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Dawg Flight Las Vegas Reunion - 1994

Updated 19 October 2010 / Added 10 Jul 2008

The 1994 Dawg Flight Las Vegas reunion, hosted by John "JB" Davis and Al Brewer, was held over Easter, March 24 to 29.
The attendees stayed at the new MGM Grand Hotel and the San Remo Hotel. Photos provided by Sue Brewer and Mary Brown.

(Click on Photo to Enlarge) Photo by Carol Ferretti

All the Dawgs and their wives gather at Chris and Roger Queen's (Cho Brewer's sister and brother-in-law) Las Vegas home for a group shot. The 1994 Reunion was a small event attended by nine Dawgs and six wives. (From the left): Sofie and Chuck Castillo, Russ Hanegan, Roman Okrei, Lee Higgins, Mary and Jack Brown, Mike and Elaine McGee, Sue (Cho) and Al Brewer, Mei and John "JB" Davis, and Rich and Carol Ferretti (taking the photo).

Photos by Sue Brewer
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

1. Same as above photo   2. Roger Queen, McGee, Castillo, Okrei, Higgins   3. Ferretti, Hanegan, Sofie, Castillo, Higgins   4. Elaine McGee, Mei Davis, Lee Higgins, Chuck Castillo
1. Mei Davis, Lee Higgins   2. Rich Ferretti, Al Brewer   3. Carol and Rich Ferretti   4. Al and Sue Brewer
(1. & 2.) Jack and Mary Brown   3. Mei and John "JB" Davis   4. Sue Brewer, Roman Okrei and Russ Hanegan

Photos by Mary Brown
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
1. (From left) Al and Sue Brewer, Jack and Mary Brown, Roman Okrei, Don and Rosie Wilson 2. Rosie and Don Wilson
3. Jack Brown, Roman Okrei, Sue and Al Brewer and daughter
1. (Seated-from left) Mary Brown, Lee Higgins, Carol and Rich Ferretti, Sue and Al Brewer (Standing) Rosie and Don Wilson, Jack Brown, Russ Hanegan
(2. & 3.) (From left) Jack Brown, Chuck Castillo, Roman Okrei, Mike McGee, Al Brewer

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