Dawg Flight Reunion 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Dawg Flight Reunion May 2004


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"Big Bad Dawg" by "Shy" (2004)
Vocals by "Jimmy Shy" (Jim "Fitz" Fitzgerald, Dawg Flight 1970-71)
Lyrics by James "Mouse" Emerson (Dawg Flight 1969-71)

Improved 27 August 2010

The 30+ year Dawg Flight Reunion was a long time coming, and so was the posting of these reunion photos....

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We held our reunion from Sunday May 2nd through Thursday May 6th at the Tropicana Resort on the south end of the "Strip" in Las Vegas. The Tropicana was convienently located near the airport, and it had all the emenities needed for a perfect Dawg Flight Reunion. Among the approximately 65 Dawg Flighters in contact with each other, 38 of us were in attendance. And for many of us, we had not seen each other since leaving Taiwan over 32 years ago.

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The Tropicana provided us with our own large reception room (right photo, second floor, under red pointed roof) where we gathered throughout the days and nights of the reunion. When not taking in Las Vegas with a dinner, show, sightseeing, or some gambling, we were in the reception room renewing old friendships. Of course, there were "stories" told, and several of the Dawgs were in denial. A great time!

All Dawg reunion attendees received a "welcome package" that included a music CD of our favorite tunes when we were in Taiwan. Thanks to Dorf for creating the CD. And each got a wood golf club head with golf ball as a momento. Another gift was a genuine "Dawg tag" denoting the significance of our reunion. Everyone wore their Dawg tag throughout the duration of the reunion. I know that some Dawgs haven't yet taken off their tag....

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Another activity included the "Dawg Challenge" which 28 Dawgs and guests participated in. This was a shotgun start golf tournament at nearby Nellis AFB. We played 18 holes of golf along side Nellis' active runway with a non-stop airshow by almost every type of tactical aircraft in the Air Force's inventory. Even the Air Force Thunderbirds (Nellis is their home base) were in the sky. Fun!

The last full day of the reunion concluded with an outstanding group dinner that evening. Nobody wanted the reunion to end. But on Thursday morning, we were all making our way back to the airport to catch our flights home. Yet we knew that all of us would be together again for our next reunion.

Below are many of the more than 700 shots taken at the reunion by several Dawgs.

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"Group Photo of 26 out of 40 attending Dawgs"

Besides two hidden Dawgs, this group photo includes: Standing (from the left): Castillo, Romines, Kerekes, Heister, Wilson, Higgins, Rasetta, McAtee, Okrei, Ferretti, Lentz, Sorensen, Vandierdonck, Brewer, Wagner, Weagle, and Vogel. Kneeling: Emerson, Hayfield, Fitzgerald, Carpenter, Johnson, Briske, Meyers, and our special guest - Valkwitch (a Linkou Squid....)

    Note: Not easy getting everyone together at one time for a group photo we shot several during the reunion. Other group photos can be found below.

"The Phantom's Mid Rag Smok-ah"

The photo captions below are based on conversations by the Dawgs overheard by
"The Phantom"...who was always "lurking" nearby. The statements are as factual as possible.

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The following 55 photos (click on each to enlarge) are of our golf tournament held at Nellis AFB. The Sunrise Vista Golf Course set us up with a "best ball" 18 hole event. There were 28 who particpated, and we all had a blast! Especially being within a few hundred yards of Nellis' active runway. Many tactical aircraft flew by including the F-22 stealth fighter and the Air Force Thunderbirds. It was a hot day, but it didn't matter.

What you see in the photos is the departure from the Tropicana, and ride on the chartered bus to Nellis. Upon arrival at the golf course, we immediately stocked up on water or beverage in the snack bar to carry in coolers on the golf carts. Soon we were all lined up to wait the 9 AM start. Aside from the team photos, you will see our buddy "Rhee" hitting the exploding golf ball. He didn't have a clue.... Remaining photos show us at lunch in the snack bar followed by awards around 3 PM. Our Tournament Director Mouse took over the club house office as he arranged for the bus to be on time. Lastly, we made it back to the Tropicana and continued with the party.

"The Dawg Challenge - Golf Tournament"

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