Dawg Flight Reunion 1980 in Joliet, Illinois

Dawg Flight Reunion 1980 in Joliet, Illinois

Part 1 of 4 - Photo Series

Updated 4 March 2001

Our first Dawg Flight Reunion took place in July 1980 at the Holiday Inn in Joliet, Illinois, located in the outskirts of Chicago. This was approximately 10 years after we departed Taiwan. Our host was Roman "Ok" Okrei. In attendance were 24 Dawgs and family from all corners of the states. There are shots of pickup at O'Hara airport, arrival at the Holiday Inn, partying, Dawg Flight group photo, dinner at a Chinese resturant, and the infamous East-West softball game, which the West won and the East disputed...! A barbeque at Okrei's house concluded our great reunion.

  This photo series shows arrival at the Holiday Inn and gathering of Dawg Flighters in Joliet. There are 22 photos. Click on the photos to enlarge.

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Rear (left to right): Tom "Lips" Lippert (KY), Al "Dirty Al" Brewer (CA), Don Wilson (WA), Max Wagner (KY), John "JB" Davis (MD), Ray "Country Ray" Garren (GA), Tim "Timmy Two-shoes" Kerekes (MI), Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI), Mike "Indian" Romines (KS), Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA), Jack "Jukebox" Brown (IA), Dick "Little Window" Ferretti (NJ), Butch "Dirty Butch" Kester (IL), and Steve "Pig-body" Swallom (KY).
Kneeling (left to right): Mike "Mick" Perhach (PA), Roman "Ok" Okrei (IL), Fred "Wheatgerm" Hayfield (PA), John "Johnny" Parker (TX), Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson (MD), Ray "Ratso" Badolato (LA), and John Savino (CT). Sitting left to right: Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo (CA), and Mike "Givemaway/Headshake" McGee (CA).

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1. Standing under the Holiday Inn sign are Dave "Doink" Vandierdonck (MI), John "JB" Davis (MD), and Nelson "Shaky" Carpenter (NE).

2. JB Davis (#13), Mike "Indian" Romines (KS), Max Wagner (KY - 1505s), and Mike and Chris Perhach (PA) greeting each other in the parking lot on day of arrival.

4. Davis, Butch "Dirty Butch" Kester (IL), and Dave "Hondo" Rauh (MA).

5. Wagner, Vandierdonck, and Davis looking at some old photos brought to the reunion.

1. Al "Dirty Al" Brewer (CA) with Chuck "Sugar Bear" Castillo (CA).

2. Roman "Ok" Okrei (IL) and Ted "Teddy Bear" Johnson (MD) picking up Savino at O'Hara.

3. John Savino (CT) at the gate walking off airplane.

1. Brewer and Tim "Timmy Two-shoes" Kerekes (MI).

2. Don and Rosie Wilson (WA) looking at some old Taiwan photos.

3. Wagner and Okrei. Romines on left.

4. Kester, Rauh, and Brewer not wanting another photo taken of themselves.

1. Perhach and Kester.

2. Perhach and Romines.

3. JB Davis.

4. Johnson and Okrei.

1. "Hondo" and "Dirty Al" up to no good.

2. Unrecognizeable Dawg Flighters making "asses" out of themselves, thinking they were still young airmen at Shulinkou.

3. Possible Dawg culprits "Hondo" and "Dirty Butch".

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1. Castillo.

2. Ray "Country Ray" Garren (GA) and Kerekes.

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