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Dawg Flight Personalities 1970 - Part I

Last update 10 July 99

These photos were taken by Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI) at McCauley Beach the morning after working a mid shift, summer 1970.

McCauley Beach was a Special Services facility for U.S. Armed Forces stationed on Taiwan, The beach was located on the northwestern end of the island. McCauley beach had a three foot high white picket fence that ran through the entire width of the beach, dividing it into two sections. One side of the fence was marked by a sign that read "Reserved for Officers and Guests Only" while the sign on the other side read "Reserved for Enlisted Men and Guests Only". The Dawgs appreciated the fence, since it kept all the straight-laced "riffraff" off our side of the beach.

The last three pictures were taken at the ball field on Shu Linkou AS, located behind the compound and adjacent to the base antenna field. Great care had to be taken while fielding a fly ball not to run into an antenna pole as ol' Dawg Flighter John "JB" Davis (MD) did, injuring his groin (Ugh!), while playing right field during a game.

1970 photo by Vandierdonck
Dawgs at McCauley Beach summer 1970 checking out the beach babes are (from the left):
Bill "Marty" Martin (MD), Larry "Brillohead" Briske (MN), and Dick "Little Window" Ferretti (NJ).

1970 photo by Vandierdonck
Catching some rays is "cool dude" Dick "Little Window" Ferretti (NJ).

1970 photo by Vandierdonck
Having worked a mid shift the previous night, yet wanting to be at the beach,
usually meant "bleeding" as John "JB" Davis (MD) is doing here.

1970 photo by Vandierdonck
Ray "Rudy" Sorensen (CA) thinking about catching a few Zs while relaxing his beach chair.

1970 photo by Vandierdonck
Enjoying the beach and catching rays is Bill "Marty" Martin (MD).

1970 photo by Vandierdonck
Dawg Flight had a championship softball team. Posing for the shot is Dale Wolen (MN) with
catcher Steve "Murphy" Murphy behind him and John Savino (jersey-no. 24) heading to the plate.
Curt Dunn is on the far right (white T-shirt, drinking).

1970 photo by Vandierdonck
Dawg's own Rick "Poncho" Sanchez (TX), a notorious "heavy hitter" on and off the field.

1970 photo by Carpenter
BJ Cook (FL), Dawg Flight SMSgt. S&W Sup, found time to keep softball games under control.
Here you see BJ in the black umpire's uniform making the calls.

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