Dawg Fishing Trips

Dawg Fishing Trips 1986 thru 1991
Pennsylvania, Maine and New Jersey

Updated 26 October 2015

Some of our east coast Dawg Flighters pulled off several fishing trips from 1986 thru 1991. These annual reunions took place at Worlds End State Park, Pa. in the Allegheny Mountains, Lee Higgin's fishing camp at Haynesville, Maine (population 243) near the Canadian border, and Ocean City, NJ, near the casinos of Atlantic City. However, even with the latest high-tech fishing gear and "experienced" local guides (SSgt. Lentz and Rhee Higgins), these trips would indeed remain "Fishless".

Worlds End State Park, Forksville, Pennsylvania, May 1987

May 1987 photos by Higgins

1.) Outside their cabin at Worlds End State Park in Forksville, Pennsylvania over the May 13-15, 1987 weekend are: (from left) Lee "Rhee" Higgins, Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield, Rich "LW" Ferretti, Steve "Pig-Body" Swallom, and "SSgt" Lentz. Mike Perhach (in next photo) is taking the photo.
2.) (From left) Swallom, Hayfield, Mike Perhach, Ferretti, Higgins enjoy an Iron City beer ("pejyou") after another "fishless" day.
3.) Lee Higgins (left) in front of the group's cabin in Worlds End State Park located in the scenic Allegheny Mountains of central Pennsylvania.

May 1987 photos by Higgins
1.) May 1987 shot of (L-R) Steve Swallom, Lee Higgins and Mike Perhach wearing their official "Forksville General Store" camo caps.
2.) Rhee (left) and Rich yuk-it-up while reminiscing about slurpees, wet-willies, and face-ripping Dawgs while "bleeding" on mids.
3.) Trio of Dawgs enjoying the day after giving up on fishing the "fishless" Loyalsock Creek in the state park (May 15, 1987).

May 1987 photos by Higgins
(1.) Mike Perhach   (2.) Steve Swallom (left) and Mike Perhach   (3.) (L-R) Mike Perhach, Lee Higgins, Fred Hayfield, and Steve Swallom. (May 15, 1987 photos)

"Rhee's Fishless Charters", Haynesville, Maine, July 1989

July 1989 photos by Higgins

1.) July 1989 shot of Rich Ferretti (left), Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield, "SSgt" Lentz and Steve "Pig-Body" Swallom arriving at Lee Higgins' fishing camp in Haynesville, Maine...home of "Rhee's Fishless Charters". The cabin is in the right background. (The first "Fishless Charter" at Lee's camp was in July 1986.)
2.) "Wheatgerm" at the rear of Lee's rustic cabin...no electricity or indoor plumbing only an outhouse. Fred's holding a trout he caught in the river right in front of the cabin.
3.) Steve and Rich are all set to try another "fishless" lake near Lee's camp in upstate Maine (July 1989).
4.) Sarge and Steve try their luck in the "fishless" east branch of the Mattawamkeag River bordering Lee's camp (July 1989).

July 1989 photos by Higgins
Giving up on the fishing and wanting to roast some venison on the fire for dinner
Rich and "Rhee" wrestle Bambi at Lee's camp in Haynesville, Maine (July 1989).

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