Early Years.
  (Right Image) 1957 letter from Major Robert F. Stark, Commander, Det. 1, 6925th Radio Group, Mobile, to Bill Wood's father regarding his assignment to Linkou from Clark AB, PI. Provided by William "Bill" Wood ('57-'58).

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U.S. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Provided by Gary Scorby (Shulinkou: 1957-58), courtesy of William Hash
The U.S. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was awarded to members of the U.S. military who served in Taiwan during the
Taiwan Strait Crisis (23 Aug 1958 to 01 Jan 1959), and the Quemoy and Matsu Islands Crisis (23 Aug 1956 to 01 Jun 1963).

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Chaplain's Letter 1976 (left) and 1957 Linkou Chapel Program

(1.) 1976 letter from the Shulinkou chaplain authorizing a local ROC Army Lt. and his family to attend chapel services at the Linkou Chapel. (source: K. Mathieu)
(2. & 3.) Shulinkou Chapel program from a Protestant service on the Hill, Sunday, November 03, 1957. (provided by Bill Wood, Shulinkou 1957-58)

Operations Center Headsets 1957, Code Key, and Phonetic Alphabet
Provided by: (1. & 2.) Bill Wood (1957-58), and (3.) John Crum

  Bill Wood (1957-58): "These are the original headsets issued to me in August 1957 when I arrived at Shulinkou. Prior to issuing individual headsets, headsets were shared by all the operators at each position, causing ear infections. As a result, the base medical staff required operators to have personal headsets. The code key is identical to the one I used at the radio school in '56 at Keesler AFB, Mississippi." [29 Aug 11]

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1958 Pay Chart, Promotion Requirements, and Retirement Guide
Provided by Bill Wood (1957-58)
1958 Airman's Pocket Guide (13 pages total) from William "Bill" Wood's Linkou tour.

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Security Check List and Code of Conduct 1957
Provided by Bill Wood (1957-58)
Cards (front & back) carried by William "Bill" Wood in his wallet during his Linkou tour.

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