Photos Shulinkou AS, Taipei, Taiwan

Shu Linkou Air Station Tour: 1970 thru 1974 - Part I
Dawg Flight

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Base tour from 1970 to 1974 with lots of great photos and info.
Many photos provided by "Dawgs" stationed at Shulinkou from 1970 thru 1974.

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Shulinkou Air Station Aerial Photos and Taiwan Map
        Linkou & Taipei Area 1971            Shulinkou 1970                    Shulinkou 1970           Shulinkou ca.1974        Base Map 1973/74      Linkou "Google Earth" 2007    
Credits: (1.) Map of Taiwan, Nan Hua Publishing Co., Ltd., Taipei, 1971   (2.) D. Bechtel (ASA 1968-70)   (3.) with permission and courtesy of USAF ISR Agency History Office
(4.) unknown   (5.) Base Map/diagram, 1975 US Forces Taiwan phone book, provided by L. Duffin ('62-'66)   (6.) Google Earth 2007" Satellite Image
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The 1971 Northern Taiwan Map above (far left) shows Linkou (upper left of map) a few miles northwest of Taipei. The Tamshui River is shown north of Linkou. Hou Keng was located on the coast about six miles north of Linkou. The 2007 "Google Earth" satellite image above (far right) shows the location of Shulinkou Air Station, the Hou Keng installation ("Jui-Shu" on map), Linkou village, old Linkou road, Taipei (lower right), Kuan Yin Mountain (elev. 2000 ft.), Tamshui River (upper right), and the South China Sea coastline.

Shu Linkou Air Station had approximately 1,200 U.S. military personnel (AF, WAF, ASA, NSG) based there during 1970 and
1971. There were about 80 enlisted men and one officer on each of the four Air Force flights: Dawg, Charlie, Baker, and Able.

  "...Around 1958 and 1959, a few construction monies began to trickle in and a few buildings, such as the Dining Hall, the Headquarters building, and Officers' Mess (Officers Club) were started. As time went on, then came the Base Exchange (BX), the Theater, the Bowling Alley, and the luxury of air conditioning." (source: Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper, Feb. 23, 1977 edit.) provided by Roger Jarvis (SLK Sep '75 to 31 Mar '77)

Shliinkou Main Gate 1970
(Click on Photos to Enlarge) Sign above reads: Commander: Colonel William B. Barnes.
Photo credits: R. Lentz (Dawg Flight 1970-71)   (Below Left) July 1970 "Shulinkou Devil Dog" newspaper.   (Below right) 1971 USAF photo.

November 1970 shot of Shuinkou's Main Gate, Security Police truck, and Headquarters, the location of the base commander's office. The Bachelor Officers' Quarters (BOQ) is on the far left and the Officers' Club is behind Headquarters at the parked car on the far right.
  Colonel William B. Barnes' (photo on left) was base commander from June 27, 1969 to June 27, 1971. With the Dawgs being "Dawgs" several got to know Colonel Barnes "quite well". Colonel Oscar D. ("O.D") Graham (photo on right) replaced Colonel Barnes as base commander from June 28, 1971 to June 19, 1973, after Colonel Barnes departed for Kelly AFB, Texas. Colonel Donald E. Weaver replaced Colonel O.D. Graham as base commander from June 20, 1973 to Sept 1974. Colonel Weaver was previously stationed at Linkou in 1957 as a captain.

(Left Photo) June 22, 1970 shot of Colonel William B. Barnes tossing the first ball to kick off the 1970 softball season on the Hill. Colonel Barnes was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross flying as lead B-24 pilot on 27 combat missions over Europe during WWII.
(Right Photo) Col O.D. Graham, Base Commander, presenting a 1971 softball league championship trophy to Tom Lippert (Dawg Flight 70-72).

Image sources: (1). V. Maleche   (2., 3., & 4.) Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper, April 17, 1970 edit., provided by Steve Murphy (Dawg Flight 1969-70, 1971-73)
(Click on Images to Enlarge-To Zoom-In click again after opening)

(1.) 1970 photo of the Shulinkou Base Commander (far left) and his wife, Colonel and Mrs. William B. Barnes, with Vincent Maleche (Shulinkou '64-'66, '68-'70) at the MAAG Officer's Club in Taipei.   (2., 3., & 4.) Articles and photos from the April 17, 1970 Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper. Pictured are Col. Barnes, base commander, and other officers at the Shulinkou Dragon Inn Dining Hall, Shulinkou Officer's Club, and the MAAG Officer's Club in Taipei at the 1970 Annual Air Force Ball.

Shulinkou Commanders (USAFSS): 1954 to 1977

Capt William D. Tortoriello (29 Nov 54-17 Apr 55),   Maj High C. Dunn (18 Apr 55-10 Jan 56),   Capt John J. W. O'Berg (11 Jan 56-Dec 56),   Capt Harold N. Foster (Dec 56-08 Apr 57),   Robert F. Stark (09 Apr 57-Mar 59),   Leonard C. Hess (Mar 59-30 Jun 59),   Glenn T. Stitt (1 Jul 59-14 Ju 60),   Morris B. Johnson (15 Jul 60-12 Jul 62),   Carlos J. Ricketson (13 Jul 62-18 Jul 62),   Joseph P. Byrne (19 Jul 62-23 Jun 64),   Kenneth H. Powers (24 Jul 64-18 Aug 64),   Paul A. Fitzgerald (19 Aug 64-26 Dec 65),   George J. Alles (27 Dec 65-02 Jan 66),   Raymond E. Lambert (03 Jan 66-29 Jun 67),   Robert P. Craig (30 Jun 67-26 Jun 69),   Col William B. Barnes (29 Jun 69-27 Jun 71),   Oscar D. ("O.D.") Graham (28 Jun 71-19 Jun 73),   Col Donald E. Weaver (20 Jun 73-Sep 74) (Note: Col Weaver was previously stationed at Linkou in 1957 as a captain.),   Col James E. Kater (1974/75-Mar 1977). Source: "USAFSS, Command Historian, A Special Historical Study of the Organizational Development of United States Air Force Security Service: 1966-1970" and "USAFSS, Command Historian, A Historical Study of the Organizational Development of USAFSS: 1970-1974"

Linkou Dormitories/Barracks 1970s
Photo credits: AF dorms by R. Lentz (Dawg Flight 1970-71)   (right) Navy dorm by Tom Stovall (Dawg Flight 1972-74)
(Below left & Below right) Neil Stackhouse (Charlie Flight 1972-73), courtesy of ""
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

  November 1970 shot of Linkou's modern three-story air conditioned 210-man dormitories with 24 three-man rooms per floor (see photos below). The new dormitories were started in February 1966 and completed in November 1966, and replaced the old corrugated metal open-bay barracks on base.   Note: For 1966 dormitory construction photos: (Click Here) Shu Linkou Air Station: 1960-1969 (Click Here)
  The first dormitory (far left) housed WAFs on the second floor, with support personnel and "Day Ladies" on the first and third floors. The first floor was also utilized for temporary quarters. The third dormitory (far right) housed NCOs (E-6 and above), Able Flight, and Army (ASA) on the first, second, and third floors respectively. Note: The Army (ASA) contingent at Shulinkou departed in August 1972.
  (Right Photo) Navy (NSG) dorm located across the street from the Air Force dorms (1972 photo). The Power Plant is behind the fence (far right).
  The second dormitory (center) housed Dawg Flight on the second floor (most Dawgs "unofficially" resided in Taipei), Baker Flight on the first floor, and Charlie Flight on the third floor (see barracks photos below). The Dawgs typically got ready for work while blasting "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" throughout their floor with stereos cranked to the max. Too bad for Baker Flight racked-out below...
  Two friendly Taiwanese houseboys, "Jack" and "Gus" (...both loved garlic), cleaned the Dawg Flight barracks and our rooms, made the beds, changed the sheets, washed and folded our clothes, dropped-off and picked-up our uniforms at the base cleaners, and shined our shoes...all for only about $2.50 a month per airman (paid to the base), plus a couple cans of pipe tobacco and a bottle or two of toilet water for their wives from the BX for the "Panyos", as a well earned tip for their personalized services.
(Left Photo) 1972/73 shot of Charlie Flight's houseboy. On the wall are Playboy Playmate centerfolds and a Taiwan map (identical to map at top of page).

(Right Photo) 1972/73 shot taken from the rear entrance of Charlie Flight's third floor barracks hallway in the central dormitory (all barracks floors and rooms were identical). The interior stairwell to Dawg Flight's (2nd floor) and Baker Flight's (1st floor) barracks floors below was located at the "Exit" sign (upper left background). The latrine and showers were located on the left just beyond the "Exit" sign and the barracks "Day Room" (see photos below) was on the right across the hallway from the latrine. The barracks pay phone is visible on the wall on the left just beyond the "Exit" sign (...the barracks pay phones "rang off the wall" from the many calls from sajays in Taipei). The front entrance door in the distance faced the Operations Center. The rear entrance faced the Base Exchange (BX).

Linkou Operations Center and Compound 1970
(Click on Photo to Enlarge)   1970 photo by R. Lentz (Dawg Flight 1970-71)

November 1970 shot of the Operations Center and surrounding Compound where we pulled our three watches each of swings, mids, and days before a two and a half day "Big Break". We entered the highly secure Operations Compound through the Guard Shack, where we were issued green photo ID security badges by an Air Force Security Policeman to enter the windowless Ops Building. Each flight on duty also maintained a sabotage alert team with M16 rifles at the ready to prevent any attempted unauthorized infiltration into the Ops Center.

    Note: For 1962-1964 construction photos of the concrete Operations Center building: (Click Here) Shu Linkou Air Station: 1960-1969.

(Photo on Right-Click to Enlarge) 1970 shot of a Navy (NSG) burn-bag detail, burning bags of classified material in the incinerator located in the Operations Compound. The Gymnasium is in the background.

Linkou Operations Center 1969 to 1970 (Dawg Flight)
May 1969 declassified official USAFSS photos of Dawg Flight working a day-watch in the Operations Center.

Photo credits: (1., 2., & 3.) May 1969 USAFSS declassified photos with permission and courtesy of the USAF ISR Agency History Office
(Below left-upper) Flight schedule provided by Pat Kirol (1966-69), (Below left - lower) Burn bags-Wasilewski (NSG), (provided by P. Patton) courtesy of "",   (Below Right) R. Ferretti (Dawg Flight 1969-70)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge-Click when opened to Zoom In))

(Left Photo-below) Jan-Apr 1968 Shift Schedule for (A) Able, (B) Baker, (C) Charlie, and (D) Dawg flights, 3 swings (1600-2400 hrs), 3 mids (0001-0700), and 3 day-watches (0700-1600), followed by a 3-day break.
( 1.-above ) Rare May 1969 official Air Force photo of Dawg Flight 292X1s ("ditty bops") working a day-watch (0700-1600 hrs) in one of the two "X1" aisles (or "Blocks") in the Ops Center. The other X1 aisle (block) is off to the left. The "202" section (next photo) is just off to the right. Shown on the left side of the aisle are (L-R): Rick Muller (68-70), Unidentified ("burn-bag" on his left), Bill Martin (69-70), John Savino (69-70), vacant rack (Phil Anderson (69-70), Mike Hine (69-70), U/I (glasses), U/I, Larry Briske (69-70, glasses), and several Army (ASA) operators visible in the background at the end of the aisle.
  Dennis Kuroda (68-70), "Chick" Dovie (sp.?, 69-70), Floyd "Butch" Kester (69-71), and Steve Murphy (69-70, 71-73) worked at racks on the right side of the aisle just off to the right of the photo. Fred Kirschstein (69-71) worked at a rack located at the side table and typewriter on the far right. The Navy (NSG) section was located in a secure area of the Ops Center, accessible by NSG personnel only.

( 2. ) May 1969 photo of the Dawg Flight "202" (analysts) section during a day-watch at 1500 hours (clock-far left). The X1 aisle shown in the previous photo is partially visible on the far left. The Dawg 202s on the left are (L-R): Bill Bonar (68-70, sitting at ID Desk), Pete Conroy (69-70, smoking), Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf (69-70, behind Pete), and Ron Mundwiller (68-70, glasses). Several Army (ASA) analysts are in the left background. The 202s on the right are unidentified. SMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris, NCOIC & Mission Controller (69-71) (photo on right), and Lt. Ron Polomsky (68-69), Flight Commander at the time of the photo, also worked in this section. (2nd Lt. John "Bob" Jones (69-71), fresh out the Air Force Academy, replaced Lt. Polomsky as Dawg Flight Commander the next month in June 1969.)

( 3. ) May 1969 shot of Dawg Flight "203s" (linguists) working a day-watch in the 203 section of Ops located behind the X1 blocks.
  (Right Photo) 1970 shot of Dawg Flight's (R-L) SMSgt Loyd "Gus" Harris (NCOIC & Mission Supervisor, 1969-71), Dave Rauh (69-71) and Ken Larson (69-72) holding 1970 softball league championship trophies.

Linkou Operations Center 1971
August 1971 declassified official USAFSS photos taken inside the Linkou Operations Center.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (1., 2., 3., 4., & 5.) Aug 1971 USAFSS declassified photos with permission and courtesy of the USAF ISR Agency History Office
August 1971 official USAFSS declassified photos of the Operations Center:
(1.) Revamped 203 section.   (2.) Voice Operator Analysis position   (3.) Comm Center   (4.) Radio Maintenance   (5.) "Day Shop" located in a separate area of the Operations building.

Dawg Flight NCOICs & Commanders 1969-1973

  • CMSgt. Loyd "Gus" Harris (photo above right) - Dawg Flight NCOIC & Mission Supervisor - May 1969 to June 1971. (Promoted to CMSgt in 1970.)
  • SMSgt. Gregory Green - Dawg Flight NCOIC & Mission Supervisor - June 1971 to 1972.
  • Lt. Ron Polomsky - Dawg Flight Commander - Jan 1969 to May 1969. Previously Charlie Flight's Commander, 1968 to Jan 1969.
  • 2nd Lt. John "Bob" Jones - Dawg Flight Commander- June 1969 to April 1970. (Recent Air Force Academy graduate.)
  • Captain Fred Sebastian - Dawg Flight Commander - April 1970 to June 1971.
  • Lt. Jim "LT" Hansen - Dawg Flight Commander - June 1971 to February 1973. Later Charlie Flight's Commander, Feb 1972 to May 1972. (Previously an Air Force NCO.)

Dawg Flight Block Controllers & S&W Supervisors 1969-1973

  • Dawg Flight Morse Controllers ("X1" Blocks): SSgt. Larry Copeland (1969-71), SSgt. Vasley Cain (1969-70), Ssgt. Curtis Dunn (1969-71), SSgt. Sam Dairyko (1969-70), SSgt. Gary " Woody" Woodward (1970-71), SSgt. Billy Neihouse (Feb 1971-73), SSgt. Acquino (1971-73), MSgt. Eddie Ray (Senior Morse Controller: Nov 1970-73), TSgt. David Propst (Senior Morse Controller: 1971-73).
  • Dawg Flight "202" S&W Supervisors & "203" R/T Controllers: SSgt. Ray Adams ("202" Senior Reporter: 1970-71), SSgt. Bill "Joe Witt" Wittenberg ("202" Senior Reporter: Jan 1971-June 1973), SMSgt. Bobby "BJ" Cook ("202" S&W Supervisor: May 1970-June 1971), Richard Goodwin (Assistant S&W Supervisor: Apr 1970-Sept 1971), Ernie Gould ("202" S&W Supervisor: June 1971-73), Macario Carrillo ("203" R/T Controller: Feb 1971-Feb 1973).

Dawg Flight at Linkou 1970
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (1.) Swallom (2. & 3.) Carpenter (4.) permission and courtesy of USAF ISR Agency History Office

(1.) April 1970 shot of several Dawgs in the bleachers at the Linkou Softball Field (Gymnasium in background) prior to softball practice. (FRONT ROW-from left) Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf (NY), John Savino (CT)   (SECOND ROW) Bill "OJ" Simpson (IL), Larry Reuben (NJ)   (THIRD ROW) Tom "Jorgy" Jorgensen (OR), Sam Dairyko (SC), Dick Ferretti (NJ)   (FOURTH ROW) Dale Wollen (SD), Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI), and Ken "Cool Hand" Larsen (WA)   (TOP ROW) John "JB" Davis (MD), Curt Dunn (FL), and Rick "Pancho" Sanchez (TX).
(2.) 1970 shot of Dawg Flight returning from "running town" after a three day break. Walking from the Bus Stop are: (from left) Ray "Rudy" Sorensen (CA), Dick "Little Window" Ferretti (NJ), and Lee "Rhee" Higgins (ME)...limping after another nasty tumble down the San Francisco Club stairs. Shown are the Linkou Club (lower-left corner), Bldg 121-Dispensary (left), Personnel Office (right), and Swimming Pool (background).
(3.) Steve "Pig Body" Swallom is hustling toward Dawg Flight's barracks (next stairway on right, second floor) for a quick change into his fatigues and then off to work a "swing shift" (1600-2400 hrs) for some well deserved "R & R". On Steve's right (far right of photo) is the WAF and Transient barracks. The Base Exchange (BX) is on his left ((next photo). The Army (ASA) and Navy (NSG) barracks are straight ahead in the background. (1970 photo)
(4.) 1970 shot of the two buildings that housed the BX (right bldg) and base Cleaners, Tailors, and Barber Shop (left bldg-no. 238 on "Base Map" at top of page). The Army/Navy barracks are visible in the background. The Air Force barracks shown in the previous photo are just off the right behind the BX.

Dawg Flight Barracks 1970 to 1972

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)  Photo credits: (1.) Carpenter   (2. & 3.) D. Vandierdonck   (4.) M. Hine   (5. & 6.) J. Boex

  (Top Row):   (1.) The very first Dawg "UFO" (Under Four Only) Staff Sergeant in his barracks room still wearing his 1505s after working a day watch. The Nov 1970 photo was sneaked by THE PHANTOM as the newly promoted "SSgt" was contemplating another four wonderful years in the Air Force...he "retired" to civilian life four "short" months later.
(2.) 1970 shot of Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI) in his Dawg Flight barracks room. Dave's Teac reel-to-reel tape deck is on his dresser on the left.
(3.) Ray "Chocolato" Badolato (LA), Dave "Doink'" Vandierdonck's roommate, in his barracks room in 1970.
  (Bottom Row):   (1.) The air conditioned three-man barracks rooms on the Hill were very comfortable. This 1970 shot of Mike Hine's (CT) barracks room shows the sliding wooden panels (upper right) covering the windows that darkened the room for sleeping during daylight hours while working mids. Note the Beatles poster, component stereo system, and headsets (far left) on the dresser for use with an R-390 Radio in the Operations Center.
(2. & 3.) "Short-Timers" Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter (photo 2.) and Steve "Pig Body" Swallom (photo 3.) are shown in the Dawg Flight barracks' "Day Room" with their uniforms torn off after working the last day of their tour...a Dawg Flight ritual. They departed the island together a few days later on January 9, 1971. SSgt. Ray Adams is shown grinning next to the TV in the Day Room. (Note: The Day Room was the site of many Dawg all-night poker games.)

Dawg Flight Barracks 1970 to 1972 (Continued)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (1. & 3.) T. Jorgensen   (2.) T. Stovall   (4.) N. Carpenter   (5.) Max Wagner

(1.) Rick "Big Kahuna" Muller (RI) is captured by Tom "Jorgy" Jorgensen (OR), his barracks roommate (room number 202), looking like a "long-haired hippie" which was "strictly" against Air Force regulations. Yeah...peace brother...right on. (1970 photo)
(2.) 1972 shot of Paul "Pope" Schultz (MI) in his Dawg Flight barracks room getting ready to work a mid.
(3.) 1970 shot of SSgt. Ray Adams (202-1) in Tom "Jorgy" Jorgensen's room, flanked by a pair of walnut Pioneer CS-77 speakers. Ray is reading the June 1970 issue of "Playboy" (Right Image-Click to Enlarge).
(4.) 1969 shot of A2C Bill "Stick" Bonar (NC) still wearing his headsets outside the Ops Center.
(5.) 1971 view from Max Wagner's window in the Dawg Flight barracks on the 2nd floor. A new red 1970 Datsun 240Z is parked out front and a new black 1970 Mercury Capri (upper left) is parked on the corner at the Ops Compound. Partially visible are the Able Flight's barracks (far left-2nd floor) and Gymnasium (top of photo). Houseboys used the white rack (lower left) to dry laundry.

Dawg Flight Barracks 1970 to 1972 (Continued)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: 1., 2., 3., & 4.) T. Stovall   (5.) C. Castillo

(1.) 1972 shot of Paul "Pope" Schultz (MI) on his bunk and Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo (NV) in the Dawg Flight barracks. The barracks central stairwell to Charlie Flight upstairs and Baker Flight downstairs is visible through the doorway. "Pope" Paul's Dawg "D" Flight jacket is hanging behind the door (far left).
(2.) Paul Schultz in his Dawg Flight barracks room (1972) and Charles "Chuck" DeCarlo in the doorway (far left). Chuck DeCarlo's room was right across the hall from Paul's.
(3.) Air Force regs strictly prohibited drinking in the barracks. Shown drinking in the Dawg Flight barracks in 1971/72 are: (from left) Unidentified, Kevin "Jeep" Coyle (MA), Mike "Indian" Romines (KS), Bill "Young'un" Meyer (MN), and Unidentified.
(4.) 1972 shot of Ray "Buddy Ray" Tallman (KY) in his barracks room reading the best-seller "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" while listening to "Three Dawg Night" through his Pioneer CS-77a speakers, Dual 1219 turntable, and Sansui 5000a amp purchased at the BX.
(5.) John "Egghead" Hall and Phil "Vogeletti" Vogel on the Hill 1971. Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo: " This was taken shortly before Hall shot Vogel in the neck outside the ABC Bar with a Roman Candle. Egghead, you Moste..l!!"

1970 Base Tour and Trip to Linkou International Golf Course (Dawg Flight)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   1970 photos: (1. & 4) Swallom   (2. & 3.) Carpenter

(1.) (L-R) Dawgs Lee Higgins, Tom Chandler, John "JB" Davis, Paul Schultz, Nelson Carpenter, and Ray Badolato tour the base in 1970 and discover the Electronic Hobby Shop...along with the Theater, Bowling Alley, Swimming Pool, and Library...! Looking east toward the Main Gate are the large Supply Warehouse (left), Vehicle Maintenance (center) and Motor Pool, and Fire Department (beyond the trees) with a fire truck visible in the distance. Located just ahead of the group on the right was the "exclusive" Top-Five Lounge for E-5s and above.
(2.) 1970 shot of the group walking toward the back side of the base from the Chow Hall with the Orderly Room on their right and maintenance buildings in the background. The Operations Center is off to the left.
(3.) The Dawgs are on Linkou Road just outside the Main Gate (off to the right of the photo) and are ready to roll on bikes checked-out from Special Services. The buildings on base shown in the background are (from the left): the Chapel (far left), Dispensary (left-behind trees), Linkou Club (center), Linkou Club office building (center), Motor Pool (right), Fire Station (far right-behind theater) and Theater (far right).
(4.) Their destination was the Linkou International Golf and Country Club located six-miles from base near the 6987th Hou Keng site (see photos below). Shown above is the golf course clubhouse in 1970.

1970 Base Tour and Trip to Linkou International Golf Course (Continued)
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (1. & 3.) P. Shultz (2.) N. Carpenter (3.) S. Swallom (5.) J. Parker   (below right) provided by D. Myers courtesy of ""

(1.) This was their destination...the clubhouse at the 18-hole Linkou International Golf and Country Club. Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter (foreground) is taking a photo of John "JB" Davis, Lee "Rhee" Higgins, and Tom Chandler on the upper deck (upper left). (1970 photo)
(2.) On the clubhouse upper deck are (from left) John "JB" Davis (MD), Lee "Rhee" Higgins (ME), and Tom Chandler (PA). Steve "PB" Swallom (KY) is in the chair behind Chandler. (1970 photo)
(3.) After a "grueling" six-mile ride to the golf course a cold "pop" was in order. (From the left) Ray "Ratso" Badaloto (sitting-plaid shirt), Lee "Rhee" Higgins (standing), Tom Chandler (blue), John "JB" Davis, "Pope" Paul Schultz, Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter. (1970 photo)
(4.) (From left) Badolata, Higgins, Chandler, Davis, Carpenter, and Steve Swallom (light blue shirt). (1970 photo)
(5.) 1971 shot of Dawg George "Sergio" Raseta on the links at the Linkou International Golf and Country Club. George was joined on the course that day with the group of Dawgs shown below in front of the Linkou Club.
(Right Images-Click to Enlarge) Linkou International Golf and Country Club score card stamped "Mar 1966". The golf course first opened in 1965.

Hou Keng Installation

Credits: (1. & 2.-top row) sign photos by P. Birden (Charlie Flt 1969-70).   All other images (above and below left & right) with permission and courtesy of the USAF ISR Agency History Office.  
(Click on Images to Enlarge)

(Top Row Above) 1970 photos of the Hou Keng site overlooking the Taiwan Strait, which is visible in the background. Ten Mobile operations vans (right) were attached to the wooden operations hub at Hou Keng in 1970.
(Bottom Row Above) Ca. 1965 aerial photos of the Hou Keng installation located on Taiwan's northwestern coast about six miles from Shulinkou (map on right). Shown are antennas, white ELINT bubble, and central operations hub with eight mobile operations vans attached. (The Taiwan Strait is visible at the top of the first photo.)
(Left Photo) Operators inside mobile operations vans.   (Right Image) Circa 1974 map of Hou Keng and Linkou Air Station. The black line on the map is the new North-South Freeway.

Hou Keng Installation (continued)

(Left Photo) 1956 shot of Frank Fredo (1956-58), 253rd ASA Det., on guard duty manning a .50 cal. machine gun at the future location of the Hou Keng installation shown above. The gun emplacement overlooked the Taiwan Strait and beaches below where Chicom invaders were expected to land during the Quemoy and Taiwan Strait conflicts during the 1950s. Photo by Frank Fredo.
(Right Photo) Paul Birden (Charlie Flt 203: 1969-70) outside the National Palace Museum with Louise (right), Linkou Club waitress (see photos below), and her "chaperone". Paul worked at Hou Keng and sums up his experience working there..."It was more of a sentence than an assignment." Hou Keng was known for its poisonous and non-poisonous nocturnal snakes and Paul encountered and captured a non-poisonous snake after exiting the outhouse on a mid. Steve Perrine (Dawg Flt 203: 1970-71) was bitten by a non-poisonous snake during a mid. Photo by Paul Birden.

The Linkou Club 1970 and 1971

  The Linkou NCO Club on base was as a great place for eating, drinking, and "kicking out the jamps" to the 1970 sounds of "Nick's Orchestra" or "The Ritmos" at the Wednesday night "mixers" (...aka "H_g Call") with all the "saujays" bused up from Taipei and Lee "Rhee" Higgins dancing his trademark "Funky Chicken".
  There was dancing at the Main Club on the Hill three weekday nights a week in 1970. The Linkou Club in Taipei had dancing nightly including weekends. Monthly dues were $1.00 and included both clubs and a monthly membership night. Afternoon "Happy Hour" meant 10 cent mixed drinks and beer ("pejyou") often followed by tequila shooters and Mateus Rosť.
  (Left Photo-Click to Enlarge) July 12, 1970 shot of the Linkou Club on the Hill. The club's administrative office and storage facility is visible on the far right (behind blue VW van). The Dispensary is just off to the left of the photo. Photo by Swallom
(Right Photo) June 1971 shot of Dawgs in front of the Linkou Club prior to heading to the Linkou International Golf and Country Club (see photos above) for 18-holes of golf. (L-R) Ray "Chocolato" Badolato, Brian "Baloney" Brady, Bill "OJ" Simpson (no.19), George "Sergio" Raseta (rear), Tom Chandler, Glenn "Jimus" Shanks, Unidentified (striped shirt), and Robert Louis Stevenson III (203-far right). Photo by J. Parker

(Click Here) to view memorabilia from the Linkou Club on the Hill including a 1970 membership card, Linkou chits, and menus.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge) 1969/70 photos:   (1., 2., & 4.) by M. Hine   (3. & below left) by S. Swallom   (5.) by Skip Dunbar (NSG, 1970) courtesy of "".

(1.) Linkou Club waitress Louise during the 1969 or 1970 Christmas holidays on the Hill. On the far right is the club's main dining room. The decorated kitchen door is on her left and the service window was around the corner to the left. (Photo by Mike Hine, SLK: 1968 to Dec. 1970)
(2.) The Ritmos rock band performing on the bandstand in the main dining room at the club on base in 1969/70. The small dance floor was in front of the bandstand.
(3.) July 12, 1970 shot of Nick's (Valdivia) Orchestra (Lucy was the lead singer) and entertainers (Left Photo) performing as part of the Linkou base picnic festivities (see photos below). USO Shows from the states and international entertainers from Australia, Philippines and Asia performed at both Linkou clubs.
(4.) The Slot Machine room that was to the left as you entered the club on the Hill and walked past the cashier's window. (1969/70 photo)
(5.) 1970 photo taken inside the dining room of the Linkou Club on the Hill. Two unidentified WAFs are joined at the table in the foreground by several Navy (NSG) "Squids". The shot was taken from the dance floor located in front of the small bandstand (see previous photos) looking to the right rear corner of the dining room. The kitchen's service window is shown along the back wall. A TV is (top of photo) hanging on the wall right above the service window. The bar and bartender are visible just to the left of the service window.

1970 and 1969 Shulinkou Base Picnics and Shulinkou "Devil Dog" Newspaper

Credits: (1.) July 12, 1970 photo by Swallom (Dawg Flight 1969-71),   (2. to 7.) July 2, 1970 "Shu Lin Kou Devil Dog" newspaper provided by Lentz (Dawg Flight 1970-71).
(Click on Images to Enlarge-to Zoom-In click again when open)
(1.) Two friends of Dawg Flight's Steve Swallom, enjoying themselves at the annual Linkou base picnic July 12, 1970.
(2. to 7.) Articles and front page above are from the July 2, 1970 "Shu Lin Kou Devil Dog" base newspaper.

1969 picnic photos by M. Hine   1969 photo (4.) of "The Toys" by Gene Mullis (NSG, 1969-70) courtesy of ""
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.) Dawgs Bob "Dorf" Ellendorf (left), and John Savino (plaid shirt) enjoying some free beverages outside the Linkou Club at the July 4th, 1969 Linkou picnic. Others unidentified .
(2.) The annual Linkou base picnic, July 4, 1969. Food is being served on the street across from the Theater (far right). The Linkou Club's administrative office and storage facility is in the background (bldg. 108 on base map at top of page). The Linkou Club was located next door, and is just off to the left of the photo.
(3.) 4th of July 1969 shot of Nick's Orchestra led by bandleader, Nick Valdivia, performing on stage as part of the July 1969 picnic festivities on base.
(4.) The singing group "The Toys" perform their 1965 hit song "A Lovers Concerto" on stage at the Linkou Club on the Hill as part of the the base picnic festivities at 8:20 PM on July 4th, 1969 (clock on wall-far left). Nick's Orchestra is playing on stage behind the singers.
(5.) Caribou rides on base were available for everyone at the base picnic in 1969 and 1970 (July 1969 photo). The Dragon Inn Dining Hall is in the upper right (large windows) with its side entrance on the left. The building in the upper center across the sidewalk from the Dragon Inn's side entrance housed the base Snack Bar, located on the lower end of the building, and the Mail Room on the upper end. The building on the far left housed the Bank of America, located on the upper end the building, and the USAFSS Credit Union office on the lower end (off to the left of the photo).

Linkou Theater and Fire Station
Photo credits: (1.) Steve Swallom   (2.) Vincent Maleche   (3.) Les Duffin   (4.) Paul Birden   (Below left) Michael Shih   (Below right) Unknown
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

(1.) July 12, 1970 shot of the Linkou Theater, located on the corner of the base's main street and Lantern Loop. Linkou Lanes Bowling Alley (photos below) is just off to the right. Playing was the 1968 movie "Dayton's Devils" (Poster On Right). (Movie poster is visible in the photo to the left of the entrance.) Dawg Flight would occasionally catch a midnight flick after a swing shift before heading downtown. Popular movies in 1970/71 included "Easy Rider", "Woodstock", "Mash", and "Kelly's Heroes".
(Left Photo Below) Mr. Chi-Wen Shih (Shulinkou civilian employee: 1957-77), known as "the General", working at the Linkou Theater concession stand (ca. 1970 photo).
(2.) Circa 1968 shot taken from the street adjacent to the Dining Hall (off to far right) looking east toward the Main Gate (Guard Shack in distance at old water tower). Buildings visible on the right: Base Education Office (two bldgs beyond cars, Bldg 112, - Note: a converted old open bay "H-shaped" barracks), Linkou Bus Stop shelter (open front shelter just beyond the cars and red can), Linkou Club Office and Storage building, Guard Shack, and old water tower (located outside base). Buildings visible on the left: Motor Pool (bldg on far left), Fire Department, Theater, and Headquarters (at flags).
(3.) 1966 view from the Linkou Bus Stop looking east toward the Main Gate. (L-R) Motor Pool (far left), Fire Dept., Theater, and Headquarters (at flags).
(4.) Shulinkou Fire Department 1970. The Motor Pool is the building on the far left. "The station fire department was named the winner of the USAFSS command's annual Air Force Fire Protection Competition in the fall of 1968 and was later named winner in the Air Force competition. In 1975 the Fire Department passed the 85 fire-free months mark (seven years)." (source: Shulinkou Devil Dog base newspaper, Feb. 23, 1977 edit.) provided by Roger Jarvis ('75-'77)


Credits: (1.) April 17, 1970 "Shu Lin Kou Devil Dog" base newspaper, provided by Steve Murphy (Dawg Flight 1969-70, 1971-73).   (2.) provided by Larry Wilson (Baker Flight 1970-71)
  (3., 4, & 5.) The "Pacific Stars and Stripes" newspaper, Wed. July 16, 1969 edit. provided by Lentz (Dawg Flight 1970-71).
(Click on Images to Enlarge - to "Zoom In" click again when open)

(1.) The April 17-30, 1970 movie schedule for Shulinkou, East-West Compound, and Tien Mou from the April 17th, 1970 "Shu Lin Kou Devil Dog" base newspaper. Note the 1966 hit movie "Sand Pebbles" was playing (April 30th), which was filmed on location in the Taipei and Keelung area during 1965 and 1966.
(2.) February 1971 movie schedule and articles from the Devil Dog newspaper. The 1970 movie "Woodstock" was playing at the East-West Theater in the East Compound in Taipei.
(3., 4. & 5.) July 16, 1969 movie schedule for Taiwan, Guam, and Okinawa theaters, and the July 14, 1969 international weather from the Wednesday, July 16, 1969 edition of the Pacific "Stars and Stripes" newspaper. .

Linkou Lanes Bowling Alley
(Click on Photos to Enlarge) Photo credits: (1.) permission and courtesy of the USAF ISR Agency History Office   (2.) T. Gross   (3.) J. Hansen

(1.) May 1969 shot of "Linkou Lanes" Bowling Alley located next to the Theater on "Lantern Loop". The Theater is visible on the far left and the Fire Department is in the far left background right behind the Theater. The Bachelor Officers' Quarters (BOQ) were right across the street, "Lantern Loop", from the Bowling Alley's front entrance.
(2.) 1968 interior shot of the air conditioned Linkou Lanes Bowling Alley that had six lanes and a refreshment and snack bar. Beers and lanes were 10 cents each.
  Note: "Linkou Lanes" was occasionally utilized by Dawg Flight's "After-Swings Bowling League"...not to be confused with another small but "notable" group of Dawgs...the Linkou Club's "After-Mids Drinking League" ..."Ike", "Woody", "Elephantman", and "Bush"...
(3.) Jim "LT" Hansen's "Beggars + One" team bowling shirt from Dawg Flight's Fall 1972 "After-Swings Bowling League". The "Plus (+) One" team member was Airman L. Prendable the first WAF on Dawg Flight and the only "U.F.O." ("Under-Four-Only") bowler on the team.

Fast Rides to Taipei

Dawg Flight hailed these small "Huey Long" taxis (1966 YLN Datsun Bluebird pictured)
waiting just outside the Linkou main gate for a fast 20 minute ride to Taipei after work.

" pay bridge (5NT)...Kuai De-Kuai De (hurry-up)...!!!
Hi Jin Ju Le Bu (Linkou Club)...Yi Zhi tzo (straight ahead)...Tso Bian (left)...
Yo Bian (right)...Man (slow down)...Ting (stop)...!!!"

Taxi meter rates in Taipei were NT$6 (15 cents, USD) for the first two thirds
of a mile and NT$2.50 (6 cents, USD) for each additional one-third of a mile.
(1968 photo by T. Gross)

Army Security Agency (ASA) at Linkou Feb 1955 to August 1972

  Charles "Ed" Whiteaker (ASA, 10 Oct 70 to 29 Dec 71):   "...Coming to Taiwan from Vietnam, the accomodations were absolutely plush with nice thick mattresses and black out panels so we could sleep during the day. The chow was the best ever. I remember the first time I walked into the enlisted mess hall, with the fountain and all, I thought I had made a mistake and had walked into the officers' mess.
  I arrived on October 10, 1970 (42 years ago today!). It was "Double Ten Day" and everything was shut down for a couple days which gave me a break before going to work. My MOS was 05HC, morse code intercept operator. We worked swings shifts. We had about 12 intercept positions [located at the end of both aisles in the Ops Center] plus the DF guy. I left on December 29, 1971. I remember a lady Air Force lieutenant that we called "Lieutenant Jane". We enjoyed being rowdy when she was around our area in the ops building. Our trick leader was SSgt. Smart (US Army)...we had lots of fun giving him a hard time about his surname." [10 Oct 12]

(Left Photo) (L-R) Army's (ASA) Russ Davies (PA), Bob Gravenstuk, U/ID (ASA), and Nelson Carpenter at Dawg Flight's "U.F.O." McCauley Beach Blast May 9, 1970. photo by N. Carpenter

  Joseph Baxter (ASA/Analyst: June 1971-Aug 1972):   "I was assigned to Shulinkou from June 1971 to August 1972, when the U.S. Army ASA contingent at Shulinkou closed down and departed. We worked rotating shifts (days, swings, then mids)...six on, then two off." [28 Feb 2014]

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