Dawg Flight Reunion 1980 in Joliet, Illinois - Part 3 of 4

Dawg Flight Reunion 1980 in Joliet, Illinois

Part 4 of 4 - Photo Series

Updated 5 March 2001

Our first Dawg Flight Reunion took place at the Holiday Inn, July 1980, in Joliet, Illinois, located in the outskirts of Chicago. This was approximately 10 years after we departed Taiwan. Our host was Roman "Ok" Okrei. In attendance were 24 Dawgs and family from all corners of the states. There are shots pickup at O'Hara airport, arrival at the Holiday Inn, partying, Dawg Flight group photo, dinner at a Chinese resturant, and the infamous East-West softball game, which the West won and the "Big East"disputed...! A barbeque at Okrei's house concluded our great reunion.

  Photo series shows Dawg at the bar in the Holiday Inn meeting room following the group dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There are 12 photos.

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1. Steve "Pig-body" Swallom (KY), Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA), and John "JB" Davis (MD) recalling a Dawg episode of by-gone days of Taiwan.

2. Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson (MD), and Al "Nice Al" Brewer absorbing the company of Dawg Flight.

3. John Savino (CT) making a point with Butch "Dirty Butch" Kester (IL) facing him as Rauh and Brewer look on.

4. Mike and Chris Perhach (PA) .

1. Kester, Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter (NE), Rauh, Brewer, and Perhach glued to the bar and making sure nobody was going to walk off with it.

2. Tom "Lips" Lippert (KY) with his son along with Tim "Timmy Two-shoes" Kerekes (MI), and Perhach.

3. Kester pondering where the last 10 years went without his Dawg Flight buddies.

4. Perhach pleads his case with Rauh, Kester, and Brewer.

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1. Mike "Givemaway/Headshake" McGee (CA) receiving the ritual Dawg Flight "headshake" from Ray "Country Ray" Garren (GA), and Dave Rauh (MA).

2. Perhach still pleading his case. Rauh is at a point where he'd believe anything, while Kester now realizes where the last 10 years went without Dawg Flight.

3. Perhach doing his trademark "elephant snort" as Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield (PA) comes running.

4. Savino does a finger stir as "Dirty Butch" confirms the need for more whiskey in the glass.

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