Dawgs on the Town - Part II

Dawgs on the Town - Part II

Updated 19 February 2012

These photos capture Dawg Flighter Jack Boex (WI) enjoying the Taipei nightlife and singles scene in 1971.

1971 photo by Boex
Dawg Flight's "man-about-town", Jack Boex (WI) is looking very dapper in his tailor-made leather jacket from Mr. Loo's Tailors.
Jack, a future star in the making, appeared on the hit Taiwan TV show "The Dating Game" several times during his 1970-71 tour.

1971 photo by Boex
Bachelorette Number 1, a stewardess with "Malaysia Airlines", heads to the
Taipei TV studios for her appearance on Taiwan's hit show "The Dating Game".

1971 photo by Boex
Three stunning contestants from the hit Taiwan TV show "The Dating Game".
Jack, which one will it be...Bachelorette Number 1, Bachelorette Number 2, or Bachelorette Number 3?

1971 photo by Boex
After losing to Bachelorette Number 2, dejected Bachelorettes Number 1 and Number 3
conspire as they drown their sorrows at the China Night Club's bar after the show.

1971 photo by Boex
Jack Boex "on the town" with lucky Bachelorette Number 2.

1971 photo by Boex
A dejected Bachelorette Number 1 (left), standing next to Bachelorette Number 3, reluctantly responds when asked which contestant Jack chose.
The Phantom was then forced to censor the next shot when both girls held up only "one finger" when asked how they felt about Jack's pick!

1971 photos by Boex

(Left) Hip Jack Boex, wearing his peace medallion, and lucky Bachelorette Number 2 after a complimentary full-course "surf-n-turf" dinner at the Linkou Club.
(Right) Later that night, a gloating Larry "Jeep" Reuben (NJ) is caught leaving with Bachelorette Number 2 after she discovered Jack was a dud on the dance floor. Yeah man...peace brother...right on...

1971 photo by Boex
"Is that all there is...?"
Jack Boex and his date on a boring all-expense-paid trip to Sun Moon Lake after another "Dating Game" appearance.

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