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Dawg Flight's 1970 "U.F.O." McCauley Beach Blasts
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Updated 06 November 2017

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Credits: (1.) Map of Taiwan 1971, Nan Hua Publishing Co. Ltd., Taipei   (2.) "Google Earth" 2008   (3.) 2011 map provided by J. Valkwitch
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(1.) McCauley Beach (Camp McCauley) was located on Taiwan's northeast coast about 20 miles northeast of Taipei and a few miles northwest of the seaport of Keelung,
between the northern coastal towns of Chinshan and Wanli. McCauley Beach is referenced on the map above with a small red triangle adjacent to the village of Kuonsheng.
(2.) The 2008 "Google Earth" image above shows the location of the old Camp McCauley Beach area between Wan-li and Chin-shan (coordinates: N25.2100 and E121.657).
(3.) 2011 map showing the location of the new Kuoesheng Nuclear Plant built in 1981 on the former site of the old Camp McCauley.

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McCauley Beach "U.F.O." Beach Blast, May 9, 1970

THE PHANTOM: "...These McCauley Beach photos were taken at the first annual Dawg Flight "U.F.O." Beach Blast held Saturday, May 9, 1970. The tickets were sold at
$1.50 per head to raise funds for beer, food, and more beer. Zoomies (AF), Pounders (ASA), and Squids (NSG) who were first termers ("Under Four Only") were welcome."

photos by Carpenter

  1.) McCauley Beach (Camp McCauley), one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the orient, offered excellent swimming and some surfing. Those of us stationed at Shulinkou AS were fortunate to have such a great beach within easy access.
  McCauley Beach was approximately one hour driving time from Taipei and was maintained and operated by the HSA Special Services. It had beach pavilions, cabanas and chairs, picnic facilities, snack bar, mini-retail store, surfboard rental and instruction, and 30 cabins for rent for $3 to $7 a night.
  2.) Dave Rauh (left) and John Savino.

photos by Carpenter

1.) It was about a 40 mile drive from the "Hill" to McCauley Beach along winding and narrow roads.
2.) We traveled through this village on our trips to and from the beach.

(Click on photos to Enlarge)
1970 photos by (1. & 2.) N. Carpenter (3.) T. Jorgensen

1.) The entrance to the beach and the "Welcome to Camp McCauley" sign.
2.) With the beach to the left, there was plenty of that a 1963 Dodge Valiant in the parking lot?
3.) The McCauley Beach park had lots of trees and picnic tables.

1970 photos by Carpenter
1.) John Savino (CT) and Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA) on the "Enlisted Men and Guests Only" side of the picket fence that separated
the beach. "Officers and Guests Only" were allowed on the other side of the fence...R.H.I.P. ("rank had its privileges").
2.) Sitting under the Enlisted Men and Guest Only sign are Dawg's "Crazy" Russ Hanegan (shades) and the two Russ's from ASA.

1970 photos by Carpenter

1.) Dawg Flight reacting to the ice cubes being taken from the trash cans containing our beer. Steve Perrine (CA) buried himself up to his armpits in the sand while "Doink", "Rhee" and others took advantage of his predicament by cooling him down with some ice. Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (WA) was preoccupied.
2.) A close-up of the same photo shows (L-R) Lee "Rhee" Higgins (ME-back to camera), Greg "HT" Todd (WA), Steve "Pig-body" Swallom (KY), Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA), Jimmy Briggs (AL), and other members of Dawg Flight having a good time at McCauley Beach with plenty of beer being cooled down, but not fast enough.

1970 photos by Carpenter
1.) (From left) Russ "Crazy Russ" Hanegan (IL), Jim "Fitz" Fitzgerald (CA), John Savino (CT), Rick "Pancho"
Sanchez (TX), Dale Wollen (MN), and John "JB" Davis (MD) clowning around at McCauley Beach.
2.) Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA) - WANTED for poor table manners.

1970 photos by Carpenter

1.) Bill "Gordy" Gordon (NY) and Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI) "bleeding" and definitely not ready to work the mid.
2.) Gordy, "Nice" Al Brewer (GA), and Gregg "Hot Toddy" Todd (WA).

1970 photos by Carpenter
1.) (L-R) Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI), Al Luczyk (OH), and Unidentified (...ASA?) taking it easy after a swim.
2.) (L-R) Army's (ASA) Russ "Dirty Russ" Davies (PA), Bob "Stuk" Gravenstuk (MS), Unidentified ASA (glasses), and
Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter (NE) grilling at McCauley during the infamous UFO Party.

1970 photos by Carpenter

1.) Four Dawgs caught relaxing at a 1970 McCauley Pig Roast: Dave "Hondo" Rauh, Glenn "Jimus" Shanks, Bill Gordy, Mike Perhach and George "Sergio" Raseta.
2.) Fred "Sgt K" Kirschstein (OK) expounding on his great abilities as an X1 which always fell on deaf ears. Fred is seen wearing a Pakistan Army shirt, not to be confused with the three stripes he wore as a Buck Sgt. (E-4) on his US Air Force uniform.

(left) 1970 photo by Carpenter   (right) 1971 photo by Steve Murphy

1.) Russ "Crazy Russ" Hanegan, the Illinois state surfing champion, with a long board. Russ tried to tell us his form would have been much better if the waves that day on the South China Sea were six feet high instead of only two feet...we almost believed him by the end of the day.   2.) The McCauley Beach concession stand run by the Navy Exchange where surfboards and other sports equipment (provided by base Special Services) was available free of charge to military personnel.

1970 photos by Carpenter

  1.) Dick "LW" Ferretti (NJ), "Nice" AL Brewer (GA), John "JB" Davis (MD), Lee "Rhee" Higgins (ME), Bill "Marty" Martin (MD), and Al Luczyk (OH) - all of Dawg Flight getting ready to depart McCauley Beach for Linkou. Most likely, they were really departing for Taipei.
  2.) "Hey OJ and Crazy Russ..!?!" yells Savino "Isn't that THE PHANTOM... over there with his camera taking our picture???" "Naw...!" says OJ "He wouldn't take our picture standing by this open benjo!" "That's right!" claims Crazy Russ "He's not that ruthless."
  In a line at the pitstop are (from left): Bill "OJ" Simpson (IL), Russ "Crazy Russ" Hanegan (IL), John Savino (CT), and Steve Perrine (CA). The bus hadn't even traveled a half-mile down the road after leaving the UFO party before having to stop for these Dawgs!

GAF-Dawg Productions Beach Blast, March 1970

Photos taken by several Dawgs at the first "GAF-DAWG PRODUCTIONS" McCauley Beach Blast held late March 1970.

1970 photos by Hine, Jorgensen, Swallom and Hine
(Click on photos to Enlarge)

1.) (L-R) (Foreground): Bob Gravenstuk (hat), Bob Koenig, Mike Keogh (standing). (Center): Joel "Robbie" Robinson (yellow shirt with peace medallion), Phil Anderson behind Robbie at tree.
2.) (L-R) Joel "Robbie" Robinson (vest), Bill Bonar, Bob Koenig, Mike Keogh, Bob Gravenstuk (hat), U/I (at pot), Dennis "Olie" Olson (looking in pot), Ken "Cool Hand" Larson (plaid shirt & hat), U/I (shades) and Mike Hine (far right).
3.) Dennis Kuroda (HI) thinking about the big waves back home in Hawaii. Dennis left Taiwan and the Air Force a few weeks later and returned home to Hawaii.
4.) (L-R) Ray Sorensen, Al Brewer, Phil Anderson, "Chick" Dovey (Dovie...?) and wife, Unidentified (yellow shirt-window), Unidentified (far right-foreground).

McCauley Beach 1970

1970 photos: (1.,2.,3., & 5.) by M. Hine   (4.) by L. Tinker (NSG, 1970-71) courtesy of ""
(Click on Photos to Enlarge)
McCauley Beach 1970. Shown are picnic pavillions (left) and beach cabanas.

McCauley Beach 2014

Scott Ellinger (LTC US Army, ret.): "I finally made it to the old McCauley Beach area and found the exact road that led to the old entrance.
I took some great photos this morning from our 100km ride." [30 March 2014]   (Note: Scott resides in Taiwan and is a website contributor.)

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (1.,2.,3., & 4) 2014 photos by Scott Ellinger   (Below right) 1970 photo by N. Carpenter.

(1.) March 30, 2014 shot of the Kuoesheng Nuclear Power Plant (built in 1981) located on the former site of the old Camp McCauley Beach area. The buildings shown are located directly behind the beach.
(2.) March 30, 2014 shot of Scott Ellinger (LTC US Army, ret.) on the entrance road to the location of old Camp McCauley Beach. This is the same entrance road to McCauley Beach the Dawgs used in 1970, 44 years earlier (see 1970 photo on right).
(3.) View looking just to the left of the previous shot showing the beach changing facility and parking area. (March 30, 2014 photo)
(4.) March 30, 2014 shot of Scott Ellinger overlooking the old McCauley Beach (view just to the right of previous photo). The twin rock outcroppings (see 2011 photos below-photo 1.) are visible offshore in the distance (on the horizon) to the left of Scott.
  (Photo on Right-Click to Enlarge) 1970 shot of the road and entrance to the old Camp McCauley beach area.

McCauley Beach 2011

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)   Photo credits: (1., 2., & 3.) 2011 photos by Jim Valkwitch (Linkou Navy, NSG: 1971-72)   (4.) unknown

(1. & 2.) March 2011 photos of the old McCauley Beach location (reference maps above) with the familiar twin rock outcroppings (photo 1.) visible offshore in the distance.
(3.) March 2011 shot of the Kuoesheng Nuclear Power Plant built in 1981 on the site of the old Camp McCauley Beach area. The buildings shown are located directly behind the beach.
(4.) Circa 2000 shot of the Kuoesheng Nuclear Power Plant, which has negatively impacted use of the old McCauley Beach area today.

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