Taipei Nightlife

Taipei Nightlife-Part II

Updated 06 December 2017

This page contains additional photos of Taipei's "finest" nightspots that Dawg Flight knew well and ran hard.

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        1970 Taipei Club/Bar District Map       circa 1967 Taipei Bars Map (two orientations)
Map of Taipei City, 1970, Nan Hua Publishing Co, Ltd., Taipei,   Taipei Bars Map provided by Bill Martin (SLK: 1963-67 & 1970-75)
(Click on Maps to Enlarge-to "Zoom In" click again after opening)

  TAIPEI MAPS (1. & 2.) 1970 Taipei street map showing the Taipei "Club and Bar District" located in the area around the Pillbox at the intersection of Chungshan North Road and Min Chuan East/West Road, and along those two "main drags" in the northern section of the city. The Taipei Bridge to Linkou on Min Chuan West Road over the Tamsui River is on the far left. The Taipei International Airport is to the right on Min Chuan East Road. The Linkou Club is shown as the "Officers' Club" (center), and the 63 Club is in the upper center.
  BAR MAPS (3. & 4.) "Taipei Bars Map" (circa 1967) shows the bars, Linkou Club, MAAG Compound, hotels, Chung Shan North Road, Min Chuan East/West Road, and side streets. The Navy Sea Dragon Club (see photos below), which also served as the R & R Center in Taipei from January 1967 to April 5, 1972, is shown as "R & R" on the Bars Map above.

R & R in Taipei

The "Bars Map" shown above was distributed by Taipei hotels to American GIs and Aussies arriving in Taipei from Vietnam on R&R (Rest and Recreation). The phone numbers for all the bars shown on the map are listed on the reverse side (not shown). Taiwan first permitted GIs to travel to Taipei on R&R in January 1967. The "R&R Center" in Taipei located at the Sea Dragon Club (see photos below) was closed in April 1972 as American troops were leaving Vietnam and R&R flights to Taipei ended. The last R&R flight departed for Taipei on March 29, 1972 in preparation of closure as an R&R site on April 5, 1972. "...Statistics showed that among the 500,000 troops and officers dispatched to Vietnam during the Vietnam War period, over 210,000 had been to Taiwan (a top R&R destination) spending around $52.8 million (US$) during their stay...."

(Left Images-Click to Enlarge) Circa 1970 shots of a partial list of Taipei R&R hotels and a "Hotel Linkou" R&R courtesy bag.   photos courtesy of S. Ellinger and ""
(Right Image-Click to Enlarge) 1973 list of Taipei hotels after R&R flights to Taipei ended in March 1972.   image from the 1973 Taiwan Report, courtesy of Les Duffin (image provided by J. Crum)

A Soldier's R & R in Taipei, May 1967

(Click on Images to Enlarge)   Above images provided by Tom Hendricks

    (Above images) Images from a soldier's R&R in Taipei the first week of May 1967, five months after Taipei first opened as an R&R center in January 1967. Included are his Pan Am flight menu (upper far left), hotel bill and menu, business cards, welcome and NEX booklets (5 X 3 inches in size).
  Tom Hendricks: "I acquired this stuff from a friend who was there (first week of May 1967) and thought somebody, somewhere should see it. ...Interesting. A name was written on the back of one of the booklets (shown above). My friend must have met him on the trip. He was a Marine (also on R&R in early May). His name is now on the 'wall'. Killed in action May 16,1967, right after the R&R my friend was on."

R & R Booklet - "26 Bars in Taipei" (1968)

(Click on Images to Enlarge)   Above images courtesy of "Taipei Air Station Blog" (Click Here)   provided by Doug Price

    (Above images) Four-page (2-sided) bars booklet distributed to servicemen arriving in Taipei on R&R (circa 1967). It was a convenient business card size.

Taipei Clubs and Bars List 1968
    (Right Image) Complete 1968 listing of all the 28 bars and 26 clubs located in Taipei. Compiled in 1968 by Tom Yearnshaw (Baker Flight 1967-68).

Image by Tom Yearnshaw (Baker Flight 1967-68)

Holiday From Hell - 1967 Film (R & R in Taipei)

"Holiday from Hell", A 1967 documentary about GIs on R&R experiencing "Taipei Nightlife".
An excellent 1967 TV documentary film about American GIs and Aussies serving in Vietnam and enjoying R&R ("Rest and Recreation") in Taipei.
Great footage of GIs on R&R at the OK Bar, Suzie Wong Bar (see photos below), Peitou Hotels and Sun Moon Lake.
The documentary is posted on "YouTube" in three parts at the links below.
"Holiday from Hell' courtesy and with permission of "Periscope Film LLC" ("").

"Holiday from Hell" Part 1 (Click Here): Departing Vietnam for R&R in Taipei
"Holiday from Hell" Part 2 (Click Here): Experiencing "Taipei Nightlife", at the Suzie Wong and OK Bars
"Holiday from Hell" Part 3 (Click Here): Enjoying Peitou Hotels and Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan 1967 & 1968 (Taipei Film)

"Taiwan 1967 & 1968", A film shot on the hectic streets of Taipei. By Dennis Clark (US Army STRATCOM, Taipei 1967-68)
A fun-filled 1967/68 8mm film posted on "YouTube" (link below) of Taipei and surrounding areas shot by a US Army "GI" stationed in Taipei.
The "77 Club", "Sea Dragon Club", and Shimending are shown as well as some footage of McCauley Beach.

  "Taiwan 1967 & 1968" (Click Here)

Linkou Bus Stop, Flamingo Club, Florida Bakery, Suzie Wong Bar, and OK Bar

Photo credits: (1.) M. Hine   (2., 3., & 4. & Below right) John Crum (Army, Grass Mountain 1968-69)   (Below left) John Hornbeck (TAS 1966-69), courtesy of ""
(Click on Photo to Enlarge)

(1.-above) Fall 1970 shot (looking south) of the corner of Chungshan North Road ("Chungshan Pae Lu') and Nung An Street where the Linkou Bus dropped off Dawg Flight right in front of the OK Bar (at neon sign) and Suzie Wong Bar (next door). The Florida Bakery is on the corner (left) and Flamingo Club & Restaurant is above it on the second floor. The King's and Central hotels are illuminated in the distance (center). A Gas Station and Wu-Chou's (photos below) were across the street just off to the right of the photo. The Oasis Hotel (photo below) was up ahead on the left. The Sea Dragon Club (photos below) was located across the street and down the narrow side street shown in photo (2.) below and the Sea Dragon card below on the right.
(2.) 1969 afternoon shot of the Suzie Wong Bar's manager and an Army "GI" outside the main entrance to the bar and its neon signs. The OK Bar (see previous photo) was located right next door off to the left. (The "Holiday from Hell" video, part 2, above includes Suzie Wong and OK bar hostesses.)
(3.) 1969 shot taken of the left side of the Suzie Wong Bar and several hostesses looking toward the rear of the bar from the front entrance.
(Left Image) Circa 1967 shot of the OK Bar (sign on bldg) and Susie Wong Bar. The American Bakery on the corner (far left) is closed for business. The Florida Bakery, next door, expanded its retail space into that location (see photo 1. above).   Note: "21 May 1956. The first bread prepared on Taiwan was delivered by the 'American Bakery' in Taipei. This replaced bread shipments from Kadena AB, Okinawa." ["History of the U.S. Air Force in Taiwan", 1956]
(4.) 1969 interior shot of the right side of the Suzie Wong Bar, its hostesses, and Wurlitzer Juke Box located in the rear of the bar. Bar patrons and "GIs" are missing from the photos because the shots were taken in the afternoon.
  (Right Image-Click to Enlarge) 1969 Suzie Wong Bar newspaper ad. image provided by John Crum

  John Crum (Army, Yangmingshan: 1968-69): "...My friend and I were on our "Farewell Taipei" tour when we figured we'd give the folks at Suzie Wong a buzz and see their reaction. Surprisingly, the manager was very cooperative, as the picture outside (above) shows.The girls (shown above) were a different story...they either hid or scattered. It was a hot afternoon in August of '69 and we were on our way to the Central Hotel." [29 Apr 2011]

Sea Dragon Club and Wu-Chou's Massage Parlor

Photo credits: (1., & 2. & Below Left) J. Crum   (3.) N. Carpenter   (4.) S Callas ('71-'72), courtesy of ""   (5.) P. Schultz   (Below right) provided by Tom Hendricks
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.-above) 1969 shot of the Navy's "notorious" Sea Dragon Club that had live music and dancing nightly on a small dance floor upstairs on the second floor. The Dawgs "kicked-out-the-jambs" there to the rockin' sounds of Conrad Yeung and his hot rock band from the Philippines. Conrad Yeung's eight piece house band included a horn section and played current hits of the day by Chicago, Santana and many other '70s groups. The Sea Dragon's parking lot is shown in the foreground of the photo. (Note: The Sea Dragon Club was originally named the Fleet Annex in the late 1950s and 1960s.)
  The Sea Dragon Club (shown as "R&R" on the Bars Map above) was located down a side street not far from the Linkou Club and Wu-Chou's Massage Parlor (see next photos). This raucous club was strictly "Off Limits" to Linkou personnel until about mid-1970, then quickly became a regular Dawg Flight hotspot. It was also frequented by GIs on R&R and their escorts...fights were not uncommon.
  The sign over the entrance reads: "Welcome to the Navy Exchange Sea Dragon Club, Taipei, Taiwan". The Sea Dragon Club also served as the Taipei R&R Center with its first floor entrance located around the other side of the building shown in the previous photo. There was also a small BX, bar and slot machines on the first floor. Upstairs on the second floor was the restaurant and renowned nightclub with a dining room, bandstand, and small dance floor.
  (Right Image-Click to Enlarge) 1967 Sea Dragon card. Also shown on the card are the Gas Station on the corner (see images below), Fu Sheng ("Shun") St. (see images below), and the East & West Compounds. Wu-Chou's was located at 6 Chungshan N. Rd., which was just to the left of the Gas Station near Fu Sheng street.
(2.) 1969 shot of two GIs on R&R walking with their escorts down the side street from the Sea Dragon Club toward Wu-Chou's Massage Parlor located in the tall building in the background. The sign shown on the left side of Wu-Chou's building reads "International Art Gallery" (see next photos). The Sea Dragon's parking lot and club were located off to the lower left corner of the photo.
(3.) 1970 shot of "Wu-Chou's Massage & Steam Bath",located on the 3rd floor, where Dawg Flight traditionally started its first day of big break. Wu-Chou's catered to the Dawgs, who could always count on a soothing massage from one of the friendly and highly talented masseuses to relieve the pressures of the "Mission".
  (Left Image-Click to Enlarge) 1969 card from The International Art Gallery located on the 2nd floor right below Wu-Chou's in photo (3.) above.
(4.) 1971 shot of "Wu-Chou's" Massage Parlor on Chungshan North Road after major building renovations were made to its facade (compared to previous photo), new signs were added, and a new club, the "Happy Club" (photos below), was opened on the first floor.
(5.) 1972 shot (same view as previous photo) of Wu-Chou's Massage Parlor, located on the 3rd floor, and the Happy Club (partially visible behind the tree) on the 1st floor. The building's vertical corner sign was painted blue after the previous photo (photo 4.) was taken in 1971. The person crossing Chungshan N. Road is heading toward the Linkou Bus Stop located right across the street (see bus stop photo above).

Gas Station, Oasis Hotel, and Happy Club
Credits: (1. & 3.) S Callas (71-72) courtesy of "" (2.) L. Duffin (4.) L Tinker (70-71), courtesy of "" (5. & 6.) cards provided by C. Jenkins (71-72)   (Below right) J. Crum
(Click on Images to Enlarge)

(1.) 1971 shot of the opposite side of Chungshan North Road approaching the Linkou Bus Stop just ahead on the left. Shown across the street are Wu-Chou's Massage Parlor's ((photos above) blue vertical sign (partially visible above the red/white bus) and a Gas Station (sign partially visible on far right). Two gas pumps are visible just to the right of the orange/white bus (see Sea Dragon card's map above right for the location of the Gas Station and Wu-Chou's).
(2.) Circa 1965 shot of the Oasis Hotel located on Chungshan North Road, diagonally across the street from Wu-Chou's. The Oasis Hotel had a popular Italian restaurant (in 1970/71), a rarity in Taipei, located on its lobby level.
  "Ho-Jo's" noodle stand, "50-Cent Club & Restaurant", and the "Tai An Massage Center" (ad on right) were located on an alley that ran right behind the Oasis. The alley's entrance on Chungshan N. Road was adjacent to the Oasis, and is visible just to the hotel's right (at the white & red banner/sign between the bldgs).
  (Image on Right-Click to Enlarge) September 01, 1969 China Post newspaper ad for a massage parlor located behind the Oasis Hotel.
(3.) 1971 shot of the "Happy Club" on the first floor and Wu-Chou's Massage Parlor upstairs on the third floor (see additional Wu-Chou's photos above) .
(4.) 1970/71 shot of the "Happy Club".
(5. & 6.) 1971/72 "Happy Club" card (front & back).

Fu-Shun Street: The Queen's Club, Arcade Bar, Hawaii Bar, and Hoover Theater Restaurant
Photos: (1.) N. Carpenter   (2. & below left) M. Hine   (3.) P. Schultz   (4.) M. Wagner   (Below Right) provided by T. Yearnshaw (Baker Flight: 1967-68)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.) Looking down Fu-Shun ("Sheng") Street in 1970 is the "Queen's Club" (blue sign-left foreground)...a popular Dawg Flight haunt located on the block behind the San Francisco Club. On the right across the street from the Queen's Club are the Overseas Bar (at pedestrian-oblong neon sign frame visible), Arcade Bar (adjacent to Overseas Bar-oblong neon sign frame visible) (1968 Arcade Bar cards on right-click to enlarge), the Hawaii Bar, and the five-story Universal Grand Hotel (tall brown sign-right background). The Hoover Theater Restaurants' vertical red sign is visible down the street in the distance on the right. (Fu-Shun Street's location is shown on the Sea Dragon card's map-above right.)

NOTE: Fu-Shun Street "Then and Now" photos (Click Here for Website). 1970 and 2010 photos of Fu-Shun Street with the same view and location as in photo (1.) on the far left.

(2.) The glitz of Fu-Shun Street at night in 1970 (same view as previous photo). On the left is the Queen's Club behind the blue van. On the right are the Overseas Bar (no lights-possibly closed), Arcade Bar (adjacent to Overseas Bar-oblong neon sign visible), Hawaii Bar (round sign), and Universal Grand Hotel next door at the tall sign (hotel bill on right). The large Hoover Theater Restaurant was located at the last neon sign in the right background.
(3.) 1971/72 shot of Fu-Shun Street and the "Country Club", formerly the "Queen's Club" as shown in the previous two 1970 photos. Its name changed in 1971. The Overseas Bar oblong neon sign frame is partially visible in the upper right corner. Shot was taken from the alley (off to right at red gate) that led to Wu-Chow's and the Sea Dragon Club.
(4.-above and Photo on Left) 1972 shots (cropped enlargement on left) of Fu-Shun Street with Chungshan N. Road in the foreground. Shown are the "Country Club" (left-blue bldg), Overseas Bar and Arcade Bar (right side of street-both oblong neon sign frames are visible), and the Universal Hotel (white vertical sign).
  The Sea Dragon Club was down the lane to the right of the blue taxi. Wu Chou's was just off to the right of the photo at 6 Chungshan N. Rd. The small white sign (above truck) reads: "Wu-Chou's Massage and Steam Bath" (see photos above) with the arrow pointing to the right.

 NOTE: The Hoover Theater Restaurant's red vertical sign is visible down the street in the distance on the right in the enlarged shot on the left. It was located at 21-23 Fu-Shun St. in a large multistory building. Live televised performances were broadcast from there on Taiwan TV, which included Taiwan movie stars, singers, dancers, and acrobats. Floor shows in 1967 were at: 8:00, 10:00, and 11:30 pm. (source: "Guide to Taipei", 1967 edit.)

Sugar Daddy Row
Photos: C Jenkins, P Schultz, J Valkwitch (courtesy of "")
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.) "Sugar Daddy Row" in Taipei 1971/72 (front to back): Paris Club, Mme. Butterfly Club, Bunny Club, Mayflower Club, Lido Club and Black Cat Club (far right).
(2.) Additional 1971/72 shot of several clubs on "Sugar Daddy Row", which are shown in the previous photo. From the left are the Bunny Club, Mayflower Club, and Lido Club. The Paris Club and Mme Butterfly Club are off to the left of the photo. The Black Cat Club (glass photo below) is off to the right of the photo.
(3.) 1971/72 Taipei street view of "Sugar Daddy Row" from the opposite end as the previous photos. The signs for the Black Cat, Lido, and Paris clubs are visible in the background.
(4.) 1971/72 shot of the Top Hat Club in Taipei (see glass below).

1971 cocktail glasses from the Top Hat Club and Black Cat Club (see photos above)
...two of Taipei's "finest" establishments...“Ganbei"...!

1970/71 drink prices in Taipei clubs and bars:
Mixed Drinks-NT $20 (50 cents), U.S. Beer (12 oz. can)-NT $20 (50 cents), Taiwan Beer (large brown bottle)-NT $30 (75 cents),
Wu Mei Jyou (sweet plum wine)-NT $10 (25 cents) per glass, Soft Drinks-NT $10 (25 Cents), Girls' Drinks (bars)-NT $50 ($1.25).

(Click on Glasses to Enlarge) Image provided by Ray Riccitello

Duke Club, Seven Kings Club, Casablanca Bar, Shanghai Bar, and Kow Loon Bar
Photos: (1. & 4.) M. Hine   (2.) R. Reesh, TAS '66-'67 (courtesy of "")   (3.) S. Swallom   (below left) D. Price (courtesy of ""
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.-above) 1970 shot taken from the King's Hotel of the intersection of Chungshan North Road (foreground) and Min Chuan East Road (right) looking east in the direction of the Taipei International Airport. Shown on Min Chuan East Road are the Duke Club (left center), Casablanca Bar (large bldg-far right), and the Shanghai Bar next door in the same building. The Pillbox is off to the far left on the corner.
(2.-above) Another shot looking further east on Min Chuan East Road (1966 photo). Shown on the left are the Casablanca Bar and Shanghai Bar next door. The Duke Club (previous photo) is just off to the left of the photo. Across the street from the Casablanca Bar are the Kow Loon Bar (see "Bars Map" above), Lily Club, and Kirin Club (see images below), which are all just off to the right of the photo.
(Left Image-Click to Enlarge) Map on the back of a 1971 Casablanca Bar card. Also shown are the Seven Kings Club, and the King's Hotel, Stone House Hotel, and American Hotel.
(3.) 1970 shot looking west down Min Chin East Road toward the King's Hotel (blue/white bldg on left). The Stone House Hotel and its sign are visible in the far left foreground.
On the right are the Casablanca Bar, Shanghai Bar, and Duke Club. On the left are the Kow Loon Bar, Lily Club, and Kirin Club.
(4.) The same view looking as the previous photo of Min Chuan East Road looking west. The Stone House Hotel sign is visible on the far left. The illuminated King's Hotel is in the center background.
  (Photos on Right-Click to Enlarge) The Casablanca Bar is marked by a "green arrow" in both photos (duplicates of photos 3. & 4. above).

Taipei Clubs: President's, Ding Hao, Charlie Brown , GG , Aloha, and Howard Johnson's
(Click on Images to Enlarge)

(1.) 1976 shot showing three clubs on the right side of the street (front to back): President Club (far right), Ding Hao Club (white oval sign-partially legible), and Charlie Brown Club (tall green sign).   (2.) 1976 shot of the "G G" Club (green oval sign). Also shown is the President Beauty Parlor (sign upper left corner and entrance at barber pole at car).   (3.) 1976 shot of the Aloha Club (signs on right).   (4., 5., & 6.) 1967/68 Howard Johnson's Club tent-fold flier with pages from front and back (the actual pages are 3" x 4.25"). As shown on the club's flier map above (image no. 5.), the Howard Johnson's Club was located close to the Stone Hotel (see photos above), Casablanca Bar ("Casabranca" on map), and Camel Bar on "Bar St." (Min Chuan East Road).
  Note: This club is not the same "HoJo's" (Howard Johnson's) noodle stand known for its guotea, which was located behind the Oasis Hotel on Chungshan North Road.

Lily Club and Kirin Club
1970 Lily Club photo by S. Swallom   1970 Lily and Kirin Club cards provided by P. Birden (Charlie Flight 1969-70)
(Click on Images to Enlarge)
1970 shot of the Lily Club located on Min Chuan East Road across from the Casablanca Bar (see photos above) and 1970 club cards (front & back).
The Karin Club was located near the Lily Club down an alley just off Min Chuan East Road.

Green Garden Hotel, Mermaid Club, Hero Lounge, OK Club, and Nice Club

Photo credits: (1. & 2.) K. Mathieu (courtesy of "")   (3.) L. Harris   (4.) Unknown
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.) 1968 shot of the Green Garden Hotel located at 114 Chungshan N. Road just beyond the Central and King's hotels that were located off to the right of the photo at 120 and 150 Chungshan N. Rd. respectively. The alley shown in the next photo is on the far right. Chin Hsi Street and its bars shown in the photos below is off to the left of photo just beyond the Green Garden Hotel.
(2.) Adjacent and to the right of the Green Garden Hotel (shown on the far left) was this alley located off Chungshan North Road. The Hero Lounge and Mermaid Club entrances are visible on the right side of the alley (double click image to enlarge image). The Central Hotel was off to the right of the photo on the next block. (1968 photo)
(3.) 1970 shot of the OK Club in Taipei.
(4.) June 1977 shot of the Nice Club in Taipei.

Royal Club and the Charming, Pei Ping, U.S., London, Play Mate, New York, and (original) Shanghai Bars

Photos: (1.) Hine (2. 3. & Below Left) Lentz (4.) Unknown (5.) L. Duffin   (Below Right) provided by P. Birden
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.-above) Shown down this alley located behind the King's Hotel are the "Charming Bar" (ref. bars map at top of page) and the "Royal Club" (on right).
(2.) Looking down the same alley shown in the previous photo from the opposite end is the sign for the "Charming Bar"(see previous photo) on the left side of the alley. The "Royal Club" (not visible-see previous photo) was located just ahead of the "Charming Bar". Partially visible right above the "Charming Bar" sign is the revolving rooftop restaurant and lounge of the 14-story Central Hotel.
(3.) 1970 shot of the bars on Chin Hsi Street. From the left are the Pei Ping Bar (not visible-just off to the far left), U.S. Bar , London Bar, and Play Mate Bar. The "Kent Hotel" (Click on Card to Enlarge) sign is partially visible at top of the photo and to the right of the Play Mate Bar.
(Left Photo-Click to Enlarge) Enlargement of photo (3) above showing the U.S., London, and Play Mate bars, and Kent Hotel (far right).
(4.) Circa 1962 shot of the New York Bar, which is on the right side of the alley (its dark horizontal sign is visible) located off Chungshan North Road (see Bar Maps at top of page). The Shanghai Bar (far right) is shown at its original location on Chungshan North Road. Chin Hsi Street and its bars shown in the previous photo are off to the right of the photo (just beyond the Shanghai Bar). Note: The Shanghai Bar later moved to another location several blocks away on Min Chuan East Road, as shown in the Shanghai Bar photos above.
(5.) Circa 1962 shot of the New York Bar sign (far right) looking south on Chungshan North Road toward downtown Taipei and Shimending with the recently opened Ambassador Hotel in the background. The New York Bar was located down an alley (see previous photo) located just off to the right of its sign shown in the photo. Just off to the right of the photo are the Shanghai Bar and the bars on Chin Hsi Street shown in the previous photos, and the Green Garden Hotel shown in the photos above.

Little Woman Bar and American Bar (Diamond Horseshoe Bar)
(Click on Photos and Cards to Enlarge)

(1.) 1959/60 shot of the Little Woman Bar and Diamond Horseshoe Bar located in Taipei's notorious "Sin Alley" (Chin Chou Street).
    Note: The Diamond Horseshoe Bar shown in the photo above was later renamed (prior to 1963) the American Bar (see Bars Map at top of page).
(2.) 1970 shot taken inside the Little Woman Bar located on Chin Chou ("Chin Chow") Street, which was on the opposite side of Chungshan North Road from Chin Hsi Street where the bars shown in the photos above were located (see map on card above). The two-way mirror shown on the back wall was a common fixture in Taipei bars and was used by the bar's "Papasan" to keep a watchful eye on the hostesses and patrons.
  The "Price List" on the wall reads: Mixed Drinks-NT$20 (50 cents-US$), Taiwan Beer (large brown bottle)-NT$30 (75 cents-US$), Soft Drinks-NT$10 (25 cents-US$), Girls' Drinks-NT$50 ($1.25 US$).

(3. & 4.) 1970 Little Woman Bar card, front and back with map.
(5. & 6.) 1970 VIP Hotel card, front and back with room rates. 1970 single room rate was $10-$13 (US$). The VIP Hotel and Hotel Chin Chou (1970 Hotel Chin Chou card on right) were conveniently located right across the street from the Little Woman and American Bars.

Miami Bar, Drink Price List, and Hostess Contracts
(Click on Photos to Enlarge-to "Zoom In" click again after opening)

(1.) Miami Bar 1970 (reference Bars Map at top of page).   (2. & 3.) 1970 shots of a Miami Bar hostess and GI on "R&R" at the bar.   (4.) 1970 Miami Bar "Price List" shown on the wall in the previous photo. The prices are identical to those on the Little Woman Bar's "Price List" above.   (5. & 6.) 1967/68 Miami Bar and U.S. Bar contracts (..."registration forms") signed by "Jack Hammer" for hostess escort services (U.S. Bar photos above).

Overseas Bar on Fu-Shun Street
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Circa 1967 shots of the Overseas Bar located on Fu-Shun Street next to the Arcade Bar (see "Bars Maps" at top of page). The bar is being used to make a U.S. Navy film. Naval officers, sailors, and bar hostesses are in the shots.   (Photo 1.) "Overseas" sign and drink price list is on the wall (upper far left).   (Photo 4.) Observing at the bar (center-facing camera) is an Army GI on R&R with an Overseas Bar hostess.

Pussy Cat and Latin Quarter Bars
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
(1.) 1970 shot of the Pussy Cat Bar located on Min Chuan West Road.
(2. & 3.) 1970 Latin Quarter Bar card with map on back. The bar was located on the First Hotel's (next photo) lower level.
(4.) Circa 1970 shot the upscale First Hotel in Taipei. The Latin Quarter Bar was located on the hotel's lower level.

Taipei Bars 1950s & Early 1960s

Image credits: Top Row: (1.) D. Thibert ('55-'56)   (2.) J. Pinkus   (3.) T. Jones, courtesy of ""
Bottom Row: (1.) unknown   (2.) G. Knighton   (3.) courtesy of ""   Poster Below Left: unknown   Card Below Right: Al High, courtesy of ""
(Click on Images to Enlarge)

  Top Row Above: (1.) 1955 shot of the Diamond Horseshoe Bar located in Taipei's "Sin Alley" (see 1960 photo above under "Little Women Bar").
(2.) November 1958 shot of the Black Cat Bar located in "Sin Alley".
  (Left Image-Click to Enlarge) Circa 1958 Black Cat Bar flyer.       (Right Image-Click to Enlarge) 1955/56 restaurant and bar card.
(3.) 1958 shot of the 4 Roses Bar located at 21 Chungshan North Road, Section 3, Taipei. The OK and Suzie Wong Bars and Florida Bakery were later located off to the left (ref. Linkou Bus Stop photo at top of page).
  Bottom Row Above: (1.) Early 1960s shot of the Lucky Bar (left-at bicycle) located in downtown Taipei (ref. Bars Map-top of page).
(2.) Circa 1962 shot of the Palace Bar and Lily Bar (far left) in Taipei.
(3.) Early 1960s shot the Shanghai Bar and Lily Bar (far left) in Taipei.

Peitou 1970
Peitou known for its Japanese hotels with hot sulfur springs baths and friendly, attentive staff was another popular destination for Dawg Flight. Located on the
outskirts of Taipei, Peitou was just a short cab ride from the Taipei clubs. It was a great place for the Dawgs to unwind from the pressures of the "Mission"...

1970 hotel photos by S. Swallom   New Life card provided by P. Birden   Matchbook courtesy of ""   Hotel ad provided by J. Crum courtesy of ""
(Click on Images to Enlarge)

(TOP ROW) 1970 shot of the popular New Life Hotel in Peitou and card (front & back). The "New Life" had cheap rooms, hot spring baths, and a friendly attentive staff...all key ingredients for a Dawg Flight "Peitou Party".     (BOTTOM ROW) 1970 shot of the Hotel Peitou and matchbook.   (far right) 1969 ad for Peitou's Hotel Sincere.

Town Patrol
Sources: "The Taiwan Report" (1973 edition) provided by Les Duffin,
June 30, 1970 "Sydney Morning Herald" article courtesy of ""
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  How could we ever forget the "friendly" PMO Town Patrol (APs, MPs, SPs and ROC MPs) that had a particular "fondness" for the hard-running Dawgs of Dawg Flight. Ever vigilant...they patrolled the Taipei clubs and bars looking for rogue, long-haired hippies "which violated police regulations" as spelled out in the June 30, 1970 article shown on the right. Of particular concern was..."men wearing women's clothing, shoes or ornaments."

  Jim "LT" Hansen, Dawg Flight Commander (1971-73): "...My troops on Dawg Flight wanted to wear their hair longer than what the military regs stated, so there was always an effort to get the troops to comply with AF grooming regulation, 35-10, to look sharp so the local cops wouldn't pick them up while running clubs. You could wear your hair long in Taipei, but had to prove you were an actor, entertainer, or had a very good reason for having long hair. If you couldn't prove it, the Taipei cops would take you to the local police station and give you a 'free' haircut..." [25 June 2010]

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